Happy birthday, OmniGraffle!

OmniGraffle 1.0 was released on May 7, 2001. I guess that makes it 6 years old today (that's 42 to you and me).

A couple of nice folks wrote in with great praise today (not really birthday greetings, but I'm gonna use them here anyways) for Graffle, so here they be…

OmniGraffle user J.C. writes:

What awesomely cool software. I am a first-time user and couldn't be more pleased with a software title than I am with OmniGraffle Pro. It isn't often that software just REALLY kicks butt on all fronts.

And J-A. B. chimes in with:

I just wanted to say I really love your Omnigraffle software (and I have only been using it 1 week)…It's great! I love it. I can do everything I used to do in showcase (and more!), which is fabulous.

There's no Amazon wishlist for OmniGraffle that I know of, but I was just having a discussion with Graffle about its somewhat rebellious behavior and as a six-year-old, it said it really really REALLY wanted a pony.

[Late update]: Today is also Support/QA manager Brian's birthday as well. Pie!!