Gratitude and appreciation

Gosh, I just can't tell if there's enough interest in OmniFocus…maybe we should scuttle it in favor of OmniCrashDoubler 1.0, the app that crashes when you try and enter descriptive text about why your original app crashed in the first place! But only after you hit the only button available, which is helpfully labeled “crash”.

OmniCrashDoubler will retail for $249.95. No volume discounts. OmniCrashDoubler Pro includes a second button labeled “manifest odor of startled skunk”.

In all seriousness, thank you so much for all of your comments and emails regarding OmniFocus. We really, truly appreciate it. A couple folks asked when we might have an early beta to share; while I wish I had a timeline to give you, that's just not something we can even guess at yet. I mean, we could guess, but we'd probably be wrong. Then you'd be all ticked off, and if there's one group of people we don't want to anger, it's the extremely productive folks who are both 1) poised to spring into Next Action and 2) armed with index cards that can be folded into little throwing stars at a moment's notice.

We're going to be as open as possible about our development progress with OmniFocus, so I expect that we'll be asking you more questions in the future (and maybe sharing some screenshots at some point). Thanks for all your participation, and stay tuned.