Occasionally I'll stumble across an image on the web that looks strangely familiar. Aah, the smoothness of line, the roundness of clouds, … smells like Graffle! Most recently I was wasting time on digg and saw some interesting network packet diagrams. Looking at the PDF file, I could plainly see the evidence!

This got me to wondering – how many Graffle-generated PDF documents are out there. Google to the rescue!

This turned up a bunch of interesting and strange results. Here are my favorites from the first five pages of hits. What other fun Graffle documents can you find on Google? Gooffle, the sport of kings!

  • Pretty pictures, really, that's what drew me to this one. That and the math (presumably from TeXshop and/or EquationService).
  • Ruby Method Dispatch. The Kernel bone's connected to the Object bone, the Object bone's connected to the Module bone… Nice use of line hops, too.
  • More line hops. Someone probably understands this graph, but I just like trying to count the line hops.
  • State of Mac Web Design, In which we learn that we need to send one Mr. Teague an OmniWeb license. And that he considers Safari only half a browser.
  • Worms! These guys are probably pretty smart and serious, but their box titles hint at humor. The Worm Menace!
  • Vassar Router Setup gives us advice that every student should learn:

    DO NOT use the “internet” port (put a piece of tape over it)

  • Things that make you go, “huh?” A WinXP memory layout diagram, made on a Mac.
  • DOE Annual Review Fermilab pimps their tape storage.
  • DOJ this time. I don't want to live in this neighborhood.
  • Cake or death? A nice advert for a talk about death, but at the bottom there is a reprieve of refreshments.

Rawr, I'm a panther! Now that I'm done wasting time on digg and google, I have something else to go do…