Focus . . . on your desktop background

Last I heard, we've added 82% of the total mailing list subscribers to the OmniFocus Sneaky Peek List, so if you subscribed before June 6 you should have received an invitation by now. If you signed up more recently, hang in there – we promise we'll add you soon! We try and add a bunch more people each time we notice that the sobs and desk-poundings coming from the support room have quieted down a bit.

In the meantime our graphics guru has created a spiffy desktop design for OmniFocus, should you wish to bask more fully in All Things Omni (next up: Omni-branded blinking pens, novelty trucker hats, foundation garments, etc). Why, you can even put it on your iPhone, you wacky customizer you.

MEDICAL NOTE: people with extreme aversions to purple should avoid this graphic, along with Prince, “Grapelicious” tanning lotion, and dopey talking dinosaurs.

iPod-sized graphic (click to embiggen):


Grab the rest of the sizes here.