Discount for Macworld 2010 attendees

Hey, who's attending Macworld 2010? Show of hands? Sweet, I knew we couldn't be the only ones. We don't need no steenking Apple keynotes to have a good time, do we folks? Yeah, I got your keynote right here. Party! Party! Chug! WOOOOO!

Oh wait that's a Keystone® Light. Never mind.

Anyway, for those planning to register soon, the nice people at IDG have given us a discount code to pass along to you guys. This exclusive code, which I have carefully copied and pasted below using special tongs, provides the first 100 people to use it with a free expo hall pass or 15% off select conference programs.

The code is AGO18988, and you'll want to 1) guard it with your LIFE, and 2) enter it at the top of the registration page (which you can access by going to the Macworld 2010 website and clicking the green “Register Now” button).

You can also access the discount via this handy-dandy link.

We hope to see you there! We'll be the ones complaining about how our feet hurt, despite having ponied up for the fancy carpet padding that's apparently filled with endangered chinchilla pelts, based on the per-day rental price. Viva Macworld Expo!