Creating Review Templates in OmniFocus

Hello, friends of OmniFocus! Let's sit down and have a little talk about review templates. Review templates are a means to stay on top of habitual work. The daily review is a list of actions that you'd normally complete every day. For example, reading and responding to mail messages, processing your Inbox (both physical and in OmniFocus), taking care of your plants, and so on.

Be careful though — this is not a list to remind you of the things you already remember to do like brushing your teeth (hopefully).

To set up a review template, create a new single-action list. This can be done by clicking the action menu in the sidebar and choosing New Single-Action List. Then, add all the things you'd like to stay on top of.

Choose each action and use the Inspector to give them a due date and a repeat interval (probably one day from completion date). Now, just keep an eye on your due perspective and you're set!