Come see Merlin at Omni's Macworld booth (#760)

From the mouth of the Mann himself, folks:

Merlin Mann: Advanced Secrets of the Omnifocus Ninja

Logo for Merlin Mann and The Merlin Show

Thursday through Saturday afternoons from 1:30-2:30pm, Merlin Mann (43 Folders, MacBreak Weekly, You Look Nice Today) will stealthily rappel into the Omni Group's booth (#760) to demonstrate the arcane and deadly methods of the OmniFocus Ninja. Long thought by many to be an elaborate myth or hoax, these ancient productivity moves unlock the hidden power of Omni's award-winning task management app.

  • Working the bookmarklet
    Friction-free task management right from your iPhone
  • Tricking-out your Perspectives
    Slice and dice your work into perfect-sized cubes
  • Novel uses for on-hold projects
    Out of sight means out-of-mind – until you need it
  • Location, Location, Location!
    Using the power of location-awareness in your contexts
  • BONUS: Five more tiny OmniFocus tricks almost nobody knows about

Hope to see you there!