Beta version of dynamic HTML exporter for OmniOutliner Professional 3 available

There's a new beta version of the DHTML exporter available for OmniOutliner Professional users to try out. It fixes a number of long standing issues with the exporter that will be incorporated into the QuickLook preview generator when it's ready.

What's changed in this version:
  • Fixed a number of (all known) issues with background colors not rendering correctly.
  • Background color applied to the whole document will color the whole background of the page
  • Added support for opacity. (IE does not support rgba and will not render the color at all)
  • Added strikethrough style
  • Added gutter color
  • Added superscript/subscript style
  • Fixed issues with table spacing creating gaps in the background colors
  • Added gridlines to the top and right side when using horizontal and vertical grid lines
  • Named styles that are inherited by level styles will now appear
  • All font weight styles that go beyond 900 font weight will now render at 900 font weight instead of the norm
  • Non-italic style in the middle of a row is now supported
  • Row numbering will use the same style as the row
  • Centered text in the topic column will now be centered (Only if the topic column or whole row is set to be centered. Text alignment applied at text insertion level is not currently supported)
  • Fixed an issue with row handle visibility being set incorrectly

You can find the exporter plug-in in this forum post here. If you have any feedback on it, please try to post it in the forum thread. Thanks!