Announcing OmniFocus 1.0

After many months of development and countless blog posts providing you with murky updates on our progress, what else is left to say … except SWEET FAT HOT HAM, OmniFocus 1.0 is here!

Yes, OmniFocus has finally shed its beta-ness and it's all ready for prime time. Uh, we hope. I mean, ha ha, we're pretty sure it won't eat your hard drive or anything! We totally fixed THAT bug.

To those who boldly test-drove OmniFocus throughout the beta process, we owe you a huge thanks for all your helpful feedback. Thanks, too, to those of you who sent us feature requests and ideas for how to make OmniFocus the best darned OmniFocus it could be.

It's just going to get better from here: we have big plans for OmniFocus 1.1 - 2.0 in the works. In the meantime, though, we're pretty pleased with how 1.0 has turned out, and we sure hope you like it too.

On licensing:

OmniFocus is now selling for $79.95. OmniOutliner Professional license owners are currently eligible for a 25% discount off the OmniFocus license fee. Quantity discounts, educational, and family pricing are available at our online store.

You can download OmniFocus and use it in unlicensed mode (with no feature restrictions) for 14 days.

Other useful stuff:

• Watch the 15-minute OmniFocus Quick Start Video (180MB, 50MB iPhone version here)

• View our “At-a-Glance” handy-dandy Reference Chart

One more thing:

If you're going to be at Macworld next week, please come by our booth (#602) and say howdy! We'd love to meet you in person and answer any questions you might have. Well, unless they're along the lines of, “Why do you guys have such a lame blog?”, of course.