Andy Inhatko can't live without OmniOutliner

“Turnbull: What's the one app you couldn't live without?

Ihnatko: Oof. If you only rely on one app, then you need to get out more. If we scratch from the list any app that comes with the OS (like a browser, a mail client, even a word processor), I'd have to go with OmniOutliner. I use it as a database, I use it for accounting, I use it for ordering ideas, I use it for snippets of information that otherwise defy categorization…it's a Big Deal. My book publisher wants me to do another book for them, and in the space of three or four days, I've gone from “What do I want to write about?” to jotting down a few ideas to having a long and now somewhat organized book outline to send to my editor. All thanks to OmniOutliner.”

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