“A fun toy with a real practical use”

So, before I tell you more about the coming-soon-to-a-Dock-near-you new OmniProduct, let me tell you about the other new OmniProduct we've got in the works.

OmniProduct the Second is the Next Big Thing from Omni. It's something a lot of you have asked for. It does a lot of very cool stuff, and while we've had the majority of the application's guts finished for a while (“guts” = v. technical coding term) we are currently in the midst of doing the user interface spit-shining nit-picking arguing endlessly over each tiny detail then passive-aggressively battling each other on WoW polish we're known for.

We're hoping to let you start looking at it soon. “Soon” is a marketing weasel word, OH I KNOW, but that's the best I can tell you. Hopefully this summer.

You will love it. I really think you will.

Okay now! For the imminent OmniProduct we've been hinting at (the Next Small Thing, if you will), we read all your comments and some comments on other blogs and, gosh, if only we had built a Quicken/Mail/iPhoto/office suite/voice-activated-swedish-meatball-maker! Then everyone would be filled with joy and happiness, and no one would tell us that for every word of pre-release hype, somewhere a harbor seal pup is clubbed.

I have to tell you, though, the OmniProduct neither sorts email nor makes meatballs. It's…uh…it's like a utility, except more of a…um….

Honestly, it's sort of hard to describe. I asked if I should say it's sort of widgetlike in scope, and here's a response I received:

I think “widget” is a little too small. People will think of Dashboard widgets and I think few have managed to charge for their widgets without just getting laughed at. That said, I can't think of a better word. It's a sort of a fun toy with a real practical use, like if I had a ride-on lawnmower for my 400 square foot lawn, or keyless entry for my desk drawer. Yet… nothing like that at all.

So there you go. The new OmniProduct: it's like a ride-on lawnmower for your 400 square foot lawn. Sort of. But not really. It's fun! But useful!

(Won't somebody think of the seal pups?)

We are hoping to release a public beta in the next several days. Stay tuned, folks.