5.5 aces test; Omni teases you once again

Well! Apparently our OmniWeb 5.5 beta whooped some butt in a recent browser test.

I'd love to tell you exactly why OmniWeb was so darn fast, but uhhhh….we're not exactly sure. It might have to do with something called garbage collection, which I would explain in great detail except I have no idea what it means. Also, benchmark tests are maybe not 100% indicative of what your own personal browsing experience will be, so take it all with a large grain of salt, but…go, OmniWeb, go!

OmniWeb 5.5 is still in 'private' beta (not exactly PRIVATE when it's in a benchmark test, I guess), but we're shooting for a public beta next week. Hang in there, OmniWeb fans!


In other news, Omni has a Brand New Secret Product in the works. Before you ask, we are absolutely still working on our other apps – there are, let's see…11 engineers here who are assigned to various projects, in addition to product managers and support folk and sales and QA and of course, the espresso machine – and we still plan to provide you with updates for those (yes, like OmniWeb! And OmniGraffle! And…everything else! Except Oni; you Oni people need to CEASE and DESIST).

Anyway! We are getting very close to opening the kimono on Brand New Secret Product, if you'll forgive me for using a cheesy dotcom-VC-wooing term from 1999. Would you like some hints? SURE YOU WOULD.

Hint the First:

Some of you have asked for this product. Repeatedly.

Hint the Second:

Here is an annoyingly blurred image of the product's application icon:


Hint the Third:

It is NOT a replacement for Mail. Or a word processor.

(I know, I know. Pre-release hype kills kittens, etc. “Remember the Segway”, etc. I know.)

Now for the fun part: if you guess what Brand New Secret Product is, we'll get you on a private beta to start looking at it. You'll have to be sworn to secrecy – on pain of…well, maybe not death, but cake? cake or death? – but you'll be among the ELITE, the BRAVE, the, um, BUGGY BETA BRUTE SQUAD!

Or…wait, did I not make that sound attractive enough? What I meant to say is, if you guess correctly, you'll have an early, exclusive sneak peek at our biggest new product of the year. Cooooool.

HIE YE TO THE COMMENTS SECTION, make your guess, and don't forget to include your email address.

(Update: in order for me to have a snowball's chance of going through everyone's guesses, comments are now closed. Thanks for all your interest, folks!)