Layout macOS iOS & iPadOS
Layered Documents
Automatic Layout
Unit Scaling
Fixed, Flexible, and Infinite Canvas Modes
Shared Layers Pro Pro
Artboard Layers Pro Pro
Subgraphs Pro
Drawing macOS iOS & iPadOS
Shape Recognition
Bézier Lines
Bézier Shapes
Blending Modes Pro Pro
Fill Effects Pro Pro
Shape Combinations Pro Pro
Convert Text to Shape Pro Pro
Convert Line to Shape Pro
Tools macOS iOS & iPadOS
Pen Tool
Text Tool
Magnet Control
Shape Tool
Line Tool
Point Editor Tool
Document Zoom
Diagram Tool
Rubber Stamp Tool
Interface macOS iOS & iPadOS
Dark Mode
Document Browser in iOS 13
Multiple Windows in iOS 13
Drag and Drop
Unified Sidebar
Smart Guides
Manual Guides
Touch Bar Support
Flexible Inspectors
Improved Workspaces
Keyboard Shortcut Presets
Share Keyboard Shortcut Sets Pro
Import & Export macOS iOS & iPadOS
PNG, PDF Export
SVG Import
Single-click, multiple resolutions
SVG Export Pro
Visio Support Pro Pro
Miscellany macOS iOS & iPadOS
Full Screen Split View
Siri Shortcuts
Shape Tables Pro Pro
Automation with JavaScript Pro Pro
Object Properties Pro Pro
Interactive Actions Pro Pro
AppleScript Pro
Resolution Independence Pro
Individual Point Positioning Pro
Presentation Mode Pro