OmniFocus is now on speaking terms…

As soon as Apple announced Siri, everyone who owns OmniFocus for iPhone let us know just how much they needed these two tools to work together.

A couple of friendly productivity fiends took matters into their own hands and figured out that Siri could send emails to the OmniFocus inbox on their Macs.

We could have said “Yay, Siri and OmniFocus can work together” and gone back to our long-term projects. Instead, a couple engineers got to talking “You know, if we… and then the server… and…” “Wow, I think that would totally work!”

So, if you have an iPhone 4S and OmniFocus for iPhone, you can stop typing items into your inbox, and just say whatever comes to mind.

David “MacSparky” Sparks put together a couple videos to show you how it works.

Here’s more detail on how to get set up:

If you tell Siri a time, OmniFocus will set the due date. If you specify a location, OmniFocus can assign it to the corresponding context.

We’ll be standing by on the usual support channels if you need any assistance. Twitter:@omnifocus, Email:, Telephone: 1 800-315-OMNI