Omni Support Lab: one-on-one support at Omni on July 24th

by Derek Reiff on July 2, 2015

A few years ago in San Francisco we put on an event called The OmniFocus Setup. We talked to twenty of our customers about how they were using OmniFocus and what they were having trouble with. It went well, and giving folks support face-to-face is also a great way to improve our software.

So, we’re doing it again up here in Seattle, and we’re expanding it to all of our apps! Can’t figure out a feature in OmniPlan? Bring your laptop. Question about styling in OmniOutliner for iOS? Bring your iPhone or iPad. Want a little more help with creating a Perspective in OmniFocus for iOS? You know what to do.

We’re scheduling our first Lab for July 24th—between 2 and 4 in the afternoon—with about the same number of people as before. If you’re not one of the first, we’ll save your name for next time. (And we’ll give you a call, too—we’ve offered phone support for nearly seven years now.)

Oh, and let us know where you’re coming from, too.


Our offices. 1000 Dexter Avenue North. We’re on the west side of South Lake Union.

When, again?

July 24th. 2-4 p.m.

What do I do, specifically?

Send us email! Let us know what you’ve got on your mind and we’ll find you a good person to talk to!

We hope to start doing this regularly, too. Stay tuned if you can’t make this one!

We’ve been wearing this watch for two months now!

by Derek Reiff on June 26, 2015

Designing something new for something new is hard. Even printing out or creating fake replicas, slapping on imaginary tap-targets, and faking interactions by moving around paper shapes only takes you so far.

OmniFocus on Apple Watch

We hadn’t designed for something new since iPad—that now-impossibly clunky first one—and we’d never designed for a screen at Watch size. But here we are over two months later and we’ve had time to use it in real ways, learning how it performs in different situations. (Dictation is awesome!)

…everybody seems to like it! The vast majority of Watch-wearers are ecstatic with how it works, how it works well, and what it actually adds to their OmniFocus workflow.

And a few weeks ago, Apple gave us a preview of watchOS 2. We’re pretty excited to dig in on some new features. While we do that, let us know how it’s affecting your day-to-day life!

It’s been pretty positive for us:

Christina J., Support:

OmniFocus on Apple Watch has really complemented the iOS app for me. I use OmniFocus to keep track of a lot of lists and will usually add and process those lists on the Mac. When I need to do something about the list, I always used my iPhone, but it’s always being set down and forgotten. Using OmniFocus for Apple Watch has fixed that problem.

Aside from OmniFocus, I feel like it’s changed how I interact with my phone in general. I am more apt to leave it in another room, or not process an email right then just because it came in. Which I think is a very good thing.

Ecstatic-with-it for: groceries (no fishing phone out of purse) and packing for a weekend trip.

Dan W., Test and web-people-wrangler:

Over the past couple weeks I have changed the way I use perspectives. Previously, I only used large perspectives that I would scroll through and complete tasks from; now, I’ve created much smaller perspectives that are more focused and easier to view on the watch.

…which means that at home, I’ll leave the phone on the charger and work around the house using only the Watch. I use Continuity to “queue up” work to do from either a custom perspective or a project, and then work through the tasks away from the iPhone.

Steve S., Test:

I’m constantly capturing “stuff” into OmniFocus. Siri on Apple Watch, in combination with OmniFocus’ Reminders Capture feature, makes capturing passing bits of information and tasks easier than ever. I just raise my wrist and start speaking: “Hey Siri, remind me to…”

Additionally, keeping tabs on the “weight” of upcoming tasks due today (and past due items) is nice with the glance, which also provides the easiest way to launch OmniFocus for Apple Watch: swipe to the glance and tap anywhere to be whisked away to the OmniFocus home screen.

Lastly, having my errands perspective on the watch using the continuity slot has also changed the way I complete actions while I’m out and about, getting stuff done.

Coming Soon in OmniFocus 2.6 for iOS

by Derek Reiff on June 9, 2015

Last week we pushed out OmniFocus for iOS v2.6 to our TestFlight gang—people that have signed up to check out new features in OmniFocus. (Check out, sure. But more importantly, help us find bugs and stuff!)

What’ve you added?” you’re asking, hopefully. Dark Palette, Push-triggered Sync, Swipe to Flag, and several fixes! I’m guessing it’ll make a lot of you happy.

Dark Palette in OmniFocus v2.6

Push-triggered sync will improve syncing on all devices—updating more frequently and all in the background. It’ll be available to all Omni Sync Server users.

…and even people running their own WebDAV server! For a lot of details, check out our support article.

It’s not too late to sign up to help test OmniFocus, if you’re wondering. You can do that on our OmniFocus TestFlight page. We’ll let you know when other apps are available to test, too.

Thanks to our current testers, and another thanks to Apple for making TestFlight available. The results are enormously helpful.

OmniFocus for Apple Watch is now available!

by Ken Case on April 24, 2015

Earlier this month, I shared that OmniFocus 2 for iOS is now available as a “universal” app which runs on all iOS devices. Today, Apple launches their most personal device yet, Apple Watch—and I’m very pleased to share that OmniFocus for Apple Watch is available right at launch, included in v2.5 of our universal app!

Designed deliberately for Apple’s most personal device, OmniFocus for Apple Watch brings your tasks into greater harmony with how you move through the day.

We built OmniFocus for Apple Watch to specifically address situations where having OmniFocus on your wrist is the best option, distilling it to the essence of what you need right now.

At a Glance

Screenshot of OmniFocus Glance on Apple Watch

Use the OmniFocus Glance for the quickest possible access to the shape of your day. When you’re in the car trying to decide whether there’s time to squeeze in a stop at the drug store before picking up Fido from the vet, the OmniFocus Glance comes to the rescue with the time and title of your next due action.

OmniFocus Today

When you have a bit more time (and another hand free), the OmniFocus for Apple Watch home screen fills in the canvas of today’s most essential items so you can plan ahead. Jog your memory about the juice boxes for tonight’s soccer game, or if they’re stowed safely in the trunk, check off that task!


When you’re using OmniFocus for Apple Watch, you’re not using it alone. Actions you check off are also marked completed on your iPhone, and from there, synced with your other devices. And views carry over, too! Get set up for a meeting by visiting the Weekly one-on-one context on your phone, then put it away — it’s available right there on your Apple Watch.

A Relevant Presence

OmniFocus for Apple Watch is with you when you need it. Notifications — shared with iPhone — give you a gentle reminder on your wrist, just as you’ve set them up to do. Never miss an item on a grocery list, and never miss a thought for that new novel — raise your wrist with the OmniFocus app, and with a Force Touch and a tap, speak to add the idea to your database.

To learn more about OmniFocus for Apple Watch, please see the live web demo (at the top of our product page) and our support article.

The universal OmniFocus 2 app supporting all iOS devices is available on the App Store, priced at $39.99 for the Standard edition and $59.99 for the Pro edition. Customers who have purchased OmniFocus 2 for iPhone and would like to start using OmniFocus on their other iOS devices can use Complete My Bundle to receive full credit for their existing investment. (And customers who own OmniFocus 1 for iPhone or iPad are eligible for a free upgrade to Pro after purchasing the universal app!)

We hope you enjoy this latest addition to the OmniFocus family! If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear from you: I can be reached on twitter at @kcase, or by email at

OmniFocus now available as universal app for iPhone and iPad

by Ken Case on April 2, 2015

Since January, I’ve been blogging and tweeting about free updates to our iPad apps to make them into Universal apps that worked on both iPad and iPhone. In March, we shipped OmniGraffle for iOS, OmniPlan for iOS, and OmniOutliner for iOS. Today (April 2, 2015), we’re releasing the last of those universal updates: OmniFocus 2.1 for iOS!

Screenshot of OmniFocus for iOS running on an iPhone 6+

OmniFocus for iPhone was our first iOS (or rather, iPhone OS) app back in 2008. With OmniFocus for iPad in 2010, we added features like Forecast and a dedicated Review mode to take full advantage of the form factor. Both apps have seen major updates since then, and most of their features have spread across the OmniFocus family, but now that Apple has blurred the line between tablet and phone devices with the iPhone 6 Plus it seems like the right time to combine the iPhone and iPad feature sets.

That means that as of today’s release, you can do the following things on an iPhone:

  • Use OmniFocus in Landscape mode with a Sidebar (iPhone 6 Plus)
  • Use the Review perspective
  • Create Perspectives (Pro)
  • View perspectives with Project hierarchy (Pro)

This release isn’t just about bringing iPad features to iPhone—we’ve also added a couple of items to both iPad and iPhone that were pretty popular with our TestFlight testers (thanks folks!):

  • Show a custom perspective in the Today extension (Pro)
  • Completely customize your home screen and place perspective tiles in any order using drag and drop (Pro).

OmniFocus Universal contains a lot of smaller improvements and bug fixes, too.

To try to make the differences between the new Universal app and the existing iPhone app as clear as possible, we’ve created a little table listing supported devices and features:

Different editions of OmniFocus for iPhone and iOS

For customers who already own OmniFocus, we’ve tried very hard to preserve your existing investment:

  • If you already own OmniFocus 2 for iPad, you’re getting the Universal version as a free update today. If you’ve already purchased Pro, that carries over too. (If you don’t see it right away, try restoring your purchases.)
  • If you’ve been using OmniFocus 2 on your iPhone and would like to start using it on your iPad as well, you can buy the OmniFocus Universal Bundle using Complete My Bundle to preserve the money you invested in the iPhone app.
  • If you own OmniFocus 1 for iPhone or iPad, you can get the Pro In-App Purchase for free.

And, for those of you who already own OmniFocus 2 for both iPhone and iPad:

  • Customers who bought both OmniFocus 2 for iPhone and OmniFocus 2 for iPad prior to this update are also eligible for a $10 rebate through May 15, 2015, reducing their cost ($20 + $30) to the current price of the Universal app ($40).

Also, please note that this isn’t a forced upgrade! If you’re not sure you need to move from OmniFocus for iPhone yet, that’s just fine: starting with version 2.5, we’ll be updating the iPhone app in lockstep with the universal app so that they both get improvements at the same time. (Version 2.5 will bring the universal app’s landscape support to the iPhone.)

I encourage you all to check out the new OmniFocus page on our site, to watch the app preview video in the App Store or on Vimeo, and to read our free user manual. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support or sales teams—and you can always find me on Twitter as @kcase.