The Omni Show: The Story of OmniPlan

by Brent Simmons on March 20, 2019

In the latest episode we talk with Ken Case, CEO; Ainsley Bourque Olson, OmniPlan PM; and Greg Titus, OmniPlan Engineer, about OmniPlan — how it started and where it’s going.

Are those beautiful Gantt charts rendered by code found in the wrecked spaceship of an extraterrestrial? Are we still using technology we found in ancient computers from the lost continent of Atlantis? What connection, if any, does OmniPlan have to the Bermuda Triangle?

We answer none of those questions. We tell the real story, infinitely more mysterious, about Greg thinking it would be fun to work on resource scheduling algorithms. Rational explanations for this elude us — but we’re sure glad he did, anyway. :)


OmniGraffle 7.10 for Mac and 3.10 for iOS Now Available with New Fill Shape with Text Feature

by Brent Simmons on March 6, 2019

OmniGraffle 7.10 for Mac and OmniGraffle 3.10 for iOS include a new Fill Shape with Text feature.

It’s a new option in the Text Position inspector: it fills the inner bounds of a shape with the label text. This makes it much easier to fit text in (for instance) a diamond shape (as in a flowchart) or create a text background for a Bézier shape.

Here’s a screenshot demonstrating the feature:

Screenshot of OmniGraffle for Mac showing text fitting inside a diamond shape.

Other changes in OmniGraffle for Mac include an option in the Line inspector to allow line labels to clip a line’s stroke; the ability to adjust the distance when Text Follows Path (in the Geometry inspector); and a number of improvements and bug fixes, mostly to do with text. See the release notes for the complete rundown.

Changes in OmniGraffle for iOS include a new Text Flow option in the Text Position inspector; text rotation controls; and other improvements and fixes. Read the release notes for the full scoop.

The Omni Show: Greg Titus, OmniPlan Engineer

by Brent Simmons on March 6, 2019

In the latest episode of The Omni Show, we interview Greg Titus, one of the first people hired by The Omni Group. He’s been here 25 years!

He’s seen a lot of company history — and tech industry history — while at Omni, which started out as a NeXT consulting company and later switched to products.

One of those products is OmniPlan, which Greg started writing for fun.

He talks about all that and more on the show. Enjoy!

Price Increases Coming in March

by Ken Case on February 22, 2019

Good afternoon, all! It’s been a decade since we last updated many of our app prices, and I just wanted to let you know that we’re planning to raise those prices in about two weeks (on Monday, March 11). We’re reviewing prices on an app by app basis, but our rough guide will be the pace of inflation over that time.

So if anyone is looking to buy our apps at their current prices, I recommend doing so before March 11!

(Feedback? I’d love to hear from you! You can find me on twitter at @kcase, or send me email at