OmniFocus for the Web Adds Quick Open

by David Lonning on December 17, 2020

We are happy to announce that the new Quick Open feature is now available to all users of OmniFocus for the Web. This marks the final feature release for OmniFocus for the Web of 2020, a year that also brought custom perspective support, keyboard shortcuts, enhanced view options (including the Today tag in Forecast view), improved preference syncing between platforms, subscription-free trials, and a rebuilt API that paves the way for even more features to come.

Quick Open adds powerful keyword-based navigation between items and perspectives in OmniFocus. It is already enabling new workflows for users that help accomplish more with OmniFocus for the Web—but don’t take our word for it:

This is great! I have a perspective based on a tag in the project name, but not the individual tasks. Now, I can use the keyboard to open the project and review the tasks in the project. This is really good for sprint reviews. -Robert Floyd, Omni Group Slack member

Use Quick Open in OmniFocus for the Web by pressing the letter O any time you aren’t editing the contents of a cell.

Quick Open is an automatic feature upgrade for OmniFocus for the Web, a browser-based companion to OmniFocus for the Mac and OmniFocus for iOS. Visit to begin a trial of OmniFocus for the Web for free.

The Omni Show: How Sal Soghoian Uses Omni Automation

by andrewjmason on December 7, 2020

Today on The Omni Show, we talk with Sal Soghoian. Sal joined Apple Inc. in January 1997 to serve as the Product Manager Automation Technologies Worldwide. For two decades, those technologies included AppleScript, Automator, Services, the Terminal, and Apple Configurator, among others. His journey then led him to join forces with the Omni Group to work on the ambitious Omni Automation framework implemented throughout the entire product suite.

In this episode, Sal shares equal parts inspiration and education: He gives details of his journey that led him from Apple to the Omni Group. He reasons through the power and potential of automation. He also shares about why the cross-platform automation that the Omni Group has recently implemented is SUCH a big deal.

To learn more about how Sal uses the Omni Group’s software to unlock the power of automation—tune in to The Omni Show.

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OmniFocus 3.11 for Mac Adds Widgets to Big Sur

by David Lonning on December 2, 2020

Following the recent release of OmniFocus 3.10 for Mac as a Universal app for M1 and macOS Big Sur, we’re happy to announce that OmniFocus 3.11 for Mac is now available.

This update brings Forecast and Perspective widgets—quickly becoming a popular feature in OmniFocus for iOS—to the Mac for the first time.

In macOS Big Sur, widgets appear in the updated Notification Center on the right side of the screen. Click Edit Widgets beneath any existing ones to add the new OmniFocus widgets. As with OmniFocus for iOS, these include:

  • A Forecast widget with a calendar view for today and the days ahead

  • A Perspective Items widget with a list of upcoming items in a perspective of your choice

Both of these are available in small, medium, and large widget sizes, and can have their font size customized to suit your needs.

Widgets on macOS Big Sur are just the latest in a line of OmniFocus features—from Quick Entry to Omni Automation—developed specifically to empower your work on Mac. We can’t wait to hear how this update is helping you accomplish more every day.

OmniFocus 3.11 for Mac is available as a free upgrade for all OmniFocus subscribers and all owners of OmniFocus 3 for Mac. Try it for free by downloading OmniFocus 3 for Mac from the Omni website or the Mac App Store.

Ken Case on Apple’s M1 and the future of the Mac

by Omni on November 27, 2020

Ken (our co-founder and CEO) was invited on The Changelog podcast in the wake of Apple’s “One More Thing” event to share his early experience with M1-powered Macs and what this means for the future of the Omni Group on the Mac platform.

Ken and The Changelog guys discussed:

  • The Omni Group’s many platform transitions over the years
  • What it took to get our apps ready for Big Sur and the M1
  • How Apple can optimize their chips in ways Intel won’t
  • Ken’s early benchmarks of building our apps with the M1
  • And much more 😉

On that last point, Ken had this to say:

So what I’m finding – one of our apps takes about ten minutes to build on an Intel MacBook Pro; the latest one that you could get, maxed out with 32 GB of RAM, and so on. And when I pulled the M1 Air and I tried doing the same build, it took five minutes and fifty seconds.

You can listen to the entire episode (which includes a great interview with Apple’s Tim Triemstra as well) right here:

The Changelog 421: The future of Mac – Listen on

Or, if you’d prefer reading to listening, there is a great transcript of the episode right here.

The Omni Show: How Podcaster and Blogger David Sparks Uses OmniFocus

by Omni on November 23, 2020

In this episode of The Omni Show, Andrew welcomes David Sparks, a podcaster, blogger, and automation enthusiast. David’s wonderfully “no-nonsense” approach to thoughtfully handling his varied responsibilities is the key to him continuously serving his community and fanbase.

In the podcast, David shares how OmniFocus is his system of choice for exploring how new routines, automations, and tactics can improve anyone’s life. Utilizing OmniFocus, David is able to template and systematize his responsibilities with ease. David and Andrew consider the impact of habit apps, automation, contextual computing, and other factors that affect our productivity level.

To learn more about how David uses OmniFocus to stay productive—from his business law practice to his multiple podcast shows—tune in to The Omni Show.

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