OmniFocus 4 TestFlight Release Notes

TestFlight builds of OmniFocus 4 require iOS or iPadOS 16.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — May 26, 2023

  • new - Apple Watch — Sync configuration is now pulled from paired iPhone when possible.
  • updated - Apple Watch — In-progress sync status is now visually displayed within the Apple Watch app.
  • fixed - Apple Watch — Addressed a bug that could cause “unrelated database” sync errors following initial sync configuration.
  • fixed - Resolving Items — OmniFocus now prompts for confirmation when completing, dropping, or deleting a group containing children.
  • fixed - Settings — Fixed a bug which could cause toggles in settings to display in incorrect toggle state.
  • fixed - Sidebar — Updated sidebar + button appearance and behavior for consistency.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — May 25, 2023

  • danger - Apple Watch — We are in the process of redesigning and rebuilding a brand new Apple Watch application! While OmniFocus 4 for Apple Watch is ready for initial feedback, please note that there are many aspects of the new application that have not yet been implemented:
    • OmniFocus 4 for Apple Watch is an autonomous application that can be installed and run independently of OmniFocus for iPhone. As such, sync must currently be configured separately within the Apple Watch application. This is experimental and may change prior to release.
    • Some features, like Siri integration, rewritten complications, push notifications, and support for independent encryption passphrases, have not yet been implemented in the new Apple Watch application. (Please note that the existing OmniFocus Apple Watch complications were not compatible with the new application and have been removed from this TestFlight build).
    • App interface design is not yet final.
    • If the above limitations of the current Apple Watch TestFlight application negatively impact your workflow, please consider reinstalling OmniFocus 3 until this development is closer to completion.
  • danger - Sync Setup — Sync setup interface redesign implementation is currently in-progress.
  • updated - App Launch — Updated cold launch screen.
  • updated - Forecast — Removed date range text from Forecast sidebar calendar.
  • updated - Select Mode — Select All toolbar button is now available in additional selection states.
  • updated - Settings — Older “Clean Database” functionality has been renamed “Delete Old Items,” alert behavior has been modified.
  • updated - Perspectives Bar — Selected perspective title text is no longer tinted to match perspective accent color.
  • updated - Widgets — Updated appearance of small Lock Screen Perspective Items widget.
  • fixed - Layout Options — Enabling the Notes editing field now works when Mirror Display Fields is disabled.
  • fixed - Omni Automation — Addressed icon bugs in Omni Automation menu.
  • fixed - Outline — Unselected rows with attachment-only notes no longer display large gap when Notes are enabled in outline.
  • fixed - Outline — Inbox outline row text style now matches folder row text style.
  • fixed - Outline — Corrected alignment of empty project rows in outline.
  • fixed - Outline — Project metadata text color now matches other assigned metadata in unselected rows.
  • fixed - Outline — Editing field labels are now consistently left aligned.
  • fixed - Outline — Duration editing field text now matches correct dynamic text size.
  • updated - Perspectives Bar — Selected perspective title text is no longer tinted to match perspective accent color.
  • fixed - Projects List — Inbox row is now correctly aligned when enabled.
  • fixed - View Options — Removed extra horizontal dividing line in Inbox View Options.
  • fixed - Stability — Addressed a crash that could occur when opening a perspective with a sidebar selection.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — May 11, 2023

  • danger - Documentation — Temporarily hid in-accurate OmniFocus 3 Help content.
  • updated - Context Menus — Updated Perspectives Bar and Perspectives List context menus for consistency.
  • updated - Context Menus — Updated context menu items offered for collation group rows other than folders, projects, tags.
  • updated - Inspector — Tag Location is now a customizable Inspector field.
  • updated - Review — Updated appearance of buttons in Review outline header.
  • updated - Sidebar — Add button is now displayed by default in sidebar (previously, adding a project, folder, or tag required entering edit mode).
  • updated - Tags List — Bold text styling is now reserved for parent tags in the sidebar.
  • updated - Widgets — Updated placement of perspective count in Lock Screen widgets.
  • updated - Widgets — Lock Screen Perspective Items widget now displays two items.
  • updated - Widgets — Forecast Perspectives Item Lock Screen widget no longer displays perspective and group titles.
  • fixed - Omni Automation — Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause iCloud plug-ins to fail to display on newer iOS/iPadOS versions.
  • fixed - Popovers — Updated Project and Tags lists text color in assignment popovers.
  • fixed - Review — Corrected styling of buttons in Review popover.
  • fixed - Review — Empty Review sidebar now displays placeholder image on compact.
  • fixed - Settings — Fixed text truncation in Watch & Interactive Widget Settings.
  • fixed - Widgets — Due dates are no longer listed twice in small Perspectives Item widget.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — May 3, 2023

  • updated - Custom Perspectives — Updated default custom perspective colors.
  • updated - Perpsective Bar — Fine-tuned perspective badge shadow.
  • updated - Settings — Continued re-organization and visual clean up progress.
  • updated - Widgets — Updated Perspective Items widget layout.
  • fixed - Inspector — Adjusted alignment of Added/Changed Inspector fields.
  • fixed - Widgets — Widgets now respect preference for due/due soon/completed text styling.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — April 26, 2023

  • updated - Forecast — Moved “In Forecast, Include: On Hold projects” from View Options into the Organization Settings.
  • updated - Forecast — Updated default Forecast View Options.
  • fixed - Repeats — Addressed buggy repeat popover behavior.
  • fixed - Sharing — Fixed a crash that could occur when using floating Quick Entry add button in Share extension.
  • fixed - Sharing — Addressed additional tap target alignment issues in Share extension.
  • fixed - Widgets — Adjusted appearance of Quick Entry icon and status circles in interactive widget.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — April 19, 2023

  • danger - Apple Watch — Began preparing Apple Watch app for OmniFocus 4 update (no functionality changes are included in this TestFlight build). OmniFocus 4 for Apple Watch now requires watchOS 9.
  • updated - Inspector — Updated default Inspector fields.
  • updated - Inspector — Inspector customization options have moved into “more” menu in Inspector bottom toolbar.
  • updated - iPad — Sidebar is now displayed by default on initial installation on iPad.
  • updated - Item Status — Further clarified inherited item status description text.
  • updated - Sidebar — Icons are now tinted to match perspective accent color in Project and Tag Lists.
  • updated - Perspectives — Default perspective order has been updated.
  • updated - Pro Features — Favoriting and re-ordering perspectives is no longer restricted to Pro feature set.
  • updated - Settings — Updated Reset Setting options.
  • updated - Tags Perspective — Tags perspective now defaults to displaying remaining items.
  • fixed - App Lock — Fixed App Lock regressions.
  • fixed - iPad — Project and Tag outline pickers now correctly remember on-screen keyboard state.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — April 13, 2023

  • updated - App Lock — Updated appearance of App Lock screen.
  • updated - Custom Perspectives — Custom Perspective icon set now includes updated chess, dice, and numerical icons.
  • updated - Inspector — Inspector bottom toolbar now includes a “more” menu with options previously available as Inspector toolbar buttons.
  • updated - Inspector — Adjusted display of tags in Tags Inspector.
  • updated - Outline — Updated appearance of project rows in tag based perspectives.
  • updated - Perspectives Bar — Adjusted appearance of perspective badges.
  • updated - Pro Features — Pro-only features are now disabled correctly when this option is toggled in License Settings.
  • updated - Quick Open — Updated appearance of Quick Open results.
  • updated - Settings — Updated Layout Settings for increased clarity.
  • updated - View Options — Updated default outline View Options.
  • updated - View Options — Updated option grouping and descriptive text in View Options.
  • fixed - iPhone — Corrected background display behind an open “stack” of popovers.
  • fixed - Nearby — Current Location button no longer overlaps with Nearby perspective header.
  • fixed - Outline — Adjusted note-only icon alignment in outline rows.
  • fixed - Sidebar — Sidebar “more” menu now includes Inspect menu item.
  • fixed - Sidebar — Correct Inbox icon is now used in sidebar.
  • fixed - View Options — Swapped in correct icon for removing values from a custom perspective rule.
  • fixed - Widgets — Interactive widget once again launches OmniFocus and triggers Quick Entry as appropriate.
  • fixed - Widgets — Restored correct text colors in interactive widget.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — April 6, 2023

  • new - iPad — Project and Tag outline pickers now remember on-screen keyboard state (on-screen keyboard will not be automatically displayed if dismissed during previous picker interaction).
  • updated - Context Menus — Project context menus now include “Mark Reviewed” option.
  • updated - Context Menus — “Copy as Link” and “Copy as TaskPaper” are now available in context menus for tags and folders.
  • updated - Context Menus — Removed “Add Outside” option from Organize sub-menu.
  • updated - Notes — Updated note icon display logic to match Mac logic.
  • updated - Quick Entry — Updated Quick Entry View Options.
  • updated - Widgets — Custom perspective widgets now display manually re-ordered items in correct order (support for displaying hierarchy when enabled has not yet been implemented).
  • fixed - Inspector — Unnecessary upper toolbar is no longer included when Inspector displays as popover on iPad.
  • fixed - Item Types — Item type options are now displayed in consistent order in menus and Inspector.
  • fixed - Notifications — Increased minimum size of Notifications popover.
  • fixed - Notifications — Adjusted text color for un-configured notification permissions description text.
  • fixed - Outline — First Available items now display in correct due soon/overdue text color when setting is enabled.
  • fixed - Repeatings Items — Repeating items can now be dropped via Inspector date picker.
  • fixed - Quick Entry — Removed “Show in Tags” option from Quick Entry context menu.
  • fixed - Select Mode — Improved display of selected row notes in Select mode.
  • fixed - Sharing — Fixed a hang that could sometimes occur when attempting to share to OmniFocus.
  • fixed - Sharing — Fixed bug that could sometimes cause tap targets in Share sheet to become misaligned.
  • fixed - Sidebar — Focus Bar no longer overlaps with content in the sidebar.
  • fixed - Toolbar — Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause Inbox View Options toolbar button to fail to display.
  • fixed - Toolbar — Fixed a bug that cause the sidebar toolbar button to sometimes display too small.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — March 30, 2023

  • new - Sharing — Quick Entry interface is now presented when sharing items to OmniFocus, allowing for immediate capture of additional details, like dates and flagged status.
  • updated - iPad — Refined logic for how sidebar and inspector display on smaller iPad screen sizes.
  • updated - Nearby — Nearby map mode setting is now categorized as a a Layout View Option.
  • updated - Select Mode — Selection highlight now uses accent color in Select mode.
  • fixed - Context Menu — Complete item in Status submenu now uses correct icon.
  • fixed - Inspector — Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause Inspector bottom toolbar to display incorrectly.
  • fixed - Inspector — Improved consistency of “multiple values” display in sub-inspectors.
  • fixed - Sidebar — Due badge spacing is now consistent in sidebar.
  • fixed - Toolbar — Forecast now uses correct Select button icon on all device sizes.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — March 24, 2023

  • danger - Colors — Continued progress cleaning up code around color use in OmniFocus 4.
  • updated - Widgets — Renamed the “Widget (Classic)” to “Interactive Widget.”
  • fixed - Context Menu — Status displayed in Inspector now updates immediately when a folder is dropped via the context menu.
  • fixed - iPhone — Tag icon is now consistently displayed in selected row metadata when tag display is enabled.
  • fixed - Item Status — Resolved item status is now displayed consistently for explicitly and implicitly resolved items in the sidebar and outline.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — March 17, 2023

  • danger - Colors — Continued progress cleaning up code around color use in OmniFocus 4.
  • updated - Dates — Updated date display logic. Dates now display in “short” date format more consistently, dropping down to time-only display when date is today.
  • updated - Inspector — Updated appearance of Inspector location field.
  • updated Outline — Implemented row selection animation.
  • updated - Scheduled Notifications — Scheduled Notification default time can now be customized in Date Settings, initial default time is 2pm.
  • updated - Settings — Updated placement of “Hide projects when redundant” option within Layout Settings.
  • updated - Sidebar — Sidebars now animate on open/close.
  • updated - Sidebar — Toolbar buttons in sidebar now use icons instead of text labels.
  • updated - Quick Open — Added Quick Open to long-press app icon Quick Action menu, updated URL logic so older shortcuts which navigated to the OmniFocus 3 Home screen launch Quick Open in OmniFocus 4.
  • updated - View Options — Updated experience customizing row layout Editing Fields.
  • fixed - Navigation — Fixed bug that could sometimes cause incorrect sidebar selection/filtering when navigating to a perspective.
  • fixed - Settings — Fixed About OmniFocus and Release Notes Help items in the toolbar “More” menu.
  • fixed - Settings — Cleaned up alignment of rows with toggles in Settings.
  • fixed - Show in Tags — “Show in Tags” is now included in context menu when appropriate.
  • fixed - Widgets — Widget text now respects app-wide due/first available text style settings.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — March 9, 2023

  • danger - iPad — Updated logic for how sidebar and inspector behave on various iPad screen sizes. Please let us know if you have feedback on these changes!
    • • Sidebar is now never displayed as popover.
    • • On devices where there is not enough room to simultaneously display sidebar and inspector, inspector is always displayed as a popover.
    • • On devices where there is not enough room to display sidebar and outline simultaneously, all content is displayed in “compact” layout.
  • danger - Colors — Cleaned up code around color use in OmniFocus 4. Please let us know if you encounter unexpected colors anywhere in the application!
  • updated - Inspector — More specific distance values are now used in Location Inspector.
  • updated - Perspectives Bar
    • • On compact devices, tapping on the current perspective tab in the Perspective bar scrolls to the top of the outline, a second tap opens the sidebar. If you are viewing the sidebar, tap dismisses the sidebar and displays the outline.
    • • On non-compact devices, tapping on the current perspective tab in the Perspective bar clears the current selection in the sidebar and outline (this is consistent with the Mac behavior).
  • updated - Settings — First Day of Week setting has been removed (iOS 16 supports setting this device-wide in Settings > General > Language & Region > First Day of Week).
  • updated - Sidebar — Due badges are now only displayed for folder rows when folder is collapse (matching existing Mac behavior).
  • fixed - Dates — Fixed a bug that could cause date for previously selected item to display in date picker or the date picker to fail to update when switching between selected tasks.
  • fixed - Dates — Fixed a bug that could cause time field to display clipped in the date picker.
  • fixed - Dates — Edits in dropped field date and time picker now update item’s dropped date correctly.
  • fixed - Inspector — Addressed bottom toolbar layout issue that could sometimes occur in compact Inspector.
  • fixed - Inspector — Cleaned up alignment in Location Inspector.
  • fixed - Notifications — Notifications permission prompt now displays at reasonable size.
  • fixed - Settings — Fixed bug that could block re-opening Settings after they have been dismissed.
  • fixed - Settings — Fixed a bug that could cause switches in setting to display in wrong state.
  • fixed - Sidebar — Correct icon is now used for “Untagged” group in the sidebar.
  • fixed - Sidebar — Updated badge icon in Review sidebar.
  • fixed - Quick Entry — Removed non-applicable menu items from Quick Entry context menu.
  • fixed - Quick Entry — Removed non-applicable sidebar option from Quick Entry View Options.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — March 3, 2023

  • danger - Dates — In-progress work to improve reliabilty of date Inspectors. Please let us know if you encounter trouble!
  • fixed - Quick Open — Restored Quick Open button functionality on iPad.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — March 3, 2023

  • new - Backups — Database backups can now be configured to save to iCloud Drive via Settings.
  • updated - Attachments — Restored experience for previewing and deleting attachments.
  • updated - Context Menu — Context menu for repeating actions now includes top-level Skip and Drop Completely options.
  • updated - Focus — Revised appearance of Focus expectations bar.
  • updated - Inspector — Updated default Inspector state (Inspector can be customized in Layout Settings).
  • updated - Nearby — Refined Nearby perspective navigation experience, including moving Map/List toggle to View Options.
  • updated - Outline — Updated text used in filter outline header.
  • updated - Quick Open — Quick Open Perspectives list is now consistent with Mac Perspectives window; perspectives are no longer split into Favorite/Other categories and are always listed in matching order across all synced devices.
  • updated - Popovers — Updated outline popovers for visual consistency.
  • updated - View Options — Explicitly enabling project field in customized row layouts now overrides app-wide “Hide projects when redundant” preference.
  • fixed - Context Menu — Fixed bugginess reflecting current state in Status and Type submenus.
  • fixed - Context Menu — Dropping a repeating project via context menu now prompts to skip or drop project completely.
  • fixed - Inspector — Adjusted alignment of elements in Repeat Inspector.
  • fixed - Outline — Cleaned up appearance of row drag previews.
  • fixed - Outline — Updated title placeholder text capitalization, removed inconsistent “add tag” placeholder text.
  • fixed - Popovers — Fixed recent regression scrolling in project and tag popovers.
  • fixed - Toolbar — Fixed extraneous Back button that could appear in iPad toolbar.
  • fixed - View Options — Correct capitalization of items in View Options.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — February 24, 2023

  • danger - OS Compatibility — TestFlight builds of OmniFocus 4 now require iOS 16 or iPadOS 16.
  • updated - Context Menu — Action context menus no longer include redundant “Status” sub-menu.
  • updated - Nearby — Nearby now defaults to map view.
  • updated - Settings — Added top-level “Organization” section.
  • updated - Sidebar — Refined toolbar button placement and behavior in iPad sidebar.
  • updated - Sidebar — Organization of items in sidebar Edit and Select mode “More” menus now matches context menus.
  • updated - Toolbar — “Sync” option has been moved to top-level of toolbar “More” menu.
  • fixed - Nearby — Quick Open and Quick Entry floating toolbar buttons are now available in Nearby.
  • fixed - Nearby — Map is no longer hidden when there are no items to display.
  • fixed - Outline — Adjusted alignment of selected row metadata fields in iPhone outline.
  • fixed - Popovers — Fixed bugs that could cause project, tag, and date popovers to layout incorrectly in various circumstances.
  • fixed - Settings — Settings links once again navigate to appropriate top-level section in Settings.
  • fixed - Select Mode — Removed inconsistent Add/Remove Tag options from Select mode “More” menu.
  • fixed - Sidebar — Adjusted alignment of title text for untitled items in sidebar.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — February 17, 2023

  • new - Inspector — Inspector can now be revealed/dismissed via swipe gesture from right edge on iPhone.
  • updated - Search — Removed Search field from iPad toolbar, Search experience is now consistent on iPhone and iPad.
  • updated - Sidebar — Simplified sidebar behavior in compact iPad views.
  • updated - Toolbar — Focus is now included in toolbar more menu.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — February 10, 2023

  • updated - Settings — Completed Settings re-organization.
  • updated - Sidebar — iPhone now defaults to navigating directly to perspective outline.
  • fixed - Icons — Consistent status icons are now used for all item types.
  • fixed - Outline — Fixed additional scenarios in which outline tap targets could become misaligned.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — February 6, 2023

  • new - Reorganized Settings — Rebuilt and reorganized Settings. A few areas are still under construction, and some items may still shift around as we try to make it easier to understand which settings are synced and as we try to make the Mac and iOS apps more consistent with each other. Feedback welcome!
  • updated - Status Inspector — Updated the icons used in the Status Inspector to use a more consistent style.
  • fixed - Sync — Fixed some issues where data would be synced but not displayed on screen until the app was quit and relaunched.
  • fixed - Project and Tag Pickers — Project and tag pickers no longer overflow the available space on narrow devices.
  • fixed - Quick Entry — Improved animation launching Quick Entry.
  • fixed - Repeating Tasks — Fixed an issue with calculating the next date of a repeating task.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — February 3, 2023

  • danger - Sidebar — Updated sidebar display behavior:
    • On all device types, sidebar display now defaults to remembering most recent expansion state when navigating between perspectives.
    • On iPhone, sidebar can be enabled as default display mode on a per-perspective basis.
    • On Mac and iPad, sidebar can be hidden by default on a per-perspective basis.
  • new - Sidebar — Edit and multi-select functions have been split into separate sidebar modes. Edit mode is optimized for organizing database hierarchy and editing item titles, while select mode prioritizes setting selection for display in the outline.
  • new - iPad — When Edit or Select mode is enabled, interaction is now restricted to current pane.
  • updated - Outline — Removed item type and counts from folder, project, and tag rows in outline.
  • updated - Outline — Updated note icon behavior in the outline. Note icon now displays immediately following item title when note is present and is no longer optional to display.
  • updated - Outline — Metadata now always displays on second line on iPad, regardless of item title length.
  • updated - Outline — Disclosure triangles are now a consistent, smaller size (tap target size has not been changed).
  • updated - Outline — Project flag icon has been reduced in size.
  • updated - Popovers — Improved display of smart match results by widening project and tag popovers.
  • updated - Toolbar — iPad toolbar contents now longer changes when sidebars are opened or closed.
  • updated - Toolbar — Updated contents and organization of toolbar “More” menu.
  • fixed - Forecast — Restored missing Quick Open button in Forecast sidebar.
  • fixed - Outline — Untitled folder and tags titles now correctly display as placeholder text in outline.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — January 27, 2023

  • updated - Omni Automation — Updated Omni Automatin plug-in icon.
  • fixed - Outline — Fixed bug that could cause tap targets to become misaligned with displayed elements after a sheet (like Quick Open) is displayed and dismissed on compact devices. If you continue to have difficulty completing items via the status circle after installing this TestFlight build, please let us know!

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — January 20, 2023

  • danger - Columns — We’ve disabled support for column layout on iPad in this TestFlight build (any perspectives previously set to column layout will revert to the default fluid iPad row layout). If you found column layout as previously implemented useful in your workflow and would like for us to reconsider this decision, please let us know! We plan to resume development of an improved column layout experience following the launch of OmniFocus 4.0.
  • updated - Inspector — Completed implementation of per-device type Inspector configuration sync.
  • updated - Metadata — Placeholder strings are now capitalized.
  • fixed - Outline — Improved disclosure triangle animation.
  • fixed - Outline — “Untitled Item” text now always displays in placeholder text style.
  • fixed - Quick Open — On-screen keyboard no longer animates twice when launching Quick Open.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — January 17, 2023

  • updated - Columns — Dropped icon from Projects field in columns outline display.
  • updated - Context Menu — “Focus” menu item is once again displayed in context menu, “Type” and “Status” menu items are now consistently available and display current value.
  • updated - Select Mode — Select mode is now deactivated after performing an action via a bottom toolbar button.
  • fixed - Forecast — Row swipe gesture is no longer allowed on event rows in Forecast.
  • fixed - Select Mode — “Group” is no longer displayed when non-functional in Select Mode “More” menu.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a common crash in the most recent TestFlight build, which could be triggered by launching OmniFocus via a widget or QuickOpen navigation.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — January 13, 2023

  • danger - View Option Reset — Changes in this build will cause outline metadata customization to reset to default settings—our apologies for the one-time inconvenience!
  • new - Flagged — Flagged perspective now supports additional grouping options, including the ability to display items ungrouped.
  • updated - Forecast — Due/Defer fields displayed under date headers in Forecast now show Due/Defer times instead of dates.
  • updated - Forecast — Updated appearance of tiles in Forecast outline header, removed redundant filter/clear button.
  • updated - Inactive Items — Sidebar and outline now indicate state of dropped/on hold/completed items consistently.
  • updated - Inspectors — Inspector configuration now syncs per-device type.
  • updated - Outline — Perspective sub-header has been revised.
  • updated - Outline — Updated layout of tag rows in outline.
  • updated - Outline — Parent Type and Project Status have been removed from available metadata fields (this information is now non-optionally displayed in all project rows).
  • updated - Outline — Updated flag icon displayed via row swipe gesture.
  • updated - Quick Entry — Updated add button placement and return key behavior in Quick Entry.
  • fixed - Sidebar — Incoming syncs no longer trigger unexpected expansion or collapse of sidebar.
  • fixed - View Options — Addressed custom perspective view options layout issues on iPad.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed crash trigged by “Add Folder” in iPhone more toolbar menu.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — January 6, 2023

  • updated - Sidebar — Sidebar is now included when navigating back/forward through navigation history on iPhone.
  • updated - Sidebar — iPhone sidebar toolbar buttons are now more consistent with buttons available in outline toolbar (changes to options included in overflow “more” menu are also planned).
  • updated - Sidebar — Updated appearance of sidebar divider lines.
  • fixed - Custom Perspectives — Changes to synced row layout options now update immediately in custom perspectives.
  • fixed - Outline — Adjusted padding below project rows and note fields in outline.
  • fixed - Outline — Attachment icon now remains aligned with bottom of note text in outline.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash trying to show the popover Sidebar at certain window sizes on iPad.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — December 16, 2022

Happy Holidays! This will be the final OmniFocus 4 TestFlight build of 2022, as the OmniFocus development team will be working reduced hours through the new year. Please feel free to continue testing and reporting feedback during this period (if you encounter significant regressions or instability, previous builds are available for installation via the TestFlight application). Thank you for participating in the OmniFocus 4 TestFlight - we’re looking forward to releasing OmniFocus 4.0 in 2023! —The OmniFocus Team

  • danger - Sidebar — On iPhone, this TestFlight build replaces the bottom slideover perspective “filter pane” with a left “sidebar” interface that more closely matches the sidebar experience on Mac and iPad. Additional notes on this change:
    • When navigating to most perspectives, the sidebar is displayed by default. To navigate directly to the perspective’s outline content instead, enable “Keep sidebar hidden” in the perspective’s View Options.
    • Sidebar can be open/closed via left-right edge swipe gesture or via toolbar button.
    • Add project, folder, and tag options are now available in the sidebar More menu; we anticipate implementing additional accommodations for item creation and editing project/tag hierarchy.
    • Additional changes and refinements to the sidebar experience are planned! Please let us know how the sidebar feels in your iPhone workflow, and if there are specific adjustments you’d like to see made.
  • new - App Icon — App icon customization is now available - select from two updated OmniFocus 4 app icons, or continue to use the sketchy test build icon! (We plan to bring this feature to OmniFocus for Mac as well in a future TestFlight build.)
  • updated - View Options — Progress towards keeping View Options up to date when changes are made in another window or on a synced device.
  • updated - Outline — Updated status circle state colors.
  • updated - Outline — Adjusted formatting and layout for action rows, project rows, folder rows, and collation group rows.
  • updated - Outline — Adjusted padding and dividers between rows.
  • updated - View Options — “Show Inbox” in projects View Option now syncs between devices.
  • updated - View Options — Finalized titles for Row Layout View Options.
  • fixed - Custom Perspectives — Deleting a parent rule now deletes rule’s children.
  • fixed - Sidebar — Fixed a bug that could cause the select mode button to become unresponsive in the filter pane/sidebar.
  • fixed - View Options — Improved custom perspective View Options popover layout on iPad.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — December 8, 2022

  • danger - View Options — Updated underlying logic for saving and syncing View Option changes. This change addresses a number of bugs, including mismatches between outline content display and current View Options selection. Please let us know if you encounter any unexpected behavior related to changing View Options, mismatch between selected View Options and displayed content in the outline, or restored/synced View Option state!
  • new - View Options — Items assigned to on hold projects can now be optionally hidden in Forecast.
  • updated - Contextual Menus — Updated contextual menus, re-organizing and adding some menu items, including moving “Inspect” to top level of all contextual menus.
  • updated - Custom Perspectives — Various improvements to custom perspective editing experience in View Options.
  • updated - Inspector — Updated icons in Location Inspector.
  • updated - Outline — Updated metadata placeholder strings.
  • updated - Status Circles — Completed status circles now use “OmniFocus” checkmark icon.
  • updated - Tags — Additional refinements to new tag picker UI.
  • updated - Toolbar — Sidebar button is now included in iPhone toolbar.
  • updated - View Options — Updated titles of some View Options for clarity.
  • fixed - Inspector — Inspector no longer includes notification and distance options when “Anywhere” is selected for location, “Anywhere” is now consistently used for this type of location assignment.
  • fixed - Inspector — Removed unexpected rendering artifact in Repeat Inspector.
  • fixed - Outline — Correct project type icon is now displayed in the outline for Single Action Lists.
  • fixed - Outline — Status circles for flagged items which have been completed or dropped are no longer displayed orange.
  • fixed - Settings — Fixed regression in appearance of Fluid Layout Options display.
  • fixed - Tags — Go To icon in tag picker no longer incorrectly navigates to Projects perspective.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — December 1, 2022

  • danger - Tags — Updated tag experience. Assigned tags are no longer individually tappable in the outline, and are always displayed at smaller size. Tag picker now displays assigned tags above unassigned tags, providing quick access to new options for removing or navigating to a tag. Additional refinements to this change are planned—please let us know if you encounter bugs interacting with your tags, or if you have feedback about this change!
  • updated - Custom Perspectives — Custom Perspective edits in the new View Options perspective editor are now saved automatically.
  • updated - Custom Perspectives — Grouped custom perspectives no longer support enabling Preserve Hierarchy (this setting could cause items to be displayed multiple times).
  • updated - Inspector — Updated appearance of empty Inspector notes field.
  • fixed - Custom Perspectives — Current icon selection is now more clearly indicated in custom perspective icon picker.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when navigating to Forecast.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 23, 2022

  • updated - View Options — Continued clean up of View Options layout.
  • updated - View Options — Removed accent color use in View Options for custom perspectives.
  • fixed - Dates — Fixed a bug that could cause a blank date picker when editing dates in Forecast or date grouped custom perspectives.
  • fixed - Inspector — Fixed additional case of a bug that could cause title edits in the Inspector to be discarded.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting a child task in Forecast.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 16, 2022

  • fixed - Inspector — Values are no longer discarded when entering and exiting a field with different values in a multiple selection.
  • fixed - Inspector — Fixed a bug that could cause title edits in the Inspector to be discarded.
  • fixed - Outline — Additional refinements to notes display in outline.
  • fixed - Review — Projects to review now display sorted in correct order.
  • fixed - View Options — Fixed a bug that could case changes to View Options to be discarded after navigating to another perspective.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur saving changes to a tag or projects rule in new View Options perspective editor.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 11, 2022

  • fixed - View Options — Fixed a bug that could cause changes to View Options to be discarded for built-in perspectives.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 8, 2022

  • danger - Custom Perspectives — We’ve made substantial changes to how custom perspective settings are modified, saved, and synced between devices. In addition to addressing bugs and improving overall reliability, we’ve also changed the following features:
    • Custom perspective settings are now only editable via the new custom perspective editor in the View Options popover.
    • Older v2 perspectives are no longer inspectable/editable, support for restoring sidebar selection has been dropped, and it is no longer possible to “downgrade” a custom perspective.
  • new - Custom Perspectives — Custom perspectives now offer the option to “Preserve Hierarchy”.
  • fixed - Notes — Adjusted padding around notes in outline.
  • fixed - Notes — Various improvements to style support in rich text notes.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 3, 2022

  • danger - View Options — Further progress towards full custom perspective editing support in View Options.
  • updated - Forecast — Updated appearance of calendar events in Forecast.
  • updated - Notes — Default note text color and font have been updated.
  • updated - Notes — Updated appearance of truncated note preview display when “Show Notes in Outline” is enabled.
  • updated - Outline — Replaced the “floating Done button” with a collapse button placed within the bounds of the row selection.
  • updated - Outline — Folder and Tag titles can no longer be edited in the outline.
  • fixed - Outline — Adjusted padding of due soon/overdue date highlight.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — October 31, 2022

  • new - Forecast Hierarchy — Add a “Preserve Hierarchy” switch to Forecast’s View Options, so it’s easy to opt out to get a completely flat, reorderable list.
  • new - Notes — Rich text notes now support Paste with Original Style and Clear Style options.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — October 25, 2022

  • danger - View Options — Custom perspective rules can now be edited directly from the perspective’s View Options.
  • new - Forecast — Project and action group hierarchy is now preserved in “unified” Forecast list (i.e. when “Organize Into Groups” is disabled in the Forecast View Options).
  • new - Custom Perspectives — When projects and action group parents are included in an ungrouped custom perspective, item hierarchy is now displayed (this change only affects custom perspectives in which projects and action groups parents were previously displayed after their children).
  • updated - Forecast — Items with Before Due notifications are now included when items with Scheduled Notifications are displayed in Forecast.
  • updated - Notes — Content pasted into notes now defaults to simplified styling (only hyperlinks and bold/italic/underline text styles are perserved).
  • fixed - Forecast — Further improvements to calendar event sort and sync logic in Forecast.
  • fixed - Outline — Context menu can no longer be accessed via long press when actively editing an outline row’s title or notes field (this action triggered a crash in previous TestFlight builds).
  • fixed - Perspectives Bar — Custom perspective icon and titles changes are now immediately displayed in the Perspectives Bar.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when adding a task to ungrouped Forecast with no outline selection.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — October 14, 2022

  • danger - View Options — Due to in-progress development work, changing synced View options for a perspective on one device in recent TestFlight builds may result in View options reseting for that perspective on other devices.
  • updated - Colors — Updated due soon and overdue colors.
  • updated - Forecast — Forecast perspective badge now counts due soon items as well as overdue items.
  • updated - Forecast — Only due items are now counted in Forecast tiles (reverting count behavior to match OmniFocus 3).
  • fixed - Forecast — Improved reliability of add action button in Forecast.
  • fixed - Notes — Note previews now immediately update rich text content to contrast with the background color.
  • fixed - Notes — Inspector notes field is now functional when empty.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed bug that triggered “A previous edit has made the add location invalid” error.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — October 12, 2022

  • new - Omni Automation — Rich text notes are now scriptable via Omni Automation.
  • updated - Outline — Updated appearance of due soon and overdue dates in the outline.
  • updated - Select Mode — Checkboxes and drag handles are no longer displayed when entering select mode, and the long-press context mode has been disabled while in select mode (we plan for all options previously included in the context menu to be included in the bottom toolbar “More” menu).
  • fixed - Forecast — Improved how calendar events are handled when Forecast items are manually sorted.
  • fixed - Notes — Default note text size is now larger.
  • fixed - Notes — Fixed broken Inspector notes field.
  • fixed - Notes — Newly added attachments are now immediately displayed in the outline notes field.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — September 30, 2022

  • new - OmniFocus 4 for Mac — TestFlight builds of OmniFocus 4 for Mac are now available! To begin testing OmniFocus 4 for Mac, install TestFlight on your Mac and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • new - Notes — Rich text notes with inline attachments, tappable links, and dynamic color support for improved legibility when switching between light and dark mode are now supported on all platforms. This feature required a fairly comprehensive change to OmniFocus’s text rendering logic, so please be sure to report any specific issues you encounter!
  • updated - Notes — Note display logic has been updated. When Show Notes in Outline is enabled for fluid outline layouts, notes always display truncated for unselected rows and expanded when a row is selected.
  • updated - Icons — Additional icons have been updated.
  • fixed - Nearby — Accessing directions to a tag location no longer fails.
  • fixed - Notes — Addressed a number of bugs related to notes, included typed URLs not being registered as links and content display issues.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when long pressing in an outline field.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — September 15, 2022

  • danger - Open Inspector on Single Tap — We have removed the Open Inspector on Single Tap setting from this TestFlight build. This setting was implemented prior to the implementation of our finalized inline editing experience, and we would like for folks who had enabled this setting to give the finalized editing experience in the outline a try. If you had previously enabled Open Inspector on Single Tap, please take a couple days to see how inline editing feels in your workflow (remember, you can customize what fields are displayed via a perspective’s View options, or app-wide in Settings). If you find you still miss this setting after a few days without it, please let us know! Thank you in advance for your feedback.
  • new - Accent Color — A default set of system colors that adapt automatically to light and dark mode is now provided when customizing app accent color, and accent color can now be reset to default.
  • updated - Keyboard — Updated tab key interaction with tags field.
  • updated - Icons — Icons have been updated throughout the app, including updated Inbox and Due icons.
  • updated - Perspective Bar — Perspective Bar alignment and selection indicator placement and width has been tweaked.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — September 9, 2022

  • updated - Custom Perspectives — Default set of colors is now provided when customizing custom perspective color.
  • updated - Lock Screen Widgets — Updated appearance of large Forecast lock screen widget.
  • updated - Outline — Adjusted perspective title font size in outline header.
  • updated - Outline — Buttons in perspective header once again use perspective tint color.
  • updated - Outline — Dividing lines are no longer displayed between open groups and group contents in the outline.
  • fixed - Context Menus — Focus is now available in context menu for task rows as well as projects and folders.
  • fixed - Context Menus — Delete is now available in context menu for project rows.
  • fixed - Date Pickers — Date pickers are now consistently sized and always include “Done” button.
  • fixed - Flag — Flagged color is no longer applied to resolved items.
  • fixed - Inspector — Inspector background is now consistent in light mode when no item is selected.
  • fixed - Quick Open — Active perspective is no longer shown outside collapsed group in perspectives list.
  • fixed - Scheduled Notifications — Fixed broken Scheduled Notifications date popover.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — September 1, 2022

  • fixed - OS Compatibility — Addressed various layout issues that could occur when customizing views on iOS and iPadOS 16.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — August 25, 2022

  • updated - Dark Mode — Vertical dividing lines are now more visually distinct in Dark Mode.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Filter Pane option in the outline header is now titled with the perspective-appropriate content it contains (i.e. “Projects List”, “Tags List”, etc.) instead of “Filter”.
  • updated - Filter Pane — “Edit Title” is now “Rename” in the Filter Pane context menu.
  • updated - Floating Buttons — Updated appearance of floating buttons.
  • updated - Nearby — Updated outline header appearance in Nearby perspective.
  • updated - Outline — Increased indentation of metadata when editing an item on iPad.
  • updated - Status Circles — Status Circles for Flagged and Due Soon/Over Due tasks are now drawn only the corresponding due color.
  • updated - Swipe — Delete is once again accessible via row swipe gesture.
  • updated - View Options — “Sidebar visibility is independent” option has been replaced with new “Keep Sidebar Hidden” option.
  • updated - Swipe — Removed text labels from swipe elements on outline rows.
  • updated - Widgets — Replaced bullets with Status Circles in widgets.
  • fixed - Outline — Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause multi-line item titles to not layout correctly when selected.
  • fixed - Omni Automation — SF symbols for Omni Automation actions are now tinted correctly in Quick Open.
  • fixed - Omni Automation — Default icon for Omni Automation actions is now tinted correctly in Dark Mode.
  • fixed - Project Picker — Adjusted alignment of wrapped titles in the project picker.
  • fixed - Quick Entry — Fixed overlapping Save and Done buttons in Quick Entry.
  • fixed - Select Mode — Swipe actions are now supported while in Select mode.
  • fixed - Status Circles — Status Circles now display at a consistent size and alignment with title text, regardless of flag state, etc.
  • fixed - View Options — Mirror Outline Fields setting once again functions as expected.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when performing an encryption scan of the sync database.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — August 18, 2022

  • new - Sync — OmniFocus now periodically scans the sync database for unreadable files. If files with missing encryption keys are detected, OmniFocus replaces those files with files from the local database, repairing the sync database.
  • fixed - Lock Screen Widgets — Custom Perspectives with custom image icons now display the default Custom Perspective icon instead of a generic file attachment icon.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — August 16, 2022

  • fixed - Lock Screen Widgets — Custom Perspectives with custom image icons now display the default Custom Perspective icon instead of a generic file attachment icon.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — August 11, 2022

  • new - Lock Screen Widgets — Added support for iPhone lock screen widgets on iOS 16. For the top widget slot next to the date, you can show a Forecast summary or the most relevant task from a perspective. For the larger widget slots below the time, you can add widgets showing more details from Forecast or a custom perspective, or a lock-screen one-tap shortcut to Quick Entry.
  • fixed - Crash on iOS 15 — Fixed a crash on launch on iOS 15 caused by trying to reference new widget types that are only defined in iOS 16.
  • fixed - Filter Pane — Fixed a bug where the Filter Pane would sometimes refuse to reopen after making a selection.
  • fixed - Inspector Pickers — Fixed a bug where Project, Tag, and Date pickers would display incorrectly when accessed from the popover Inspector.
  • fixed - Notes and View Options — View Options always offers the option to show the Notes icon, whether or not the notes themselves are displayed inline. Fixed some a related issue where the notes wouldn’t always draw as expected based on the current configuration.
  • fixed - Search — Fixed a bug in the Search field on iOS 16 beta 5 where the app would freeze as soon as you started typing on the on-screen keyboard.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — August 9, 2022

  • new - Floating Done Button — Rather than placing an “x” button in the top right corner of the selected item (which some people found confusing, and which also blocked access to the expand/collapse control on items with children), the row keeps all its usual controls and there’s a new “Done” button which floats just above the row.
  • new - Swipe to Select — Now that we’ve standardized on using long-tap to access row actions, we’re starting to experiment with using row swipes to quickly select rows. Feedback about this concept is welcome—but please bear in mind that the current implementation is not yet where we want it to be (the transition feels jarring, and it puts you in a mode where you can’t continue swiping to select other rows).
  • updated - iPad Panes — Updated the widths of the sidebar panes on iPad.
  • updated - Perspective Bar — Consistently use the term “Perspective Bar” in the interface (replacing “Perspective Navigation Bar” or “Perspective Navbar”).
  • updated - Perspective Bar — Updated metrics of perspectives in the bar as well as the positioning and size of the bar itself.
  • updated - Assigned Tags — Updated the appearance of assigned tags in the outline.
  • updated - Outline Fields — Outline fields use consistent colors rather than having some fields (such as the project assignment) stand out more than others.
  • updated - Forecast Counts — Forecast now provides a full count of every item on today’s list, rather than just counting the items with due dates.
  • updated - Xcode 14 beta — In preparation for iOS 16, we’re now building OmniFocus using the Xcode 14 beta. (Coming soon: lock screen widgets!)
  • updated - Perspective Bar — Long perspective titles are center-aligned.
  • updated - Tabbing to/from Notes — You can now use the Tab key to tab in/out of notes (with Tab or with Shift-Tab). To insert a tab character into the current note, use Option-Tab.
  • fixed - Performance — Improved responsiveness when checking whether the app is authorized to look up the device’s current location.
  • fixed - Tag Picker — Fixed a bug where the outline’s tag picker would immediately close/reopen when applying its first tag, and its Done button would stop responding.
  • fixed - iOS 16 Compatibility — Fixed iOS 16 layout issues when editing a row with a wrapping title.
  • fixed - Perspective Title — Custom perspective titles once again draw using their custom color.
  • fixed - Mark Reviewed — The “Mark Reviewed” button updates appropriately when all projects have been reviewed.
  • fixed - iPad Inspector Popovers — Fixed bugs where popovers in the iPad Inspector (such as Project, Tag, and Date pickers) wouldn’t display properly.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — August 3, 2022

  • updated - Licensing — Updated the TestFlight app’s licensing logic to be compatible with yesterday’s updates to Omni Accounts. (We updated our online store yesterday so that there’s no longer a distinction between team and personal licenses. Purchase however many licenses you need—traditional up-front licenses or subscriptions—then use them yourself or share them with team members.)