OmniFocus 4 TestFlight Release Notes

TestFlight builds of OmniFocus 4 require iOS or iPadOS 15.

Recent Changes

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — January 12, 2022

  • new - Inspector — Inspector sections can now be re-ordered and hidden via the new `Inspector Layout’ Settings. To reveal hidden sections, tap the new filter button in the Inspector toolbar.
  • new - Outline — Item notifications can now be displayed and edited from the outline.
  • new - Outline — Tag status can now be displayed in a tag’s outline row.
  • updated - Flagged — Flagged perspective filter pane now only displays tags that contain flagged items.
  • fixed - Notes — Fixed a bug that prevented some types of content from being pasted in the notes field.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — January 6, 2022

  • danger - Drag & Drop — Refined drag & drop interactions (finalized appearance of drag item preview has not yet been implemented).
  • new - Omni Automation — Inspector and sidebar visibility can now be changed via Omni Automation
  • updated - Custom Perspectives — Added “Edit Perspective Settings” option to custom perspective “More” toolbar menu and long-press contextual menu. Updated design of existing “Edit Perspective” button in View Options.
  • updated - Omni Automation — Plug-in icons are now displayed in the Automation menu.
  • fixed - Omni Automation — Sidebar outline items now return correct value for object property and returning ApplyResult.Stop now halts loop as expected.
  • fixed - Search — Improved search speed for large databases.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — January 4, 2022

Happy New Year, everyone! Today is only the second workday of 2022 and we’re still switching gears from our vacations, but we already have a crash fix, some layout changes, new scripting capabilities, and a handful of other fixes that we thought you might appreciate.

  • updated - Inspector Layout — Reorganized the groupings of fields in the Inspector.
  • updated - View Options Layout — Updated the layout of the layout settings in View Options and in global Settings.
  • updated - Quick Option Actions — Added basic scripting support for Quick Open plug-in actions (so plug-in actions can do things like change their icon based on the current selection).
  • fixed - Apple Watch — Fixed an issue with adding new items to OmniFocus using Siri on watchOS 8. (This issue was causing Siri to reply with “Uh oh, there’s a problem. Please try again.”) This fix is also in the 3.12.2 TestFlight.
  • fixed - Classic Today Widget — Fixed the perspective ordering in the classic Today widget.
  • fixed - Filter Pane Selection — Fixed a bug where we weren’t properly restoring the selection of some special rows in the Filter Pane (such as the Inbox and Untagged rows).
  • fixed - Row Swipe — Fixed a bug where a gesture which started out being interpreted as a row swipe but ultimately turned into a scroll gesture would sometimes leave the row in a partially-swiped state (with a colored bar along the margin where a swipe action was going to appear).
  • fixed - Row Swipe to Delete — Swiping to delete an item which has hidden children will now prompt with a confirmation dialog to verify that this is what you really mean to do.
  • fixed - Tags Perspective — Fixed an item where new items being added to the Tags perspective would sometimes be inserted under the wrong tag.
  • fixed - Stability – Fixed a crash using Quick Open.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — December 15, 2021

Happy holidays to all of you! Most of our team will be on vacation through the end of the year, so there will be a bit of a pause in the TestFlight until we return in January. We look forward to turning our attention from the Feature Freeze milestone to the Design Freeze milestone!

If you encounter any issues with this TestFlight build, please remember that you can go back to an earlier build by choosing “Previous Builds” in the TestFlight app. Best wishes to all of you, and see you in 2022!

This build adds Omni Automation actions to Quick Open, so you can find and run an automation action by typing a few letters from its name, just like finding and opening a perspective, folder, project, or tag.

  • new - Quick Open Actions — Quick Open now provides access to Omni Automation actions.
  • updated - Calendar Access — Tapping on an event icon in Forecast will open the event for day in the Calendar app.
  • updated - Date Popover Background — Fixed a regression in the background color of date popovers.
  • updated - Filter Button — The Filter button to access the Filter Pane stays visible whether or not a filter is set, so it’s clear that you don’t have to clear the current filter to change it.
  • updated - Inbox Long-Press — Added Go To Inbox to the long-press menu for inbox items (when not currently displaying the Inbox).
  • updated - Keyboard Shortcuts — Added keyboard shortcuts to hide and show the Filter Pane (Command-Option-S, Apple’s standard shortcut for showing and hiding a sidebar), and the Perspective Navigation Bar (Command-Option-P).
  • updated - Nearby Layout — Added some space after the distance buttons in the Nearby perspective.
  • updated - Permissions — The app waits until the database is opened before prompting for permission to send notifications.
  • updated - Quick Open Performance — Improved the performance of opening Quick Open in large databases.
  • updated - Status Circle Cancel — Dragging out of the Status Circle to cancel a tap will no longer display the item’s long-press menu.
  • updated - iPhone Navigation Bar — Attention indicators in the iPhone navigation bar are now on the outside edge (bottom) rather than the inner edge (top).
  • fixed - Appearance Settings — Fixed a bug where the Strike Resolved Items setting would start out displaying the wrong value.
  • fixed - Quick Entry View Options — Fixed some issues with View Options in Quick Entry, ensuring that a Done button appears when presented on an iPhone and that settings are sized appropriately when presented in an iPad popover.
  • fixed - Quick Open Layout — Fixed a bug where Quick Open’s matches would sometimes display with the wrong layout.
  • fixed - iPad Layout — Fixed a bug which could lead to the Navigation Bar being positioned incorrectly at launch.
  • fixed - iPad Layout — Fixed a pane layout bug where launching the app with a Columns-mode outline could lead to it thinking it required all the available space, pushing the Navigation Bar off-screen and switching the Filter Pane sidebar into popover mode.
  • fixed - iPad Performance — Reclaim memory when an iPad window is closed.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — December 9, 2021

Today’s TestFlight fixes some crashes, moves the iPhone’s navigation bar to the bottom of the screen, implements an assortment of small features, and applies a bit of polish to some interface elements.

  • new - Context Menu — Added new actions to the main outline’s long-press context menu: Move, Convert To Project, and Convert to Action.
  • new - Layout Settings — Added a new “Hide Projects When Redundant” setting, for omitting the assigned project field in perspectives which show the project hierarchy.
  • updated - Context Menu — The Go to Project action is now available in project-based custom perspectives.
  • updated - Inherited Values — The inline editor now uses italics to indicate when a date or flag has been inherited from an item’s parent.
  • updated - Inspector — Collapse inspector sections by default, so it’s easier to see how the inspector is structured and you’re less likely to be distracted by things you don’t need.
  • updated - Permissions — Rather than present a comprehensive permissions dialog when setting up the app, OmniFocus prompts for specific permissions as they are needed.
  • updated - Perspective Reordering — Stop displaying an alert the first time perspectives are reordered.
  • updated - Project Completion — The completion date field is now available for projects, not just actions.
  • updated - Status Circle — Flagged items that have been completed now continue to show their flag.
  • updated - View Options — Removed placeholder images from View Options’ content filter choices (Available, Remaining, etc.).
  • updated - View Options — Updated the description of the Fluid layout to be more accurate.
  • updated - View Options — View Options are now more consistent about the formatting of section headers. (Except Forecast, which has some legacy code to rewrite.)
  • updated - iPhone Navigation — The iPhone navigation bar now appears under the toolbar rather than above it.
  • fixed - Focus — Fixed a crash encountered when a focused project or folder is deleted. Undoing the delete will also restore the item to focus (as one might expect!).
  • fixed - Focus — Update the focus header when a focused project or folder is renamed.
  • fixed - Focus — When a focus contains multiple items, those items are now consistently displayed in tree order.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a background crash encountered when the app was pre-launched by iOS.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — December 8, 2021

With just a few dozen issues to work through, we’re closing in on our “feature freeze” milestone for the iPhone and iPad apps! This is just one step on the journey, of course, and we’ll still have a number of milestones beyond that before we’ll be ready to ship 4.0: design freeze, usability, stability & performance, documentation, localization, code freeze, not to mention the Apple Watch and Mac apps and v4 for the web and all their assorted milestones. But with over 1,200 issues assigned and resolved, this feature freeze will have been one of the biggest milestones in v4’s development.

  • danger - Stability — This is not yet fixed, but we spent a fair amount of time this week tracking down a SwiftUI bug which is causing our most common crash. We’ve narrowed this down to an reproducible test case which we’ve reported to Apple (FB9794348: Use-after-free crash in SwiftUI/AttributeGraph). The only workarounds we’ve found so far affect the app’s functionality: either don’t display note text in the outline, or slow down when changing selection from one row to another.
  • new - Forecast View Options — Added “Organize Into Groups” to Forecast’s View Options, so you can toggle the setting on and off without having to find and invoke a hidden preference.
  • new - Quick Entry View Options — Quick Entry now has its own View Options, so you can customize the set of fields you’d like to see and edit independently from the fields used in other perspectives.
  • new - Reset Layout Settings — The Reset section of Settings now has an option to reset the layout of all perspectives.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Multi-line rows no longer lay out twice (causing a flicker) when selected.
  • updated - Icons — Use our custom tag icon in the main outline.
  • updated - Keyboard Shortcuts — The Right and Left arrow keys once again expand and collapse items in the outline.
  • updated - Outline Alignment — Use consistent vertical alignment for tag rows, whether selected or not.
  • updated - Outline Rows — Removed the redundant Inspector button from selected tag and folder rows.
  • updated - Performance — Fixed an issue where memory wasn’t being reclaimed properly when switching perspectives.
  • updated - Portability — Continued work behind-the-scenes bringing code to the Mac app.
  • updated - Select Mode Animation — Fixed a crash encountered during the animation from Select Mode.
  • updated - Settings — Added a more discoverable “Hide Perspective Navigation Bar” option in Layout Settings.
  • fixed - Activation Performance — Improved app activation performance by avoiding floating time zone updates when the time zone hasn’t actually changed.
  • fixed - Omni Automation — Fixed an issue where plug-ins or scripts which display dialogs could fail with the error “No presenting view controller found”.
  • fixed - Quick Entry Layout — Fixed inconsistent layout of task rows in Quick Entry.
  • fixed - Selected Row Layout — Fixed a bug where the layout of the selected row could be incorrect when the app was launched or when switching the selection back and forth between rows.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash encountered when SwiftUI would call into UIKit from the wrong thread while cleaning up at the end of an animation.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash encountered when trying to update the inspector for a deleted task.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — December 2, 2021

We’ve been busy trying to track down a crash the last few days, so this is a relatively small update. But it’s an important one: it fixes an important data-loss regression which was accidentally introduced in Tuesday evening’s build.

  • updated - Dark Mode Selection — Increased the contrast of the selection background in Dark Mode.
  • updated - Review — Tapping on the review details in the Review perspective now edits those details.
  • fixed - Lost Edits — Fixed a regression in Tuesday evening’s build which was losing edits.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 30, 2021 (evening)

Following up on this morning’s TestFlight, we’ve fixed a few distracting regressions that we thought were worth getting out to you all sooner rather than later. (The good news is we’ve only had a single crash reported from this morning’s build, so the past few weeks of work seems to have paid off! If you’re still encountering any crashes or hangs or other issues with app stability, double-check in TestFlight to make sure you have the latest build installed.)

  • updated - Forecast Header — Reviewed the unnecessary counts subtitle and filter button. (You can still get to the filter pane by tapping the perspective title as in other perspectives.)
  • updated - Review Header — Removed the unnecessary counts subtitle and the non-functional filter button. (You can still jump to another project by tapping on the perspective title.)
  • updated - Portability — Continued work behind-the-scenes bringing code to the Mac app. (Quick teaser: With today’s updates, the Mac app now supports editing locations on tags. No, this isn’t yet available for download anywhere: we still have a lot to do before it’s ready for public testing!)
  • fixed - Outline Keyboard Focus — Fixed some bugs with tracking the keyboard focus within the outline.
  • fixed - Outline Layout — Fixed some bugs which were causing overlapping or misplaced layout of rows (such as when switching between Forecast days with an item selected).
  • fixed - Unfocus Button — Fixed a regression in this morning’s build which caused the Unfocus button to be unresponsive.
  • fixed - iPad Pane Dividers — Fixed the color of the pane dividers in the iPad app.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 30, 2021 (morning)

This TestFlight build includes a fix for our most common stability issue (which we’ve been working on for weeks). It also increases the contrast of outline notes and selection backgrounds, fixes an alignment bug in outline notes, and fixes a crash in Forecast. We expect that the stability fix will have introduced some regressions in other areas as it involved some deep changes; please let us know about any new issues you encounter, and thank you for your patience!

  • updated - Outline Fields — Renamed the “Status” field to “Project Status”.
  • updated - Outline Fields — The default order of fields in the outline now matches their order in the Inspector.
  • updated - Outline Notes Contrast — Increased the contrast of notes to make them more legible.
  • updated - Outline Selection Contrast — Increased the contrast of the selection background when multiple rows are selected.
  • updated - Perspective Selection Contrast — Increased the contrast of the selection background for the active perspective.
  • updated - Portability — More work behind-the-scenes sharing code with the Mac app.
  • fixed - Forecast Crash — Fixed a crash encountered when long-pressing a calendar event.
  • fixed - Outline Notes Alignment — Fixed a bug where collapsed outline notes would sometimes be centered rather than aligned to the leading edge of the title.
  • fixed - Stability — Tracked down and worked around our most common stability issue, a SwiftUI issue (reported as FB9768217: SwiftUI Crash when using UIViewRepresentable and UIHostingController composition). We hope that fixing this will fix a range of reported issues, but since we had to switch some of our architecture around to avoid this crash we’ve probably also introduced some regressions in the process. If you see any new issues, please let us know!

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 28, 2021

Today’s updated TestFlight build makes the Thanksgiving holiday weekend’s experimental (and unfinished) Forecast changes opt-in rather than opt-out.

  • updated - Forecast — Items for each day in Forecast are once again grouped into separate sections for Due, Deferred, and tagged items. Those who wish to experiment can turn off grouping using the hidden ForecastShouldGroupItems preference, e.g. with omnifocus:///change-group-preference?ForecastShouldGroupItems=false.
  • fixed - Forecast: New Item — Fixed a bug where Forecast would present an “Unable to add leaf object” error when adding an item while multiple projects were focused. Also fixed a crash encountered when adding an item to Forecast when nothing was selected.
  • fixed - Toolbar: Filter Pane — On iPad, make sure the Filter Pane toolbar control remains visible when the perspective navbar is hidden.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 26, 2021

We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes which isn’t visible in this TestFlight: we’ve invested a lot of engineering effort tracking down and working on our most common crash (now understood, but not yet fixed), and we’ve also invested a lot of engineering in sharing Inspector code with the Mac app which will lead to a more consistent cross-platform experience.

But we’ve also fixed bugs in the inspectors and outline, added support for more perspective colors, and provided more control over the perspective navbar. And each day in Forecast now presents a consolidated list of items (which can be reordered when a Forecast tag is defined).

This is a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend for us in Seattle, so we apologize in advance for any delays in responding to any issues you may encounter in this update. (If something comes up that gets in your way and you need to revert to an older TestFlight build, we understand!) We look forward to catching up on your feedback when we get back to work on Monday!

  • danger - Stability — This is not yet fixed, but much of our attention since our last update has been focused on tracking down our most common crash, a SwiftUI issue. We’ve narrowed it down to a small sample project which we’ve reported to Apple (FB9768217: SwiftUI Crash when using UIViewRepresentable and UIHostingController composition) and now that we have a better understanding of the circumstances which trigger this issue we’re trying to rearchitect our code to avoid it.
  • new - Forecast — Items for each day in Forecast are now a consolidated list rather than being broken out into separate sections for Due, Deferred, and tagged items. This eliminates redundant entries for items which previously appeared in more than one grouping (such as items due and deferred to the same day), and when a Forecast tag is defined it enables reordering the entire list.
  • new - Perspective Colors — When choosing a color for a custom Perspective, you can now choose from the full range of colors available on your device rather than choosing from a limited palette.
  • updated - Omni Automation — The content and sidebar trees have a new API available to scrollSelectionToVisible().
  • updated - Outline Disclosure — Stop pointing disclosure triangles inwards in the main outline, so the indicators are consistent within the app and with the rest of the system.
  • updated - Outline Dividers — Removed the divider that was between a task’s title and its notes.
  • updated - Outline Notes — Removed redundant blue controls for notes. Removed the blue “down chevron” control which expanded a note: you can tap on the note itself to expand it. Also removed the distracting blue “Add Note” button from unselected rows when the note text was empty but attachments were present. (This is one case where we do still display the down chevron, since otherwise there would be no indication that there’s anything hidden from sight.)
  • updated - Perspective Navbar Badges — Added perspective badges to notification settings, so you can hide any attention indicators you’re not interested in seeing.
  • updated - Perspective Navbar Visibility — You can hide and show the perspective navbar as a whole by long-pressing on the Quick Open toolbar item in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • updated - Portability — Behind the scenes, a bunch of the support logic for the Inspector has been made cross-platform so it can be shared with the Mac app.
  • updated - Project and Tag Pickers — Reworked a bunch of logic for these pickers so they have better support for closing at appropriate times.
  • updated - iPhone Toolbar Translucency — Removed the translucency from the bottom toolbar so it’s consistent with the top toolbar and matches the perspective navbar.
  • fixed - Blank Inspector — Fixed a bug where the inspector could go blank after dismissing a dialog stacked on top of it.
  • fixed - Note Inspector — Fixed a bug encountered when editing a project’s notes using the Inspector rather than in the main outline.
  • fixed - Outline Expansion — Fixed some bugs with the expansion state of items.
  • fixed - Perspective Icons — Removed a redundant listing of the generic custom perspective icon.
  • fixed - Perspective Navbar Scrolling — The iPhone app’s perspective navbar no longer scrolls to its starting position when switching perspectives.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 16, 2021

Today’s TestFlight brings the navigation bar to the iPhone, so your favorite perspectives are just one tap away and you can easily see which ones need your attention. It also adds another round of new perspective icons and brings another round of polish to the Inspector and Filter Pane.

  • new - Perspective Icons — Integrated another set of new perspective icons, bringing the total to 100.
  • new - iPhone Navigation — Brought the navigation bar to the iPhone, so your favorite perspectives are always one tap away and you can see which built-in perspectives need attention.
  • updated - App Icon Actions — Reviewed and updated the Quick Actions available when long-pressing on the app icon. Home is gone (since it no longer exists), the current perspective is no longer misidentified as a Search perspective, and the Today perspective is renamed to Forecast. The icons have also been updated to match the symbols used within the app.
  • updated - Disclosure Controls — The expand/collapse disclosure controls now point inwards towards the content they disclose, rather than outwards towards the screen edge (which suggested that they might drill down rather than expanding in place).
  • updated - Filter Pane — Updated the tint of each row’s leading object type icon to match its text, and updated the trailing status icon to use the same font weight as its text. Also shifted the position of the trailing status icon so it aligns better with badge counters.
  • updated - Forecast Header — The Forecast header now displays the day of the month along with the day of the week.
  • updated - Inspector Colors — Made placeholder colors more consistent.
  • updated - Inspector Controls — Improved the design of segmented controls.
  • updated - Inspector Controls — Updated the design of the location controls.
  • updated - Inspector Dates — All dates now accept text input as well as having the option to expand an inline date picker. The pickers for Completed and Dropped no longer auto-assign a date, since assignments to those dates can trigger a task into repeating based on that date, so if you’re going to pick a date you want to be explicit about picking the right date.
  • updated - Omni Automation: Focus — Omni Automation can now read and set the current window focus (DocumentWindow.focus) on iPhone and iPad.
  • updated - Omni Automation: Shortcuts — The Shortcuts action for Omni Automation Script will now use a temporary environment for each invocation, so a variable declared in one action won’t interfere with variables declared in later actions.
  • updated - Performance — Made a number of performance improvements.
  • updated - Perspective Navigation — While a perspective is being touched (in both the perspective list and the perspective navigation bar), its background now highlights to offer feedback that it’s being touched.
  • updated - Perspective Options — Removed perspective options to show tags and project paths which have been superseded by device-specific View Options.
  • updated - Return — The touch keyboard now uses the label Return when editing titles rather than the label Done.
  • fixed - Bottom Toolbar Divider — Fixed a bug which would cause the divider above the bottom toolbar to become misaligned.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 14, 2021

Since our last big update, we’ve updated the perspective navigation bar to support attention indicators and transient navigation, revamped the Nearby Perspective, and fixed a number of bugs.

  • new - Perspectives: Attention Indicators — Built-in perspectives now have attention indicators in the navigation bar (much like in the Mac app).
  • new - Perspective: Transient Navigation — When showing a perspective which isn’t in the navigation bar, that perspective will be temporarily added to show that perspective (much like in the Mac and web apps).
  • updated - Date Pickers — The outline and inspector now share more logic for picking due and defer dates, making their features and interaction more consistent. For example, when opened from a key command they will automatically start editing the text field so you can keep your fingers on the keyboard. And the inspector’s date pickers now support inline expansion and picking rather than always using a separate popover.
  • updated - Menu — Renamed the “Show Console” menu item to “Omni Automation”.
  • updated - Nearby Directions — Tapping on a location’s distance or its callout control will open the directions to that location in the Maps app.
  • updated - Nearby Header — Fixed some inconsistent rendering of the gradient behind the Nearby header.
  • updated - Nearby Map — A new recentering button will zoom and pan the map to show your current location and nearby locations.
  • updated - Nearby Map — Enable location clustering by tag name, so you get one pin for those 15 nearby Starbucks. Tapping on a cluster of map locations will zoom in to expand its members.
  • updated - Nearby Map — The map fills more of the screen, extending behind the outline/map toggle switch.
  • updated - Nearby Map — Turn on map location clustering
  • updated - Nearby Toggle — Added accessibility labels to the outline/map toggle switch.
  • fixed - Filter Pane Popover — When the iPad layout is narrow enough that the Filter Pane presents as a popover, that popover will now point at the appropriate toolbar button.
  • fixed - Layout Settings — Fixed a bug where the fluid layout was sometimes missing its Customize Inline Editor switch.
  • fixed - Nearby Tint — Distance buttons in the Nearby Outline now use the app’s tint color rather than a perspective-specific color.
  • fixed - Outline Notes Layout — Fixed a bug where note text would sometimes render outside its box.
  • fixed - Review Date — Fixed a recent regression (introduced by recent portability work) where the Review Date was showing a time rather than just a date.
  • fixed - Settings — Fixed a bug where the Show Inbox in Projects setting would show the wrong value.
  • fixed - View Options — View Options now update immediately to reflect changes to the filtering criteria (Remaining, Available, etc.).
  • fixed - View Options Lost — Fixed a bug where changes to layout settings in View Options were sometimes lost when switching perspectives.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 11, 2021 (afternoon)

  • updated - Dark Mode — The note field in the inspector now uses a consistent background color in Dark Mode.
  • updated - Inbox — When the Inbox shows up in a perspective, it now includes an icon. (The current tray icon is a temporary placeholder.)
  • updated - Projects Perspective — Eliminated the “No Folder” group in the built-in Projects perspective. Projects which aren’t grouped within a folder are simply listed at the top level.
  • updated - Two-Finger Drag — The two-finger drag gesture now supports deselecting multiple items, not just selecting them.
  • updated - iPad Toolbars — On the iPad, restored the missing Back and Forward toolbar items, and moved the Sidebar and Quick Open toolbar items to the leading edge to be aligned with the Perspective navigation bar.
  • fixed - Empty Perspectives — Fixed a regression where empty placeholders were displaying two placeholders.
  • fixed - Filter Pane: Done Button — Fixed the Done button in the Filter pane.
  • fixed - Keyboard Shortcuts — Fixed a bug where keyboard shortcuts weren’t available after showing and dismissing Quick Open.
  • fixed - Keyboard Shortcuts — Fixed a regression where Command-. and Escape were no longer closing the Quick Open popover.
  • fixed - Settings — Fixed a bug where Settings would fail to open after using Quick Open.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 11, 2021 (morning)

In this week’s TestFlight, we’ve spent a lot of time improving outline layout and editing, polishing the inspector interface, and simplifying navigation by unifying the Perspective List with Quick Open and making the Filter Pane always available for direct access. We’ve also updated the appearance of items in the filter pane with new icons, smaller and lighter fonts, and better status indicators. We still have plenty to do, but we’re making a lot of progress towards where we’d like things to be!

  • new - Navigation — Quick Open and the Perspective List have been merged into a unified popover for navigation and managing perspectives. This frees up the iPad app’s perspective navbar to be a simple list of icons for direct access to favorite perspectives, much like on the Mac and web. (Mac-like attention bars on these icons will be coming soon.)
  • new - Outline Layout — Thank you all for your feedback and patience as we experimented with various options for managing the layout of the outline and its inline editing fields! We’ve been listening, and we think we’ve landed on an arrangement that has reasonable defaults (so you don’t wonder why you can’t edit fields that you can see) while providing the flexibility to customize each perspective to meet your needs.
  • updated - Dark Mode — Updated Dark Mode colors in the inspector, row views, search controls, date popovers, etc.
  • updated - Filter Pane — In the filter pane, project, tags, and folders now display a status badge when paused, dropped, or completed. Their color is also updated based on this status.
  • updated - Filter Pane Fonts — Updated the filter pane font to use a medium size and weight rather than large and semibold.
  • updated - Forecast — Added a Forecast header to the iPad app.
  • updated - Inspector Controls — Segmented controls (such as the item status, a repetition’s selected days of the week, or a date field’s shortcuts for “+1d”, etc.) are now rendered with a consistent appearance. Destructive options (such as clearing a date) are now marked in red. Heights are more consistent. (Now that we have a consistent appearance in place, we will be refining that appearance—for example, we plan to stop using a blue background behind selected segments.)
  • updated - Inspector Dates — We’re working to make better use of the space in the inspector by adding a button to access the calendar rather than always having an expanded calendar inline.
  • updated - Inspector Icons — Updated the project type icons to be consistent with the new icons in the outline.
  • updated - Inspector Navigation” — Removed an unnecessary confirmation dialog when tapping the “Go To Project” button. (This confirmation is no longer necessary because we now have a Back button to go back to where you came from.)
  • updated - Inspector Placeholders — The inspector handles placeholders more gracefully, showing placeholders like “Untitled Tag” or “Untitled Items” or “Multiple Values”.
  • updated - Inspector: Repeat — Switched to a segmented control for revealing monthly repeat customizations.
  • updated - Inspector: Steppers — Increased the size of the tap targets for the + and - stepper controls.
  • updated - Inspector: Tag Location — The tag location now displays the selected location type.
  • updated - Multi-Select — Added a Select All button to the toolbar when in multi-select mode.
  • updated - Multi-Select — Improved the performance of entering and using multi-select mode.
  • updated - Multi-Select — Select All no longer selects items which are not visible, such as items under collapsed parents.
  • updated - Multi-Select — The traction bar’s tap target now extends to the trailing edge of the view so it’s easier to tap.
  • updated - Outline Disclosure — Disclosure controls are now consistently on the trailing edge of the outline on all devices, and their tap target has been extended to the edge of the outline so that tapping on that edge doesn’t mistakenly select the row instead.
  • updated - Outline Editing: Clear — Removed the “clear” buttons from the editing fields in compact layouts. These were visually distracting and their tap targets could be a nuisance.
  • updated - Outline Editing: Close — The close button now uses an up-chevron icon rather than an “x” icon.
  • updated - Outline Icons — All outline groups should now have icons which indicate the type of the group, such as tag icons for tag groups and calendar icons for date groups.
  • updated - Outline Icons — Updated the outline icons for folders, projects (sequential, parallel, and single actions), and tags.
  • updated - Outline Layout: Columns Mode — On an iPad (where columns-based layouts are available), we now have settings for whether to default to the fluid layout or a columns-based layout. There are also settings for independently customizing the default fields for the columns layout. (Note that the columns layout doesn’t have separate settings for inline editing fields, since each column is directly editable inline.)
  • updated - Outline Layout: Editing Fields — By default, the inline editor edits the same fields that were visible in the outline. However, you also now have the ability to customize those editing fields either globally or in specific perspectives.
  • updated - Outline Layout: Perspectives — Each perspective’s View Options now has a toggle for whether to use the default layout or to customize the layout for this perspective. When a perspective uses the default layout, its View Options now include a link to edit that default layout.
  • updated - Perspective Title — Tapping on the perspective title will now open the filter pane (since the Perspective List is now unified with Quick Open, which already has a convenient button in the leading edge of the bottom toolbar).
  • updated - Portability — Behind the scenes, moved a bunch of code around so it can be more easily shared with the Mac app.
  • updated - SmartMatch Pickers — Long titles will now wrap across multiple lines rather than being truncated.
  • updated - SmartMatch Pickers — When assigning projects and tags, we now keep the SmartMatch search field visible while scrolling.
  • updated - Toolbar Icons — Updated the toolbar icons for New Project, New Folder, New Tag, and New Perspective.
  • fixed - Drag to Empty Perspective — Fixed a bug where you couldn’t drag into a perspective (such as the Inbox) when it was empty.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a number of memory leaks and crashes.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — October 29, 2021

Another dozen improvements! We’ve worked on better tracking of the expansion state, made it easier to inspect items in the filter pane, added single-finger-swipe-to-select in multi-select mode, moved the close button into the edited row, improved the search interface, fixed refresh issues in the repeat popover, made title colors more consistent for resolved items, and more.

  • updated - Expansion State — Expansion state is no longer lost when changing view options.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Added “Inspect” to the long-press options in the filter pane.
  • updated - Keyboard — Replaced Return with Done in the on-screen keyboard when editing item titles.
  • updated - Multi-Select Checkboxes — A single-finger swipe along the checkboxes in the leading margin will now select all items touched by the swipe.
  • updated - Multi-Select Margin — Increased the leading margin which holds selection checkboxes so they’re not so close to the main outline content.
  • updated - Row Editing — Moved the close/done button into the edited row, replacing the inspect button (which has moved back into the toolbar).
  • updated - Search Bar — Fixed some issues where the search bar would scroll to the wrong place.
  • updated - Search Here — When searching everywhere switches to a temporary perspective to display its search results, those search results include a “Here” search scope which will return to the starting perspective.
  • updated - Search State — The search bar should now have its correct state when a perspective is opened.
  • fixed - Mystery Light Switch — Removed a debugging gesture which switched between light and dark modes in the current window.
  • fixed - Repeat Popover — The repeat popover will now redraw itself properly whenever the repetition rule, repetition method, or example “next date” need to be updated.
  • fixed - Title Colors — Items which inherit their completed or dropped state now use the same text color as those which were explicitly completed or dropped.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — October 28, 2021

  • updated - Inline Editor Fields — Fields presented in the inline editor are now strictly based on your Settings, rather than being augmented by the visible fields from the current outline.
  • fixed - Two-Finger Drag — Fixed a hang encountered when performing a two-finger drag to initiate multi-select mode.
  • fixed - Open Inspector Setting — The new “Open Inspector” setting will now display the correct value when opening the Settings screen.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — October 27, 2021

We continue to polish the experience of using the outline, filter pane, and inspector, providing more customization options so the app can adapt to different people’s preferences and needs.

We’ve updated the filter pane, replacing the subtitles with due soon and overdue counters on each row much like the equivalent sidebar of the Mac app.

Multi-select is now its own mode, with selection checkboxes you can swipe and drag handles you can drag, and a two-finger swipe will take you straight into that mode.

The inline editor has its own settings for what fields are visible (instead of combining its settings with the current view settings), so you can turn off everything if you like. There’s also a new settings option to automatically open the inspector when tapping on an item, bypassing the inline editor for those who prefer going straight to the inspector.

The inspector itself has a number of bug fixes, including better support for batch editing and improvements to text editing (where input was sometimes being split across multiple insertion points), and in layout settings you’ll see a hint that it will soon be possible to customize the inspector layout.

The “Strike Resolved Items” setting is now on by default to match the Mac app, but you can turn it off in Appearance settings.

For more details, please read on.

  • new - Filter Pane Counters — Eliminated subtitles in the filter pane in favor of displaying due soon / overdue counters like we display in the Projects and Tags perspectives on the Mac.
  • new - Multi-Select Mode — Multi-Select is more distinctively its own mode, with selection checkboxes along the leading edge of the outline and draggable traction bars along the trailing edge.
  • new - Multi-Select with Two-Finger Drag — The two-finger drag gesture will automatically enter Multi-Select Mode.
  • new - Right-to-Left Languages — Enabled right-to-left layout for systems which use Arabic and Hebrew. (We hope to have full localizations ready for Arabic and Hebrew by the time we ship.)
  • new - Open Inspector Setting — Added a setting to open the inspector immediately when an item is tapped, for people who would prefer to bypass the inline editor altogether.
  • updated - Appearance Settings — Added “Strike Resolved Items” to appearance settings, and turned it on by default to match our Mac setting.
  • updated - Context Menu — We now tint the “Cut”, “Delete”, and (sometimes) “Drop” options in the context menu to indicate that they’re potentially destructive. (“Drop” is only marked destructive when the completed items are configured to be automatically hidden.)
  • updated - Inline Editor Fields — Fields presented in the inline editor are now strictly based on your Settings, rather than being augmented by the visible fields from the current outline.
  • updated - Inspector — Combined the status and flag rows into a single row.
  • updated - Layout Settings — Split up Layout Settings into separate screens for Outline Fields, the Inline Editor, and (coming soon) the Inspector.
  • updated - Notifications Inspector — Added an inline button to delete notifications.
  • updated - Omni Automation Shortcuts — Updated our Shortcuts actions for Omni Automation so they match the latest improvements to our Mac apps (with support for binary files, etc.).
  • updated - Outline Disclosure Font — Fixed some inconsistencies in calculating the appropriate weight for the disclosure triangle. (Most containers use the bolder weight; the lighter weight is only used for action groups within a project.)
  • updated - Outline Text — Fixed inconsistent font and color choices in special marker rows of the outline (especially noticable when using Dynamic Type at large sizes).
  • updated - Perspective Titles — Wrapped text in a perspective title will now wrap to the leading edge.
  • updated - Perspective View Options — Tint the “Edit Perspective” icon so that it looks consistent with the other View Options.
  • updated - Repeat Inspector — Added a toggle for enabling/disabling repeat.
  • updated - Review Frequency — The “Review Every” field in the inspector has better support for multiple items being selected.
  • updated - Review View Options — Added “Sort by Next Review” and “Show Folders in Outline” to the view options in the Review perspective.
  • updated - Select on Tap — The previous TestFlight build’s “tap away to close” behavior was adding too much friction to selecting another row, particularly when that other row was below the current selection (so its tap target would move on your first tap). We’ve decided to return to selecting the tapped row on its first tap, and will work on other approaches to making the “Close” button more discoverable.
  • updated - Status Circle Interactions — Updated the interactions on the status circle so it provides visual and haptic feedback when being tapped. You can also cancel an accidental tap by dragging your finger off the circle before lifting it from the screen.
  • fixed - Inspector Edits — Fixed a number of bugs with editing values in the inspector, including typed text being split across multiple insertion points, repeat intervals being lost when typing text, changes not being displayed until the inspector was reopened, etc.
  • fixed - Interval Crash — Fixed a crash encountered when adding bogus values to the interval text field
  • fixed - Lost Omni Account — Fixed a bug where migrating an OmniFocus configuration between devices could cause one of the devices to be logged out the next time the app refreshed its account status.
  • fixed - Missing Forecast Toolbar — Fixed a bug where the filter pane (with the month-long calendar) in Forecast would be missing its toolbar buttons after initial setup.
  • fixed - Nearby Outline — Fixed a layout bug where long tag titles could overlap with the distance button.
  • fixed - Plug-In Keyboard Shortcuts — Fixed a crash encountered when assigning a keyboard shortcut to an action of a plug-in which has multiple actions.
  • fixed - Quick Entry Crash — Fixed a crash encountered when dragging to the bottom of Quick Entry.
  • fixed - Sync Performance — Fixed a bug where an interrupted sync could leave the database in a state where its history would no longer compact, even when all devices were fully synced. This would lead to slower and slower sync performance over time, requiring manual intervention to compact the database and restore normal sync performance.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — October 14, 2021

  • new - Perspective Icons — Integrated another set of perspective icons, bringing the total to 80. Removed old icons that don’t match the set from our perspective icon picker (though they’re still recognized when selected in older versions of OmniFocus).
  • updated - Close Selected Row — You can now tap away from your selected row to deselect it.
  • updated - Dragging in the Outline — The long-press menu is now only available for the selected row. For all other rows, a long-press starts dragging the row (and will no longer have awkward interactions caused by a menu interrupting those drags).
  • updated - Editing Fields — You can now tab directly to the Due, Defer, and Estimated Duration fields to start editing them immediately (without needing to press the Spacebar).
  • updated - Filter Pane Title — Removed a misleading tint from the title of the Filter Pane.
  • updated - Flagged — In the edited row, the Flagged button changes its icon and color to represent the current row’s flag state.
  • updated - Inline Inspector Button — When the Inspector is already visible, we no longer display an Inspector button in the editing row.
  • updated - Inspector — We’ve been polishing the Inspector, updating the weight of labels, consolidating project controls, and improving text editability.
  • updated - Multi-Select — Integrated a new icon for multi-select.
  • updated - Note Icon — Switched to a simpler note icon, since our iPad and iPhone apps currently only support plain text and attachments, not full rich text.
  • updated - Outline Hierarchy — All outlines now use indentation to represent hierarchy. Reduced the amount of indentation in narrow outlines so that it doesn’t dominate the space.
  • updated - Outline Icons — More of our outline rows now have an icon to represent the content of that row, making title indentation more consistent and also making it easier to recognize what each row represents. Please note that the current icons for folders, projects, and tags are placeholders (as noted above in our known issues section).
  • updated - Paste in Notes — Fixed a bug where pasting rich text into notes would temporarily display rich text styles that weren’t actually being saved.
  • updated - Performance — Dramatically reduced the number of database queries needed to load the data at launch or when switching to a new perspective.
  • updated - Quick Open — Updated the tint color to match the rest of the app.
  • updated - Review Folders — The Review perspective now has a view option to show folders in the outline.
  • updated - Shortcuts Actions — Updated the new Omni Automation actions to support more types of input, such as arrays of strings and files. These actions now also have access to the current selection.
  • updated - Stability — Fixed a number of reported crashes. Thank you for sending those in!
  • updated - Strikethrough — You can now enable Strikethrough for resolved items (i.e., items that are completed or dropped).
  • updated - Undo/Redo — Switched to standard symbols for the Undo toolbar item, and made it respond to long-press to access a menu with Redo rather than popping up that menu (and changing its toolbar icon) whenever Redo was available. Also fixed the tint color on that menu to match the rest of the app.
  • updated - View Options — Removed a misleading tint from the title, and fixed the tint color to match the rest of the app.
  • fixed - Editing Fields Layout — Fixed a bug where editing fields would sometimes lay out in the wrong positions when they were only configured to appear while editing.
  • fixed - Notifications Inspector — Restored the option to add a custom notification relative to the Due notification.
  • fixed - Repeat Inspector — Fixed a bug with the repeat interval in when multiple items were selected.
  • fixed - Toolbar Gap — Fixed a gap between the toolbar and the bottom of the Inspector.
  • fixed - Toolbar Validation — Disabled the New Action button for custom perspectives which don’t support creating new actions (such as perspectives which group by date, or which don’t sort in the natural order for the current grouping).

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — October 8, 2021 (afternoon)

  • updated - Inspect Button — Tags and Folders now display the embedded Inspect button when appropriate.
  • fixed - Perspective List — Restored the Edit button to the Perspective List.
  • fixed - Filter Pane — Restored the Select button to the Filter Pane.
  • fixed - Group By Project — When a custom perspective groups by project, a project which itself matches the filter will now render as an indented item within that project’s group.
  • fixed - Date Pickers — Fixed a bug where the date picker and text field could fall out of sync with the selection’s dates (such as when using the +1 buttons).

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — October 8, 2021 (morning)

  • new - Add Attachment — The new Add Attachment action lets you add arbitrary files to your notes.
  • fixed - Forecast Mini-Calendar — Restored the mini calendar to the Forecast header on iPhones.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash encountered in some types of custom perspectives.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash encountered when opening Quick Entry.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — October 7, 2021

  • new - Omni Automation Shortcuts — The Shortcuts app can now call Omni Automation scripts and plug-ins. This means Shortcuts can now modify existing items rather than just finding existing items and adding new ones.
  • new - Keyboard Shortcuts — Re-implemented keyboard shortcuts for plug-in actions.
  • new - Keyboard Shortcuts — Due and Defer dates now have their own bare keyboard shortcuts: D for Due, Shift-D for Defer.
  • new - Keyboard Shortcuts — While choosing a Tag or Project, you can now use Command-Return to create a new tag or project named after the text you’ve already entered.
  • new - Keyboard Shortcuts — You can Edit Note using either Command-Backtick (as on Mac) or by simply pressing N.
  • new - Keyboard Shortcuts — You can toggle the flagged state of selected items using either Shift-Command-L (as on Mac) or by pressing F.
  • new - Keyboard Shortcuts — In Review mode, you can Mark Reviewed using Shift-Command-R.
  • updated - Batch Editing — Moved Select into the menu (where it has a label and a less confusing icon) and gave it custom toolbars with batch editing actions (including the Inspector button).
  • updated - Empty Perspective — Reduced the opacity of the placeholder icon in empty perspectives.
  • updated - Inspector Button — Tags and folder rows now display an inline Inspector button when selected for editing. Removed the redundant Inspector button from the toolbar in compact layouts. (It’s still always present on iPad because in that context it’s useful for controlling the screen’s layout.)
  • updated - Inspector Colors — Restored some contrast to various control groups in the Inspectors.
  • updated - Keyboard Shortcuts — The shortcut for deleting an item is now Command-Delete rather than Delete (to ensure that deleting an item is a more intentional act than deleting a character of text).
  • updated - Keyboard Shortcuts — When nothing is selected, Down and Up will select the first or last items rather than doing nothing.
  • updated - Launch Performance — Improved the performance of launching the app.
  • updated - Outline Performance — Greatly improved the performance of drawing the main outline, particularly in Columns mode. Some of our large test outlines are more than 5x faster than they were before.
  • updated - Perspective Icons — Updated the icons for the Review and Search perspectives. Custom perspectives can now use the Location and Search icons (which were previously not being listed in the icon chooser).
  • fixed - Attachments — Attachments are now indented to align with the note and other fields. Fixed a bug where the note chevron was missing when attachments were the only note content.
  • fixed - Keyboard Shortcuts — Fixed a bug where the Escape key (or Command-Period) wouldn’t dismiss the Omni Automation reference.
  • fixed - Notes — Fixed some bugs where note text would sometimes be displayed even when Show Note Text was turned off.
  • fixed - Outline Dividers — Correctly calculate whether to display a divider between two rows.
  • fixed - Outline Selection — Collapsing a group in the outline will remove any of its hidden children from the current selection.
  • fixed - Perspective List — Fixed a bug where choosing a perspective would sometimes do nothing after using Back to navigate through history.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — September 28, 2021

  • new - Note Visibility — Added a view option to choose whether a note’s text should show or just the note’s icon.
  • new - Optional Colored Text — In the Appearance section of Settings, added an option to color text in the outline (e.g. overdue items have red title text).
  • updated - Clean Up and Sync — The “Clean Up” and “Sync” commands are once again available through the More menu (in addition to being available via the pull down gesture). This should help with accessibility in long outlines and when using VoiceOver.
  • updated - Clean Up — The Clean Up pull down gesture now displays a progress indicator to indicate when releasing it will actually clean up. Also, pulling down even further to trigger a Sync will perform a Clean Up before Syncing.
  • updated - Done Editing — When a row is in editing mode, the toolbar now shows a Done button which can be used to stop editing. Taps on the trailing edge will also end editing.
  • updated - Forecast Future — In the Forecast filter, moved Future to follow the calendar so that it’s more obvious that it represents all days following the days in that calendar (rather than representing all days after today).
  • updated - Forecast Future — On an iPhone, the mini-calendar at the top of Forecast has a “Future” section which represents all the remaining days in the month-long filter calendar in addition to the “Future” section which follows that calendar. The counts have been adjusted to reflect this, and selecting “Future” in the mini-calendar is equivalent to selecting all those future days along with the full calendar’s “Future” group.
  • updated - Keyboard — This build includes some work-in-progress on providing direct keyboard access to different fields: pressing T will open the Tags popover where you can assign or unassign multiple tags, then dismiss the picker—without your hands leaving the keyboard. P does the same for assigning a Project.
  • updated - Note Divider — Aligned the leading edge of the note divider with the item’s title, metadata, and note.
  • updated - Performance — Improved the performance of refreshing the contents of a perspective.
  • updated - Perspective List — Changed the perspective favorites star from the star.square symbol to a simple star.
  • updated - SmartMatch — When using a SmartMatch dialog to select a tag or project, we now draw an implicit selection to communicate the behavior of the Return key.
  • updated - VoiceOver — VoiceOver no longer calls out the bullets next to titles in the filter pane.
  • fixed - 100+ — Forecast will now display item counts above 100 without truncating.
  • fixed - Add Note — Fixed a bug where the Add Note button would not appear when a row without a note was being edited.
  • fixed - Create Folder — Fixed some bugs with creating a folder or tag in perspectives where the created item wouldn’t normally appear. These items are now transiently added to view (until the next Clean Up).
  • fixed - Failing Popovers — Fixed a bug where some popovers would only work once, becoming unavailable after that.
  • fixed - Forecast View Options — Fixed a bug where the View Options in Forecast would sometimes lay out incorrectly.
  • fixed - Hidden Attachments — Show the note expansion button when there are attachments (even if there is no note).
  • fixed - Nearby — Added the Nearby perspective to the default list of favorite perspectives.
  • fixed - Nearby — Don’t show the Nearby map when it doesn’t contain any pins. Show the perspective placeholder instead.
  • fixed - Perspective Reordering — When the perspective list is in editing mode, it once again adds a drag handle which you can use to reorder the perspectives.
  • fixed - Search Field — Stop hiding the search field when a search has no search results.
  • fixed - Status Circles on Projects — Perspectives which group by project or display project hierarchy no longer display status circles on project headers.
  • fixed - Tag Color — Tags in a blocked or completed row will now use the same color as other fields.
  • fixed - Title Edit — Fixed a bug where title edits would sometimes get lost.
  • fixed - View Options — Fixed some line wrapping and layout bugs in View Options.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — September 23, 2021

  • updated - Additional Editing Fields — In the app’s Layout settings, you can now specify additional fields that you’d like to see when editing a row in Fluid Outlines. (For example, you might always want an item’s note or due date to be visible when editing items even if you don’t usually want to see those fields in a perspective’s outline.)
  • updated - Note Visibility — Notes are now persistently visible whenever they’re enabled in View Options, rather than being shown and hidden on a row-by-row basis. (By default, notes are included as Additional Editing Fields—see above—so even when notes are hidden you can access them by tapping on an item.)
  • updated - Nearby — The Nearby perspective will now show multiple locations for tags which use search terms that return multiple results.
  • updated - Quick Open — You can now navigate the Quick Open dialog using the keyboard: use Command-O to open the dialog, Up and Down arrows to navigate the list, type some letters to filter the list, and press Return to open the selected item.
  • updated - Pull Down — You can now pull down on the main outline to reveal the Search field. If you pull beyond that field, you’ll see that it invokes the Clean Up action. And if you pull even further, you’ll trigger a Sync. This gesture-based functionality eliminates the need for what used to be three separate toolbar / menu commands.
  • updated - Empty Perspectives — Added support for displaying custom content in empty perspectives, such as
  • updated - Perspective Icons — We’ve integrated a second round of updates to the available perspective icons, with updates to some of the existing icons and 25 completely new icons. (Reminder: Since OmniFocus 3 doesn’t know anything about v4’s new icons, choosing one of those will end up displaying the default perspective icon in v3.)
  • updated - Keyboard Shortcuts — Improved the validation logic for keyboard shortcuts so shortcuts are less likely to show up in the shortcut list at times when they’re not actually available.
  • updated - Dragging — Improve validation of drop locations when dragging tags.
  • fixed - New Items in Tag Lists — Creating a new task in a tag-grouped and tag-ordered perspective will add the item at the proposed location rather than always adding it to the end of the list.
  • fixed - Crash — Fixed a crash encountered when using Undo after deleting a task in the Review perspective.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — September 20, 2021

  • updated - Status Circle Repeat Indicator — Only draw the repeat indicator when nothing else is drawing in that space.
  • updated - Editing Row Field Values — Field values in editing rows will now use the same text color as the item’s title (so they no longer overpower the title for unavailable items).
  • updated - Nearby Map — The Nearby perspective now has the option to display nearby tasks on a map.
  • updated - Nearby Directions — Added support for tapping for directions.
  • updated - Perspective Subtitle — Cleaned up the design of the perspective subtitle.
  • updated - Sheet Editors — Added navigation titles to compact sheet editors.
  • updated - Toolbars — Cleaned up the toolbars somewhat. We’ll be able to take this further once we’ve reimplemented the pull gesture to access the search field and to refresh the display (eliminating the need for Search, Clean Up, and Sync).

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — September 17, 2021

  • updated - Toolbar Icons — Integrated an updated Quick Open icon.
  • updated - Tags — Made tag text easier to read by increasing the contrast of the text against its background.
  • updated - Selection — Tapping the note of an unselected row will now select the row without editing the note (much like tapping anywhere else on the row).
  • updated - Keyboard Shortcuts — Added keyboard shortcuts for navigating Back and Forward in history.
  • updated - Status Circle Repeat Indicator — Repeating items once again show an ellipsis in their status circle.
  • updated - Accessibility: Attachments — Hide the attachment button when a row is not selected, disable it when it’s not the only selected row, and only include attachment previews in hit testing when a single row is selected.
  • updated - Forecast Keyboard Shortcuts — Added keyboard shortcuts for quickly navigating Forecast by jumping to today, or moving to the previous or next day.
  • updated - Accessibility — Separate our accessibility actions from accessibility labels so that we don’t have a default “Activate” action which is inconsistent, confusing, and sometimes redundant.
  • updated - Inspector Background — Updated the background color of the Inspector.
  • updated - Quick Entry Keyboard Shortcuts — Quick Entry now supports the “e” and Command-Return to begin editing the title of the selected item. Tab and Shift-Tab work to change focus. It also supports keyboard shortcuts for toggling notes, toggling dropped status, editing notes, toggling completion, and expanding and collapsing groups. Quick Entry also supports Cut, Copy, and Paste of items, as well as Delete Forward and Delete Backwards, Add Inside/Outside, Move Down/Right/Up/Left, Indent/Outdent, and Group. Multiple items can be entered at once using Control-Return or `Sh