OmniFocus 4 TestFlight Release Notes

TestFlight builds of OmniFocus 4 require iOS or iPadOS 15.

Recent Changes

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — August 11, 2022

  • new - Lock Screen Widgets — Added support for iPhone lock screen widgets on iOS 16. For the top widget slot next to the date, you can show a Forecast summary or the most relevant task from a perspective. For the larger widget slots below the time, you can add widgets showing more details from Forecast or a custom perspective, or a lock-screen one-tap shortcut to Quick Entry.
  • fixed - Crash on iOS 15 — Fixed a crash on launch on iOS 15 caused by trying to reference new widget types that are only defined in iOS 16.
  • fixed - Filter Pane — Fixed a bug where the Filter Pane would sometimes refuse to reopen after making a selection.
  • fixed - Inspector Pickers — Fixed a bug where Project, Tag, and Date pickers would display incorrectly when accessed from the popover Inspector.
  • fixed - Notes and View Options — View Options always offers the option to show the Notes icon, whether or not the notes themselves are displayed inline. Fixed some a related issue where the notes wouldn’t always draw as expected based on the current configuration.
  • fixed - Search — Fixed a bug in the Search field on iOS 16 beta 5 where the app would freeze as soon as you started typing on the on-screen keyboard.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — August 9, 2022

  • new - Floating Done Button — Rather than placing an “x” button in the top right corner of the selected item (which some people found confusing, and which also blocked access to the expand/collapse control on items with children), the row keeps all its usual controls and there’s a new “Done” button which floats just above the row.
  • new - Swipe to Select — Now that we’ve standardized on using long-tap to access row actions, we’re starting to experiment with using row swipes to quickly select rows. Feedback about this concept is welcome—but please bear in mind that the current implementation is not yet where we want it to be (the transition feels jarring, and it puts you in a mode where you can’t continue swiping to select other rows).
  • updated - iPad Panes — Updated the widths of the sidebar panes on iPad.
  • updated - Perspective Bar — Consistently use the term “Perspective Bar” in the interface (replacing “Perspective Navigation Bar” or “Perspective Navbar”).
  • updated - Perspective Bar — Updated metrics of perspectives in the bar as well as the positioning and size of the bar itself.
  • updated - Assigned Tags — Updated the appearance of assigned tags in the outline.
  • updated - Outline Fields — Outline fields use consistent colors rather than having some fields (such as the project assignment) stand out more than others.
  • updated - Forecast Counts — Forecast now provides a full count of every item on today’s list, rather than just counting the items with due dates.
  • updated - Xcode 14 beta — In preparation for iOS 16, we’re now building OmniFocus using the Xcode 14 beta. (Coming soon: lock screen widgets!)
  • updated - Perspective Bar — Long perspective titles are center-aligned.
  • updated - Tabbing to/from Notes — You can now use the Tab key to tab in/out of notes (with Tab or with Shift-Tab). To insert a tab character into the current note, use Option-Tab.
  • fixed - Performance — Improved responsiveness when checking whether the app is authorized to look up the device’s current location.
  • fixed - Tag Picker — Fixed a bug where the outline’s tag picker would immediately close/reopen when applying its first tag, and its Done button would stop responding.
  • fixed - iOS 16 Compatibility — Fixed iOS 16 layout issues when editing a row with a wrapping title.
  • fixed - Perspective Title — Custom perspective titles once again draw using their custom color.
  • fixed - Mark Reviewed — The “Mark Reviewed” button updates appropriately when all projects have been reviewed.
  • fixed - iPad Inspector Popovers — Fixed bugs where popovers in the iPad Inspector (such as Project, Tag, and Date pickers) wouldn’t display properly.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — August 3, 2022

  • updated - Licensing — Updated the TestFlight app’s licensing logic to be compatible with yesterday’s updates to Omni Accounts. (We updated our online store yesterday so that there’s no longer a distinction between team and personal licenses. Purchase however many licenses you need—traditional up-front licenses or subscriptions—then use them yourself or share them with team members.)

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — July 28, 2022

  • new - Widgets — Extra Large widget size is now supported on iPad.
  • updated - Animation — Groups now animate when expanded or collapsed in the outline and filter pane.
  • updated - Keyboard — Tab key now dismisses popovers in addition to moving focus to the next field.
  • updated - Outline — Increased indentation of action group children in the outline.
  • updated - Outline — Metadata fields and values are now indented and aligned vertically when an item is selected in the outline.
  • fixed - Filter Pane — Fixed a bug that could prevent the Add button from displaying the first time the filter pane is opened.
  • fixed - Outline — Outline expansion state is once again remembered after switching views.
  • fixed - View Options — Fixed a bug that could cause unexpected custom perspective rule changes when Row Layout View Options were changed.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — July 22, 2022

  • danger - View Options — Perspective View Options, such as availability and sort order, now sync between all devices.
  • danger - View Options — Global and per-perspective Row Layout settings now sync between devices of same size class.
  • new - Perspectives Bar — Perspectives bar attention indicators have been replaced with badge counts.
  • updated - Perspectives Bar — Appearance updates in Perspectives Bar, including new indicator for current selection.
  • updated - Perspectives Bar — Perspective bar scroll bar is no longer displayed.
  • updated - Forecast — Only date-based items are now counted in Forecast tiles.
  • updated - Toolbar — Removed toolbar transparency.
  • updated - Toolbar — Toolbar more menu now includes Show Projects List/Tags List/Forecast Calendar menu item on iPhone.
  • fixed - Filter Pane — Add Project/Add Folder/Add Tag button is now consistently present in the filter pane on all device sizes.
  • fixed - Filter Pane — Selection highlight and upper dividing line no longer overlap in the filter pane.
  • fixed - Inspector — Fixed gap at top of light mode Inspector.
  • fixed - Omni Automation — Action titles are now displayed correctly in the contextual menu for Omni Automation plug-ins that include multiple actions.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — July 11, 2022

  • updated - Context Menus — Omni Automation sub-menu is now available in the context menu for unselected rows.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Progress towards addresing selection highlight and dividing line overlap.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Dividing lines are now present in Tags list.
  • fixed - Data Corruption — Fixed a bug that could cause newly created item titles to revert to “Untitled” if auto-complete was used in title creation.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a custom perspective.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — July 6, 2022

  • updated - Dividing Lines — Horizontal dividing lines no longer draw edge-to-edge in the outline and filter pane.
  • updated - Selection — Updated appearance of current selection highlight in the outline and filter pane (note, we’re aware that additional clean up is needed where the selection highlight overlaps with dividing lines).
  • updated - Perspective Bar — Perspective navigation bar is now hidden when on-screen keyboard is displayed on compact devices.
  • fixed - Keyboard — Improved animation when transitioning to display on-screen keyboard.
  • fixed - Sync — Improved idle sync speed.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — June 28, 2022

  • new - Outline — Outline now supports immediate text entry when tabbing to Project and Tag field via hardware keyboard.
  • new - Context Menus — Outline context menu now includes an Omni Automation submenu (note, Omni Automation actions are only available when context menu is opened for the selected row).
  • updated - Context Menus — Completed planned context menu re-organization.
  • updated - Toolbar — Multi-select button has moved to right edge of Filter pane toolbar.
  • updated - Toolbar — On iPad, Settings is now leftmost toolbar button, Show/Hide Filter pane icon has been updated and button is now aligned with left edge of Filter pane.
  • updated - Omni Automation — Omni Automation menu appearance has been updated.
  • fixed - Quick Open — Removed double animation when opening Quick Open with keyboard focus in text field.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — June 17, 2022

  • updated - Settings — Refinements to Inspector Layout Settings.
  • updated - Settings — “Open Calendar Events In…” setting has been relocated to Settings (from the Forecast View Options).
  • updated - Toolbars — Updated buttons in filter pane bottom toolbar.
  • fixed - Context Menu — Restored “Go to Project” item in outline row context menu.
  • fixed - More Menu — Add/Remove Tag options are now available in More menu in Select Mode.
  • fixed - Icons — Consistent active status icon is now used for tag and folder status control in the Inspector.
  • fixed - Outline — Fixed a bug that could cause Status Circle tap targets to be misaligned, making it difficult to complete items.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur setting a folder to active via the context menu.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — June 9, 2022

  • danger - Context Menus — Contextual menus have been e-organized and new menu options have been added. This work is ongoing.
  • new - Multi-Select Mode — New options are now available in the multi-select mode bottom toolbar.
  • new - Review — “Mark Reviewed” button is now located in the lower floating toolbar.
  • new - Quick Open — Quick Open now remembers and defaults to your previous interaction (keyboard focus will only be placed in the text field if you typed into this field the last time Quick Open was launched, and vice versa).
  • updated - App Defaults Perspective titles are now displayed in the Perspectives bar by default.
  • updated - App Defaults — Updated default outline fields.
  • updated - Forecast — Removed redundant selection “Clear” button from Forecast filter pane.
  • updated - iPad — Improved logic for how Filter Pane and Inspector display on iPad.
  • updated - Outline — Tag status is no longer displayed in the outline.
  • updated - Review — Last reviewed date and current review session count is once again displayed in the Review perspective header.
  • updated - View Options — “Show Inbox in Projects” setting is now accessed via View Options.
  • updated - View Options — Tweaks to layout section of View options.
  • fixed - Forecast — Fixed a bug that could cause Forecast content to draw off screen on iPad.
  • fixed - Inspector — Inspector no longer retains previous scroll position when a new item is selected.
  • fixed - Perspective Bar — Perspective bar is no longer cut off at larger font sizes.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — May 27, 2022

  • danger - Inspectors — Incomplete progress towards revised Inspector appearance.
  • updated - Quick Entry — Quick Entry toolbar buttons are now displayed in default accent color.
  • fixed - Floating Toolbar Buttons — Fixed a bug that could cause floating toolbar buttons to be displayed in incorrect location on screen, or not to be displayed at all.
  • fixed - Forecast — Adjusted horizontal alignment of events in Forecast.
  • fixed - Outline — Improved selection padding in date fields.
  • fixed - Quick Open — Fixed a bug that prevented bottom toolbar from displaying in Quick Open after on-screen keyboard is dismissed.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — May 19, 2022

  • danger - Search — Search experience has been substantially updated. Search field is now displayed above the perspective header and Remaining/Everything search results are no longer listed in a separate Search Results perspective.
  • updated - Outline Perspective header now scrolls behind toolbar (with outline content).
  • fixed - Keyboard — Tab key focus no longer skips fields that are not visible in the fluid layout, but are enabled when editing.
  • fixed - Swipe — Touching a different row now cancels any row swipes that are currently in progress.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — May 11, 2022

  • danger - Floating Toolbar Buttons — Add floating toolbar button now launches Quick Entry in perspectives that don’t support adding new items in place.
  • new - Row Swipe — Outline row contextual menu items can now be accessed via a new “More” row swipe option.
  • new - Show Full Project Path — When Project field is enabled in the default or perspective layout options, there is now an additional “Show Full Project Path” option available.
  • updated - Appearance — Updated and standardized styles use in Settings and View Options.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Filter pane More menu now includes and Omni Automation and New Project/Folder/Tag actions.
  • updated - Inspector — Location and Notifications Inspectors have been updated.
  • updated - Nearby — Updated icons in Nearby location popover.
  • updated - Outline — Counts are now displayed in the perspective header when view is filtered.
  • updated - Outline — Parent type is now an available outline field.
  • updated - Perspective Bar — Non-favorited active perspective is now temporarily displayed in perspectives bar on iPhone (this matches the existing behavior on iPad).
  • updated - Projects — Project status can now be set to On Hold via the contextual menu.
  • updated - Row Swipe — Scrolling now cancels any swipe actions currently in progress, and swipe actions are no longer allowed in Select mode.
  • fixed - Outline — Outline note field background color now matches row background color when note is being edited.
  • fixed - Outline — Tag ellipses button is no longer taller than other tags in unselected rows.
  • fixed - Outline — Note disclosure icon is now centered in outline row.
  • fixed - Outline — Placeholder text style is now consistent.
  • fixed - Outline — Project title text in the outline is now dimmed when status is On Hold.
  • fixed - Quick Open — Corrected animation when expanding Favorites.
  • fixed - Toolbar — Fixed a bug that could cause an empty bottom toolbar to sometimes appear in Settings and View Options.
  • fixed - Toolbar — Fixed a bug that could cause blank Tips item to appear in toolbar More menu.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — May 5, 2022

  • danger - Quick Open — Substantially updated experience when opening Quick Open.
  • updated - Floating Toolbar — “Show Filter Pane” is now available in Quick Open button’s contextual menu.
  • updated - Inspector — Finished swapping in “Scheduled” for what we previously referred to as “Custom” notifications.
  • updated - Perspective Bar — Tapping the current perspective’s icon in the perspective bar now toggles the visibility of the filter pane on non-compact devices, or opens the filter pane on compact devices.
  • updated - Quick Open — Appearance of rows in Quick Open results has been updated.
  • fixed - Floating Toolbar — Quick Open icon is now centered visually in floating toolbar button.
  • fixed - Floating Toolbar — Fixed a bug that caused duplicate bottom toolbars to be displayed on iPad.
  • fixed - Outline — Notes disclosure icon is now centered in outline row.
  • fixed - Status — Outline’s Status inspector popover does now updates immediately to show changes to selection.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — May 3, 2022

  • danger - Filter Pane — Filter pane selection and edit behavior has been updated on compact devices. Selecting a single item in the filter pane once again immediately dismisses the pane. However, the filter pane is not automatically dismissed when a new project, folder, or tag is added - instead, focus is immediately placed within the new item’s title in the filter pane. To edit an existing item’s title, select the new “Edit Title” option from the row’s contextual menu in the filter pane.
  • updated - Dark Mode — Restored previous dark mode selection highlight color.
  • updated - Floating Toolbar Buttons — Updated Quick Entry drop target and new item drag preview interaction and appearance.
  • updated - Icons — Updated “note and attachment” icon.
  • updated - Inspector — “Parent Type” has been re-titled “Project Type” or “Group Type” (depending on the selection).
  • updated - Inspector — Row spacing in the Inspector is now more consistent.
  • updated - Perspective Bar — Updated perspective title text color.
  • updated - Perspective Editor — Updated custom perspective editor appearance.
  • updated - View Options — View options can now be reordered without entering “Edit” mode.
  • fixed - Filter Pane — Project text style in filter pane now accurately reflects project availability.
  • fixed - Perspective Bar — Fixed a bug that could cause a blank perspectives bar to display.
  • fixed - Perspective Bar — Preview when initiating contextual menu on perspective icon in the perspective bar is no longer transparent.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — April 28, 2022

  • updated - Inspector — Progress towards improved row spacing consistency in the Inspector.
  • fixed - Quick Open — Quick Open once again displays results as text is entered in the search field.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — April 27, 2022

  • danger - Quick Open — Focus is now immediately placed in Quick Open search field. Please let us know how this change feels in your workflow!
  • new - Forecast — Forecast tiles now count all date-based items for a day (deferred, due, and items with scheduled notifications).
  • new - Forecast — Calendar events in the past are now hidden in grouped Forecast list.
  • new - Forecast — Forecast events can now be set to open in Fantastical by default.
  • updated - Dark Mode — Updated dark mode selection highlight color.
  • updated - Dates — Date control button size has been adjusted.
  • updated - Drag & Drop — In Select mode, drag actions now begin much more quickly when initiated from drag handle.
  • updated - Estimated Duration — Improved experience for entering estimated duration values.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Removed unnecessary padding between rows in filter pane.
  • updated - Forecast — Updated Forecast header height on iPad.
  • updated - Inspector — Long titles and notes now wrap instead of truncating in the Inspector.
  • updated - Inspector — Parent type selection is now labeled in the Inspector.
  • updated - Outline — Editing field alignment has been adjusted.
  • updated - Perspectives Bar — Updated appearance of image custom perspective icons.
  • updated - Perspectives Bar — Long perspective titles now truncate.
  • updated - Scheduled Notifications — “Custom Notifications” are now referred to as “Scheduled Notifications” throughout app.
  • updated - Search — Refinements to the transitory Search perspective.
  • updated - Toolbars — Removed toolbar shadow that appeared in some sheets on compact devices.
  • updated - View Options — Updated appearance of Forecast tag selection interface.
  • fixed - Filter Pane — Project text style in filter pane now always reflects project availability.
  • fixed - Notes — Edits made to a note in the inspector are now immediately reflected in the outline note preview.
  • fixed - Outline — Inspect now works when selected from an unselected row’s context menu.
  • fixed - Outline — Visible tags on a row no longer cause alignment and spacing of other elements to shift.
  • fixed - Outline — Note previews are now only displayed in outline when enabled in View options.
  • fixed - Outline — Addressed a visual glitch after initiating pull-to-refresh sync gesture.
  • fixed - Perspectives Bar — Fixed a bug that could cause perspectives bar to be scrolled unexpectedly and perspective icon tap targets to become misaligned.
  • fixed - Review — Corrected selection highlight and row spacing in Review filter pane.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — April 21, 2022

  • updated - Outline — Action group titles are now bold in the outline.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur opening Forecast perspective.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — April 20, 2022

  • new - Quick Entry — Double tap on floating toolbar add button now triggers Quicky Entry.
  • new - Perspectives Bar — Perspective titles can now be optionally displayed in the perspectives bar via new Layout setting.
  • updated - Perspectives Bar — Perspective attention indicators are now displayed above perspective tiles on iPhone.
  • updated - Perspectives Bar — Perspective tiles now have a minimum width, and bar is only scrollable when necessary.
  • updated - Attachments — Attachment thumbnail display has been improved.
  • updated - Drag & Drop — Tweaked drag and drop behavior - it should now be easier to rearrange row order at the same level without inadvertently nesting rows.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Filter pane selection highlight now matches outline row highlight appearance.
  • updated - Forecast — Filter/Clear Filter button has been added to Forecast “piano” header.
  • updated - Floating Toolbar Buttons — Reduced delay before add button drag action can be initiated.
  • updated - Forecast — Forecast event icon is now consistently sized and aligned with status circles in the outline.
  • updated - Inspector — “Parent Type” Inspector section now uses a segmented control.
  • updated - Tags — Added + button to tags field in selected outline row.
  • updated - Tags — All assigned tags are now displayed when a row is selected.
  • updated - Toolbar — Omni Automation toolbar item is now always accessed via More menu.
  • updated - Quick Entry — Return key now creates another item in Quick Entry instead of dismissing the on-screen keyboard.
  • updated - Quick Open — “Favorites” perspective list is now collapsible.
  • fixed - Clean Up — Changing an item’s project assignment no longer immediately triggers a clean up.
  • fixed - Clean Up — Completed items no longer temporarily disappear on clean up when View Options are set to All.
  • fixed - Nearby — Outline/Map toggle is no longer transparent.
  • fixed - New Windows — New windows no longer open with a blank outline view, incorrect toolbar layout on iPad.
  • fixed - Outline — Fixed a bug that could cause notification field visibility to reset.
  • fixed - Outline — Leading icon for the Status editing field in the outline now reflects the current status.
  • fixed - Toolbar — More menu toolbar button is now disabled when there are no options available.
  • fixed - Quick Entry — Addressed glitchy scroll animation in Quick Entry.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — April 13, 2022

  • new - Floating Toolbar Buttons — Floating toolbar buttons are now available on iPad, replacing bottom toolbar.
  • danger - Floating Toolbar Buttons — Add button drag preview and Quick Entry drop target appearance and interactions have been updated.
  • updated - Focus — Focus header has been updated to meet minumum tap target size requirements.
  • updated - Multi-Select Mode — Floating toolbar buttons and iPhone perspective bar are now hidden when in multi-select mode.
  • updated - Outline — Switched back to an x icon for clearing outline selection.
  • updated - Search — “Back” is now presented as an option in the search scope toggle bar after searching Remaining or Everything, providing a more obvious way to return to previous view.
  • fixed - Search — Search bar is no longer immediately hidden when no matches are found.
  • fixed - Floating Toolbar Buttons — Improved reliability of add button drag interaction, addressing scenarios in which button could previously not be dragged.
  • fixed - Outline — Fixed a temporary row alignment issue that could occur when tags are displayed in the outline.
  • fixed - Review — Review indicator is now aligned appropriately in Review filter pane.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — April 11, 2022

  • danger - Performance — Continued performance improvement progress.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Divider lines are now displayed between rows in the filter pane (this is purely a cosmetic change - row spacing has not been changed).
  • updated - Filter Pane — On iPads, the filter pane can now be opened/closed via long press on the Quick Open icon.
  • updated - Outline — Adjusted perspective header alignment.
  • fixed - Forecast — Calendar events are now interleaved in ungrouped Forecast correctly when Flagged and/or Tagged items are displayed.
  • fixed - Outline — Fixed a recently introduced temporary alignment issue.
  • fixed - Pickers — Misleading “Cancel” button is no longer displayed in Projects and Tags pickers.
  • fixed - Quick Open — Adjusted perpsective badge appearance in Quick Open.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when changing search perspective scope.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — April 7, 2022

  • danger - Performance — In progress work to improve scrolling performance, particularly in columns mode. These performance enhancements could impact swipe actions and inline editing in the outline - please let us know if you notice bugs!
  • new - Nearby — In Nearby map mode, tapping the i icon in a location-based tag’s pin popover now navigates to the outline, filtered to display items assigned to that tag. (Note, this icon will likely be swapped out in a future build).
  • updated - Columns — Note icon is no longer displayed in rows when Show Notes in Outline is enabled.
  • updated - Forecast — Calendar icon is no longer included in collation group rows in Forecast outline.
  • updated - Inspector — Added/Changed dates have been split into a separate Inspector section.
  • updated - Multi-Select Mode — Row metadata is no longer hidden in multi-select mode.
  • updated - Outline — Project status icons have been updated.
  • fixed - Filter Pane — Improved display of long perspective titles in the filter pane.
  • fixed - Outline — Tapping on metadata fields on a non-selected row now selects that row.
  • fixed - Toolbar — Filter pane button is no longer displayed in Inbox toolbar.
  • fixed - Quick Open — New Perspective button is no longer displayed when view results in Quick Open.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — March 31, 2022

  • updated - Context Menus — Context menu re-organization (this work is currently in progress).
  • updated - Floating Toolbar Buttons — Initial refinements to Add Here/Quick Entry interaction. Additional changes are planned but not yet implemented.
  • updated - Forecast — Removed redundant “Today” tile in Forecast filter pane.
  • updated - Forecast — Future tile no longer uses green selection color.
  • updated - Inspector — Tag spacing in the Inspector has been updated.
  • updated - Inspector — Completed and dropped dates have split into separate Inspector sections. This work is currently in progress - Added and Changed dates will be moved in a separate section as well in a future build.
  • updated - Inspector — Inspector toolbar buttons have been updated.
  • updated - Mutli-Select ModeClear Selection is now an option in the toolbar when there is a selection in multi-select mode.
  • fixed - Outline — Tag field is now properly left-aligned in selected rows on compact devices.
  • fixed - Repeats — Addressed layout issues in the repeats popover.
  • fixed - Toolbar — Fixed a bug that could cause the toolbar background to flash

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — March 22, 2022

  • new - Context Menu — Projects can now be marked complete from the context menu.
  • new - Context Menu — Inspector can now be opened from the context menu.
  • updated - Floating Toolbar Buttons — Updated appearance of floating toolbar buttons in light mode.
  • updated - Inspector — Updated appearance of location notification inspector.
  • updated - Review — Updated appearance of Review header, improved consistency between review outline popover and Inspector.
  • updated - Selected Row — The appearance of a selected row in the outline or filter pane has been substantially revised.
  • fixed - Context Menu — Row preview no longer has a transparent background when context menu is open.
  • fixed - Inspector — Fixed a bug that could cause icon to not display for the selected option in a segmented control.
  • fixed - Forecast — Calendar events no longer appear selectable in Select mode.
  • fixed - Outline — Outline editing popovers now point at the correct field.
  • fixed - Outline — Fixed a bug that could cause item titles to be reverted to “Untitled Item” if return key wasn’t used to end editing for an item title.
  • fixed - Quick Entry — Fixed a bug that could cause Quick Entry to discard task titles when creating multiple items.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — March 17, 2022

  • updated - Filter Pane — Filter pane layout and multi-select mode have been updated.
  • updated - Inspector — Additional Inspector appearance and layout improvements. “Edit Inspector Layout” option is now included at the bottom of the Inspector.
  • updated - Localizations — Localizations have been updated.
  • updated - Outline — Folder and Project icons are no longer displayed in the outline and row indentation has been adjusted.
  • updated- Outline — Restored visual feedback when completing a task in the outline.
  • updated - Widget — Forecast widget now supports recently introduced Forecast content and sort options.
  • fixed - Forecast — Fixed a bug that could cause custom sort order in Forecast to reset when opening a database for the first time on a new device, when recovering from a crash, and in other similar situations.
  • fixed - Forecast — Items are now grouped properly when only Due items and items with Custom Notifications are displayed.
  • fixed - Outline — Fixed a recently introduced bug that caused changes to Layout settings and expansion state to be lost.
  • fixed - Outline — Improved scrolling at the bottom of the outline.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when toggling select mode in Filter pane with a single item selected.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash related to flag state.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — March 10, 2022

  • new - iPhone — On iPhone, the bottom toolbar has been replaced by floating Quick Open and Add Item buttons. When there is no selection in the outline, or a perspective is displayed that does support adding actions, the add button becomes a Quick Entry button. Appearance of these buttons is not yet final.
  • new - Context MenuAdd Child action is now available in context menu item for action group parents.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Filter pane is no longer immediately dismissed when tapping to select an item. This improves the workflow for creating new items in the filter pane.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Status icons and badge counts are no longer displayed in Select Mode.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Fonts used in filter pane have been adjusted.
  • updated - Inspector — Continued progress on improved Inspector organization and appearance.
  • updated - Status Circles — Refined status circle size and alignment.
  • updated - Widgets — “New Inbox Item” widget is now titled “Quick Entry” and displays updated icon.
  • fixed - Columns — Rows are now indented properly in column layout when narrow content is displayed.
  • fixed - Context Menu — “Edit Perspective Settings” item in the More menu now uses new custom perspective icon.
  • fixed - Keyboard — Fixed a bug that could cause bottom toolbar and perspective navigation bar to be left mis-positioned after exiting app with on-screen keyboard showing.
  • fixed - Open Inspector on Single Tap — Inline title field is no longer editable when “Open Inspector on Single Tap” is enabled, flag and deselect icons are no longer displayed for selected project rows.
  • fixed - Outline — Row title no longer disappears when showing contextual menu on a selected item.
  • fixed - Outline — Dropped folders in outline are now displayed with “unavailable” text styling.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur after changing a perspective icon for a second time.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash related to manually re-ordering items in a custom perspective.
  • fixed - Quick Entry — Task titles now longer have an unexpected slide in animation when being saved in Quick Entry.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — March 3, 2022

  • updated - Status Circles — Status circles in the outline are now much larger. We are still in the process of refining this change, and intend to improve spacing, alignment, etc. in future builds. Please let us know how this change feels to you!
  • updated - Inspector — Inspector organization and appearance improvements are currently in progress.
  • updated - Forecast — In grouped Forecast, calendar events are now displayed in a separate group.
  • updated - Forecast — Adjusted header alignment in Forecast.
  • updated - Tags — Separate popover for removing assigned tags is no longer displayed.
  • fixed - Columns — Fixed a bug that could cause a duplicate tag column to be displayed in column layout.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — February 25, 2022

  • updated - Drag & Drop — Preview appearance for “lifted” rows has been updated.
  • updated - Focus — Focus bar now displays two lines of text on compact devices.
  • updated - Forecast — Calendar events are no longer re-orderable via drag & drop.
  • updated - Icons — Project field in outline now uses correct Projects icon, Quick Open and Due icons have been updated.
  • updated - Outline — Presence of custom notifications is now indicated via an icon when not editing an outline row.
  • updated - Perspectives — Perspective titles are now limited to two lines of text in the outline header.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a pesky hang/crash that could occur when scrolling a list that is just slightly longer than the current display size.
  • fixed - Quick Open — “Other Perspectives” section now remembers expansion state.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — February 24, 2022

  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when switching perspectives.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — February 23, 2022

  • updated - Appearance — Due soon and overdue text colors have been updated for improved contrast in light mode.
  • updated - Context Menu — Action to Add/Remove Forecast Tag in context menu is now more clearly labeled.
  • updated - Forecast — The default sort order for ungrouped items in Forecast has been updated. Items are now sorted by earliest relevant date, followed by items tagged with the Forecast tag, then by flagged items. A date is considered “relevant” if it causes the item to appear on the selected date, and could be a defer, due, or notification date.
  • updated - Icons — Updated Quick Entry icon.
  • updated - Open Inspector on Single Tap — Inline editing fields are no longer available when the “Open Inspector on Single Tap” setting is enabled.
  • updated - View Options — New “Keep Sorted” View option allows for disabling custom sorting in Forecast and ungrouped custom perspectives.
  • updated - View Options — Changes to View options are now immediately saved and respected by new windows automatically.
  • fixed - Notes — Fixed a bug where “Show Notes in Outline” wouldn’t show notes based on other hidden settings.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — February 16, 2022

  • fixed - Date Picker — Improved Review interval date picker layout on iPhone.
  • fixed - Icons — Updated Inbox and Project icons throughout app to all use newest icon.
  • fixed - Quick Entry — Fixed a bug that could cause a new item’s title to be overwritten when a second item is added via Quick Entry.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — February 10, 2022

  • new - Keyboard — New command-option-i keyboard shortcut for Hide/Show Inspector.
  • updated - Quick Entry — Quick Entry + button is now in the top toolbar (previously it was located in the bottom toolbar, and often hidden by on-screen keyboard).
  • fixed - Date Pickers — Date pickers now layout correctly on compact devices.
  • fixed - Forecast — Dragging an item to the Forecast calendar or day “piano” now assigns dates as expected.
  • fixed - Open in New Window — “Open in new window” now opens a new window with the appropriate selection.
  • fixed - Outline — Dragging the Quick Entry button to the task outline now creates a new item in the dropped location.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when changing perspectives if the Inspector is open.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — February 3, 2022

  • new - Keyboard — New ⌘! Convert to Project keyboard shortcut.
  • fixed - Widgets — Fixed a bug that prevented custom perspective widgets from loading if the perspective used a custom icon.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — February 2, 2022

  • danger - iPhone — OmniFocus 4 no longer supports landscape orientation on iPhones. If this change negatively impacts your workflow, please let us know by sending us a quick email or feedback via TestFlight!
  • new - Accent Color — The app-wide accent color can now be customized via Appearance Setting.
  • new - Forecast — Forecast items can now be arbitrarily re-ordered via drag & drop. Note, this functionality been re-implemented in a manner that is different from our original implementation in previous TestFlight builds, and is be supported in both grouped and ungrouped Forecast lists. Sort order can be reset via the contextual menu. Default sort order for ungrouped Forecast items has not yet been finalized.
  • new - Forecast — Items with custom notifications can now be displayed in Forecast. Items will be list once per day that a custom notification is scheduled.
  • new - Keyboard — New bare keyboard shortcuts have been introduced: n initiates editing Notifications, and c initiates completion date editing.
  • new - Keyboard — Bare keyboard shortcuts, such as d, p, and t, now initiate editing regardless of whether the corresponding field is currently visible in the outline.
  • new - Omni Automation — It is now possible to specify whether or not a plug-in is listed in the Share sheet.
  • new - View Options — A new View option now allows the Tags perspective to be sorted by flagged and due date; the Flagged perspective can now be sorted by due date. (Longtime OmniFocus users might remember that this sort option was previously offered in OmniFocus 2.)
  • updated - Custom Notifications — Custom notification editing experience has been updated.
  • fixed - Forecast — Forecast tag can now be cleared after one has been selected.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — January 21, 2022

  • danger - Keyboard — Hardware keyboard navigation improvements are currently in progress.
  • new - Forecast — Flagged items can now be optionally displayed in Forecast.
  • new - First Day of Week — “First Day of Week” can now be set via a new Organization Setting.
  • new - Sidebar — On iPad, perspective sidebar expansion state is now remembered on a per-perspective basis.
  • updated - Outline — Distinct icons are now displayed if an item includes a note, attachment, or note and attachment. (Icons are not yet finalized.)
  • fixed - Keyboard — Pressing Return after doing a search in Tag or Project picker now applies selected result.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — January 12, 2022

  • new - Inspector — Inspector sections can now be re-ordered and hidden via the new `Inspector Layout’ Settings. To reveal hidden sections, tap the new filter button in the Inspector toolbar.
  • new - Outline — Item notifications can now be displayed and edited from the outline.
  • new - Outline — Tag status can now be displayed in a tag’s outline row.
  • updated - Flagged — Flagged perspective filter pane now only displays tags that contain flagged items.
  • fixed - Notes — Fixed a bug that prevented some types of content from being pasted in the notes field.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — January 6, 2022

  • danger - Drag & Drop — Refined drag & drop interactions (finalized appearance of drag item preview has not yet been implemented).
  • new - Omni Automation — Inspector and sidebar visibility can now be changed via Omni Automation
  • updated - Custom Perspectives — Added “Edit Perspective Settings” option to custom perspective “More” toolbar menu and long-press contextual menu. Updated design of existing “Edit Perspective” button in View Options.
  • updated - Omni Automation — Plug-in icons are now displayed in the Automation menu.
  • fixed - Omni Automation — Sidebar outline items now return correct value for object property and returning ApplyResult.Stop now halts loop as expected.
  • fixed - Search — Improved search speed for large databases.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — January 4, 2022

Happy New Year, everyone! Today is only the second workday of 2022 and we’re still switching gears from our vacations, but we already have a crash fix, some layout changes, new scripting capabilities, and a handful of other fixes that we thought you might appreciate.

  • updated - Inspector Layout — Reorganized the groupings of fields in the Inspector.
  • updated - View Options Layout — Updated the layout of the layout settings in View Options and in global Settings.
  • updated - Quick Option Actions — Added basic scripting support for Quick Open plug-in actions (so plug-in actions can do things like change their icon based on the current selection).
  • fixed - Apple Watch — Fixed an issue with adding new items to OmniFocus using Siri on watchOS 8. (This issue was causing Siri to reply with “Uh oh, there’s a problem. Please try again.”) This fix is also in the 3.12.2 TestFlight.
  • fixed - Classic Today Widget — Fixed the perspective ordering in the classic Today widget.
  • fixed - Filter Pane Selection — Fixed a bug where we weren’t properly restoring the selection of some special rows in the Filter Pane (such as the Inbox and Untagged rows).
  • fixed - Row Swipe — Fixed a bug where a gesture which started out being interpreted as a row swipe but ultimately turned into a scroll gesture would sometimes leave the row in a partially-swiped state (with a colored bar along the margin where a swipe action was going to appear).
  • fixed - Row Swipe to Delete — Swiping to delete an item which has hidden children will now prompt with a confirmation dialog to verify that this is what you really mean to do.
  • fixed - Tags Perspective — Fixed an item where new items being added to the Tags perspective would sometimes be inserted under the wrong tag.
  • fixed - Stability – Fixed a crash using Quick Open.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — December 15, 2021

Happy holidays to all of you! Most of our team will be on vacation through the end of the year, so there will be a bit of a pause in the TestFlight until we return in January. We look forward to turning our attention from the Feature Freeze milestone to the Design Freeze milestone!

If you encounter any issues with this TestFlight build, please remember that you can go back to an earlier build by choosing “Previous Builds” in the TestFlight app. Best wishes to all of you, and see you in 2022!

This build adds Omni Automation actions to Quick Open, so you can find and run an automation action by typing a few letters from its name, just like finding and opening a perspective, folder, project, or tag.

  • new - Quick Open Actions — Quick Open now provides access to Omni Automation actions.
  • updated - Calendar Access — Tapping on an event icon in Forecast will open the event for day in the Calendar app.
  • updated - Date Popover Background — Fixed a regression in the background color of date popovers.
  • updated - Filter Button — The Filter button to access the Filter Pane stays visible whether or not a filter is set, so it’s clear that you don’t have to clear the current filter to change it.
  • updated - Inbox Long-Press — Added Go To Inbox to the long-press menu for inbox items (when not currently displaying the Inbox).
  • updated - Keyboard Shortcuts — Added keyboard shortcuts to hide and show the Filter Pane (Command-Option-S, Apple’s standard shortcut for showing and hiding a sidebar), and the Perspective Navigation Bar (Command-Option-P).
  • updated - Nearby Layout — Added some space after the distance buttons in the Nearby perspective.
  • updated - Permissions — The app waits until the database is opened before prompting for permission to send notifications.
  • updated - Quick Open Performance — Improved the performance of opening Quick Open in large databases.
  • updated - Status Circle Cancel — Dragging out of the Status Circle to cancel a tap will no longer display the item’s long-press menu.
  • updated - iPhone Navigation Bar — Attention indicators in the iPhone navigation bar are now on the outside edge (bottom) rather than the inner edge (top).
  • fixed - Appearance Settings — Fixed a bug where the Strike Resolved Items setting would start out displaying the wrong value.
  • fixed - Quick Entry View Options — Fixed some issues with View Options in Quick Entry, ensuring that a Done button appears when presented on an iPhone and that settings are sized appropriately when presented in an iPad popover.
  • fixed - Quick Open Layout — Fixed a bug where Quick Open’s matches would sometimes display with the wrong layout.
  • fixed - iPad Layout — Fixed a bug which could lead to the Navigation Bar being positioned incorrectly at launch.
  • fixed - iPad Layout — Fixed a pane layout bug where launching the app with a Columns-mode outline could lead to it thinking it required all the available space, pushing the Navigation Bar off-screen and switching the Filter Pane sidebar into popover mode.
  • fixed - iPad Performance — Reclaim memory when an iPad window is closed.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — December 9, 2021

Today’s TestFlight fixes some crashes, moves the iPhone’s navigation bar to the bottom of the screen, implements an assortment of small features, and applies a bit of polish to some interface elements.

  • new - Context Menu — Added new actions to the main outline’s long-press context menu: Move, Convert To Project, and Convert to Action.
  • new - Layout Settings — Added a new “Hide Projects When Redundant” setting, for omitting the assigned project field in perspectives which show the project hierarchy.
  • updated - Context Menu — The Go to Project action is now available in project-based custom perspectives.
  • updated - Inherited Values — The inline editor now uses italics to indicate when a date or flag has been inherited from an item’s parent.
  • updated - Inspector — Collapse inspector sections by default, so it’s easier to see how the inspector is structured and you’re less likely to be distracted by things you don’t need.
  • updated - Permissions — Rather than present a comprehensive permissions dialog when setting up the app, OmniFocus prompts for specific permissions as they are needed.
  • updated - Perspective Reordering — Stop displaying an alert the first time perspectives are reordered.
  • updated - Project Completion — The completion date field is now available for projects, not just actions.
  • updated - Status Circle — Flagged items that have been completed now continue to show their flag.
  • updated - View Options — Removed placeholder images from View Options’ content filter choices (Available, Remaining, etc.).
  • updated - View Options — Updated the description of the Fluid layout to be more accurate.
  • updated - View Options — View Options are now more consistent about the formatting of section headers. (Except Forecast, which has some legacy code to rewrite.)
  • updated - iPhone Navigation — The iPhone navigation bar now appears under the toolbar rather than above it.
  • fixed - Focus — Fixed a crash encountered when a focused project or folder is deleted. Undoing the delete will also restore the item to focus (as one might expect!).
  • fixed - Focus — Update the focus header when a focused project or folder is renamed.
  • fixed - Focus — When a focus contains multiple items, those items are now consistently displayed in tree order.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a background crash encountered when the app was pre-launched by iOS.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — December 8, 2021

With just a few dozen issues to work through, we’re closing in on our “feature freeze” milestone for the iPhone and iPad apps! This is just one step on the journey, of course, and we’ll still have a number of milestones beyond that before we’ll be ready to ship 4.0: design freeze, usability, stability & performance, documentation, localization, code freeze, not to mention the Apple Watch and Mac apps and v4 for the web and all their assorted milestones. But with over 1,200 issues assigned and resolved, this feature freeze will have been one of the biggest milestones in v4’s development.

  • danger - Stability — This is not yet fixed, but we spent a fair amount of time this week tracking down a SwiftUI bug which is causing our most common crash. We’ve narrowed this down to an reproducible test case which we’ve reported to Apple (FB9794348: Use-after-free crash in SwiftUI/AttributeGraph). The only workarounds we’ve found so far affect the app’s functionality: either don’t display note text in the outline, or slow down when changing selection from one row to another.
  • new - Forecast View Options — Added “Organize Into Groups” to Forecast’s View Options, so you can toggle the setting on and off without having to find and invoke a hidden preference.
  • new - Quick Entry View Options — Quick Entry now has its own View Options, so you can customize the set of fields you’d like to see and edit independently from the fields used in other perspectives.
  • new - Reset Layout Settings — The Reset section of Settings now has an option to reset the layout of all perspectives.
  • updated - Filter Pane — Multi-line rows no longer lay out twice (causing a flicker) when selected.
  • updated - Icons — Use our custom tag icon in the main outline.
  • updated - Keyboard Shortcuts — The Right and Left arrow keys once again expand and collapse items in the outline.
  • updated - Outline Alignment — Use consistent vertical alignment for tag rows, whether selected or not.
  • updated - Outline Rows — Removed the redundant Inspector button from selected tag and folder rows.
  • updated - Performance — Fixed an issue where memory wasn’t being reclaimed properly when switching perspectives.
  • updated - Portability — Continued work behind-the-scenes bringing code to the Mac app.
  • updated - Select Mode Animation — Fixed a crash encountered during the animation from Select Mode.
  • updated - Settings — Added a more discoverable “Hide Perspective Navigation Bar” option in Layout Settings.
  • fixed - Activation Performance — Improved app activation performance by avoiding floating time zone updates when the time zone hasn’t actually changed.
  • fixed - Omni Automation — Fixed an issue where plug-ins or scripts which display dialogs could fail with the error “No presenting view controller found”.
  • fixed - Quick Entry Layout — Fixed inconsistent layout of task rows in Quick Entry.
  • fixed - Selected Row Layout — Fixed a bug where the layout of the selected row could be incorrect when the app was launched or when switching the selection back and forth between rows.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash encountered when SwiftUI would call into UIKit from the wrong thread while cleaning up at the end of an animation.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash encountered when trying to update the inspector for a deleted task.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — December 2, 2021

We’ve been busy trying to track down a crash the last few days, so this is a relatively small update. But it’s an important one: it fixes an important data-loss regression which was accidentally introduced in Tuesday evening’s build.

  • updated - Dark Mode Selection — Increased the contrast of the selection background in Dark Mode.
  • updated - Review — Tapping on the review details in the Review perspective now edits those details.
  • fixed - Lost Edits — Fixed a regression in Tuesday evening’s build which was losing edits.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 30, 2021 (evening)

Following up on this morning’s TestFlight, we’ve fixed a few distracting regressions that we thought were worth getting out to you all sooner rather than later. (The good news is we’ve only had a single crash reported from this morning’s build, so the past few weeks of work seems to have paid off! If you’re still encountering any crashes or hangs or other issues with app stability, double-check in TestFlight to make sure you have the latest build installed.)

  • updated - Forecast Header — Reviewed the unnecessary counts subtitle and filter button. (You can still get to the filter pane by tapping the perspective title as in other perspectives.)
  • updated - Review Header — Removed the unnecessary counts subtitle and the non-functional filter button. (You can still jump to another project by tapping on the perspective title.)
  • updated - Portability — Continued work behind-the-scenes bringing code to the Mac app. (Quick teaser: With today’s updates, the Mac app now supports editing locations on tags. No, this isn’t yet available for download anywhere: we still have a lot to do before it’s ready for public testing!)
  • fixed - Outline Keyboard Focus — Fixed some bugs with tracking the keyboard focus within the outline.
  • fixed - Outline Layout — Fixed some bugs which were causing overlapping or misplaced layout of rows (such as when switching between Forecast days with an item selected).
  • fixed - Unfocus Button — Fixed a regression in this morning’s build which caused the Unfocus button to be unresponsive.
  • fixed - iPad Pane Dividers — Fixed the color of the pane dividers in the iPad app.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 30, 2021 (morning)

This TestFlight build includes a fix for our most common stability issue (which we’ve been working on for weeks). It also increases the contrast of outline notes and selection backgrounds, fixes an alignment bug in outline notes, and fixes a crash in Forecast. We expect that the stability fix will have introduced some regressions in other areas as it involved some deep changes; please let us know about any new issues you encounter, and thank you for your patience!

  • updated - Outline Fields — Renamed the “Status” field to “Project Status”.
  • updated - Outline Fields — The default order of fields in the outline now matches their order in the Inspector.
  • updated - Outline Notes Contrast — Increased the contrast of notes to make them more legible.
  • updated - Outline Selection Contrast — Increased the contrast of the selection background when multiple rows are selected.
  • updated - Perspective Selection Contrast — Increased the contrast of the selection background for the active perspective.
  • updated - Portability — More work behind-the-scenes sharing code with the Mac app.
  • fixed - Forecast Crash — Fixed a crash encountered when long-pressing a calendar event.
  • fixed - Outline Notes Alignment — Fixed a bug where collapsed outline notes would sometimes be centered rather than aligned to the leading edge of the title.
  • fixed - Stability — Tracked down and worked around our most common stability issue, a SwiftUI issue (reported as FB9768217: SwiftUI Crash when using UIViewRepresentable and UIHostingController composition). We hope that fixing this will fix a range of reported issues, but since we had to switch some of our architecture around to avoid this crash we’ve probably also introduced some regressions in the process. If you see any new issues, please let us know!

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 28, 2021

Today’s updated TestFlight build makes the Thanksgiving holiday weekend’s experimental (and unfinished) Forecast changes opt-in rather than opt-out.

  • updated - Forecast — Items for each day in Forecast are once again grouped into separate sections for Due, Deferred, and tagged items. Those who wish to experiment can turn off grouping using the hidden ForecastShouldGroupItems preference, e.g. with omnifocus:///change-group-preference?ForecastShouldGroupItems=false.
  • fixed - Forecast: New Item — Fixed a bug where Forecast would present an “Unable to add leaf object” error when adding an item while multiple projects were focused. Also fixed a crash encountered when adding an item to Forecast when nothing was selected.
  • fixed - Toolbar: Filter Pane — On iPad, make sure the Filter Pane toolbar control remains visible when the perspective navbar is hidden.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 26, 2021

We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes which isn’t visible in this TestFlight: we’ve invested a lot of engineering effort tracking down and working on our most common crash (now understood, but not yet fixed), and we’ve also invested a lot of engineering in sharing Inspector code with the Mac app which will lead to a more consistent cross-platform experience.

But we’ve also fixed bugs in the inspectors and outline, added support for more perspective colors, and provided more control over the perspective navbar. And each day in Forecast now presents a consolidated list of items (which can be reordered when a Forecast tag is defined).

This is a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend for us in Seattle, so we apologize in advance for any delays in responding to any issues you may encounter in this update. (If something comes up that gets in your way and you need to revert to an older TestFlight build, we understand!) We look forward to catching up on your feedback when we get back to work on Monday!

  • danger - Stability — This is not yet fixed, but much of our attention since our last update has been focused on tracking down our most common crash, a SwiftUI issue. We’ve narrowed it down to a small sample project which we’ve reported to Apple (FB9768217: SwiftUI Crash when using UIViewRepresentable and UIHostingController composition) and now that we have a better understanding of the circumstances which trigger this issue we’re trying to rearchitect our code to avoid it.
  • new - Forecast — Items for each day in Forecast are now a consolidated list rather than being broken out into separate sections for Due, Deferred, and tagged items. This eliminates redundant entries for items which previously appeared in more than one grouping (such as items due and deferred to the same day), and when a Forecast tag is defined it enables reordering the entire list.
  • new - Perspective Colors — When choosing a color for a custom Perspective, you can now choose from the full range of colors available on your device rather than choosing from a limited palette.
  • updated - Omni Automation — The content and sidebar trees have a new API available to scrollSelectionToVisible().
  • updated - Outline Disclosure — Stop pointing disclosure triangles inwards in the main outline, so the indicators are consistent within the app and with the rest of the system.
  • updated - Outline Dividers — Removed the divider that was between a task’s title and its notes.
  • updated - Outline Notes — Removed redundant blue controls for notes. Removed the blue “down chevron” control which expanded a note: you can tap on the note itself to expand it. Also removed the distracting blue “Add Note” button from unselected rows when the note text was empty but attachments were present. (This is one case where we do still display the down chevron, since otherwise there would be no indication that there’s anything hidden from sight.)
  • updated - Perspective Navbar Badges — Added perspective badges to notification settings, so you can hide any attention indicators you’re not interested in seeing.
  • updated - Perspective Navbar Visibility — You can hide and show the perspective navbar as a whole by long-pressing on the Quick Open toolbar item in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • updated - Portability — Behind the scenes, a bunch of the support logic for the Inspector has been made cross-platform so it can be shared with the Mac app.
  • updated - Project and Tag Pickers — Reworked a bunch of logic for these pickers so they have better support for closing at appropriate times.
  • updated - iPhone Toolbar Translucency — Removed the translucency from the bottom toolbar so it’s consistent with the top toolbar and matches the perspective navbar.
  • fixed - Blank Inspector — Fixed a bug where the inspector could go blank after dismissing a dialog stacked on top of it.
  • fixed - Note Inspector — Fixed a bug encountered when editing a project’s notes using the Inspector rather than in the main outline.
  • fixed - Outline Expansion — Fixed some bugs with the expansion state of items.
  • fixed - Perspective Icons — Removed a redundant listing of the generic custom perspective icon.
  • fixed - Perspective Navbar Scrolling — The iPhone app’s perspective navbar no longer scrolls to its starting position when switching perspectives.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight — November 16, 2021

Today’s TestFlight brings the navigation bar to the iPhone, so your favorite perspectives are just one tap away and you can easily see which ones need your atte