OmniFocus 4 for Mac TestFlight Notes

TestFlight builds of OmniFocus 4 require macOS 12.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — December 1, 2022

  • updated - Custom Perspectives — Custom Perspective edits in the new View Options perspective editor are now saved automatically.
  • updated - Custom Perspectives — Grouped custom perspectives no longer support enabling Preserve Hierarchy (this setting could cause items to be displayed multiple times).
  • updated - Inspector — Updated appearance of Inspector notes field.
  • updated - Perspectives Bar — “Copy Link” is now available in Perspectives Bar tab contextual menu.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — November 23, 2022

  • updated - View Options — Continued clean up of View Options layout.
  • fixed - Forecast — Toggling Preserve Hierarchy now immediately updates displayed outline content correctly.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — November 16, 2022

  • danger - View Options — Updates to View Options appearance and organization are in progress.
  • updated - Outline — Updated display of unset metadata icons in the outline.
  • fixed - Inspector — Fixed a bug that could cause title edits in the Inspector to be discarded.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — November 14, 2022

  • updated - Outline — Icons are now displayed in date and estimated duration columns.
  • fixed - Keyboard — Tab key field navigation now works as expected in Quick Entry and fluid outline layouts on macOS 13 Ventura.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — November 11, 2022

  • fixed - Conflict Errors — Navigating between fields via the tab key no longer triggers unnecessary edit conflict alerts (note: we are still working on addressing broken tab key navigation in Quick Entry and fluid outline layouts).
  • fixed - Custom Perspectives — Empty “Any of the following” or “None of the following” rule groups no longer result in no matches.
  • fixed - Custom Perspectives — Fixed a bug that could cause unexpected filtering in some upgraded v2 custom perspectives.
  • fixed - Inspector — Values are no longer discarded when entering and exiting a field with different values in a multiple selection.
  • fixed - Notes — Default note font size now scales with font size preferences.
  • fixed - View Options — Fixed a bug that could causes changes to row layout to be discarded for non-favorited perspectives.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — November 3, 2022

  • danger - View Options — Further progress towards full custom perspective editing support in View Options.
  • fixed - Toolbar — Updated flag icon.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — October 31, 2022

  • new - Forecast Hierarchy — Add a “Preserve Hierarchy” switch to Forecast’s View Options, so it’s easy to opt out to get a completely flat, reorderable list.
  • fixed - Dragging Projects — Fixed a crash encountered when dragging projects. Also fixed an issue where dragging a project in Forecast would override any date assignments on items inside that project.
  • fixed - Date Inspectors — Fixed an issue where dates edited in the Inspector would not be saved unless you pressed Return in the field.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — October 20, 2022

  • danger - View Options — Custom perspective rules can now be edited directly from the perspective’s View Options.
  • new - Forecast — Project and action group hierarchy is now preserved in “unified” Forecast list (i.e. when “Organize Into Groups” is disabled in the Forecast View Options).
  • updated - Forecast — Items with Before Due notifications are now included when items with Scheduled Notifications are displayed in Forecast.
  • updated - Forecast — Forecast View Options are now listed in consistent order across platforms.
  • updated - Icons — Updated Focus icon.
  • updated - Toolbar — Sync icon now displays indicator dot when sync is in-progress.
  • fixed - Forecast — Further improvements to calendar event sort and sync logic in Forecast.
  • fixed - Inspector — Uncommitted note text in the inspector is no longer discarded after switching switching away from OmniFocus.
  • fixed - Inspector — Inspector date fields now accept text input on macOS Ventura.
  • fixed - Outline — Status circles now scale with text size in the outline.
  • fixed - Outline — Action group text styling now matches styling introduced in OmniFocus 4 for iOS.
  • fixed - Outline — Improved indentation of task hierarchy in ungrouped custom perspectives.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — October 14, 2022

  • danger - View Options — Due to in-progress development work, changing synced View options for a perspective on one device in recent TestFlight builds may result in View options reseting for that perspective on other devices.
  • fixed - Tabs — Custom perspectives no loner use a generic “OmniFocus” title instead of perspective title when viewed as a tab.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — October 12, 2022

  • danger - Toolbar — Sync toolbar button update work is in progress, and button is currently display/animating incorrectly.
  • updated - Status Circles — Status circles have been updated to match appearance and functionality in iPhone and iPad app.
  • fixed - Forecast — Dropping an item on a date tile in the Forecast outline header now assigns the appropriate due date (matching the drag and drop functionality in the Forecast sidebar calendar).
  • fixed - Forecast — Improved how calendar events are handled when Forecast items are manually sorted.
  • fixed - Notes — Fixed a bug that could cause note text to appear black in Dark mode.
  • fixed - Toolbar — Updated Omni Automation console toolbar icon

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — October 5, 2022

  • danger - Keychain — We have updated how OmniFocus 4 saves passwords. After installing this update, OmniFocus 4 will prompt for your sync account password. Future OmniFocus 4 for Mac updates should not present additional password prompts. If you are unsure of your Omni Sync Server password, steps for recovering it via Keychain Access are available here:
  • new - Omni Automation — Rich text notes are now scriptable via Omni Automation.
  • fixed - Custom Perspectives — Fixed a bug that could cause changes to custom perspective rules to fail to save.
  • fixed - Notes — Inspector notes field now updates correctly when row selection changes.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — September 30, 2022

  • danger - Keychain Prompts — Keychain Access is currently prompting for permission after each update to OmniFocus 4 is installed via TestFlight - we’re looking into it!
  • new - Notes — Rich text notes with inline attachments, tappable links, and dynamic color support for improved legibility when switching between light and dark mode are now supported on all platforms. This feature required a fairly comprehensive change to OmniFocus’s text rendering logic, so please be sure to report any specific issues you encounter!
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to move a project inside of another project in the sidebar.
  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when converting an action to a project.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — September 28, 2022

  • danger - Custom Perspectives — Manual sorting can not yet be enabled for custom perspectives via OmniFocus 4 for Mac. However, if Keep Sorted is disabled for a perspective via OmniFocus 4 for iPhone or iPad, the Mac app will respect this setting and allow for manual sorting.
  • updated - Feedback — Feedback emails generated via the Contact Omni... menu bar item now include OS version in email subject line.
  • updated - Nearby — Improvements to Nearby perspective and location-based tags.
  • updated - View MenuHide/Show Perspectives Bar menu item has been added to View Menu.
  • fixed - Forecast — Forecast title is now tinted correct color.
  • fixed - Toolbar — Fixed a hang that could occur when customizing the toolbar.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — September 26, 2022

  • fixed - Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur accessing Nearby perspective.

{class:key} OmniFocus 4.0 Mac TestFlight — Initial Test Notes

OmniFocus 4 for Mac is currently a work in progress! While most features should be functional, OmniFocus 4 is not aesthetically polished on Mac, some features have not yet been fully implemented, and there are bugs throughout the app. At launch of 4.0, we intend for OmniFocus 4 to offer feature parity and appear visually cohesive across all supported platforms, but there is plenty of work still to be done before we reach that point!

OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight builds are now compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Builds can be installed via the TestFlight application on each supported device, and only one TestFlight signup is required to test OmniFocus 4 on all supported platforms. OmniFocus 4 for Mac TestFlight builds require macOS Monterey.

Sync Compatibility: OmniFocus 4.0 TestFlight builds are fully sync compatible with the most recent releases of OmniFocus 3 for Mac and iOS, and can be installed alongside OmniFocus 3. We believe that there is very low risk of data corruption in current OmniFocus 4 TestFlight builds, but as always we recommend that precautions are taken when syncing “real” data with a test build. Please back your data up regularly, and alert our Support team if you notice unexpected OmniFocus database behavior.

  • danger - Overall App Appearance — To date, the OmniFocus team has prioritized feature implementation in OmniFocus 4 for Mac. This means that most functionality introduced in TestFlight builds of OmniFocus 4 for iPhone and iPad can now be found in the Mac app, but the Mac app is not yet visually polished—newer features have rough edges, and the overall app window is not cohesive in appearance.
  • danger - Feature Regressions — We do not intend to remove functionality previously supported by OmniFocus 3 in this release. However, due to the nature of our development process for this release, which started with the iPhone and iPad application, some functionality has temporarily gone missing. While we’re already aware of many of these regressions, including broken keyboard date input in the Inspector on pre-release versions of macOS, please be sure to report any that you encounter in your OmniFocus workflow!
  • new - Outline — The task outline has been updated to include functionality introduced in OmniFocus 4 for iPhone and iPad, including:
    • Additional Field Support — Project Status, Repeat interval, and Scheduled Notifications can now be displayed in and edited from the outline.
    • Re-Orderable Fields and Columns — Field order is now configurable in the outline via drag & drop in the View Options or Preferences.
    • Fluid — Status Circles are now displayed on the leading (left) edge of rows in Fluid mode, and metadata field visibility can now be configured independently for editing row state.
  • new - Perspectives Bar — Perspective Bar has been updated, with a new appearance and perspective badges. Perspective Bar visibility is now independent of the filter sidebar expansion state.
  • new - Inspector — Initial OmniFocus 4 Inspector support is in place, but visual appearance is not yet finalized. Inspector fields can be re-ordered and enabled/disabled in the OmniFocus 4 Layout Preferences. To display hidden Inspector fields, select “Show All Inspector Fields” in the View menu (a button will eventually be added to the Inspector for this as well).
  • new - Icons — New iconography through the application, including updated default perspetive icons and 100 new custom perspective icons.
  • new - Nearby — Nearby perspective and location-based tags are available on Mac for the first time! (Note, we’re aware of a crash that can occur when accessing Nearby - we’ll have a fix for this in the next TestFlight build! In the meantime, you can work around it by manually enabling Location Services for OmniFocus in your Mac’s Security & Privacy System Preferences.)
  • new - Forecast — Support for the additional Forecast functionality introduced in OmniFocus 4 for iPad and iPhone has been adopted, including:
    • Flagged Items — Flagged items can now be displayed in Forecast.
    • Scheduled Notifications — Items with scheduled custom notifications can now be displayed in Forecast. Items will be listed once per day that a custom notification is scheduled.
    • Manual Sorting — Forecast items can now be arbitrarily re-ordered via drag & drop (enable “Keep Sorted” in the View options to disable this functionality).
    • Unified List — Items for each day in Forecast can now be optionally displayed in a consolidated list rather than organized into groups for Due, Deferred, Forecast Tagged, and Flagged items. This eliminates redundant entries for items which previously appeared in more than one grouping (such as items due and deferred to the same day). When Forecast items are grouped, calendar events are no longer interleaved with due tasks.
  • new - Custom Perspective Sorting — Items in ungrouped custom perspectives can now be arbitrarily re-ordered via drag & drop.