OmniGraphSketcher Support

Thanks to everyone who used and enthusiastically supported OmniGraphSketcher. It attracted a passionate following and we enjoyed our work on it very much. We are sad to report that despite that mutual passion, OmniGraphSketcher was unable to attract enough customers to make it a viable commercial product.

As of July 2013, we have no further updates to OmniGraphSketcher planned and have removed the app from sale. We’ll continue to provide support to those customers who purchased OmniGraphSketcher previously - please see below for more information - and downloads will remain available via our website and the Purchases section of the App Stores.

OmniGraphSketcher for iPad should run indefinitely on the versions of iOS it was designed, coded, and tested against, which are iOS 3 through 7. We released free updates throughout that time, and we wrote the code carefully and with an eye towards future compatibility. That is why devices running iOS 8 should also be able to run the app with a few compatibility issues. It does not run on the latest versions of iOS 9 and iOS 10. (Nothing about OmniGraphSketcher has changed to cause it to stop working - the environment that code was running in no longer supports it.)

In January 2014, we released OmniGraphSketcher source code as the open source project GraphSketcher. You can download a build of the new Mac app from GitHub. We hope that the iPad app will make it back to the iTunes store soon.

We will, of course, continue to support customers who have already purchased the Mac and iPad editions of OmniGraphSketcher! To reach us, you can still select “Send Feedback” from the Help menu, email us directly at, contact us on twitter at @OmniGS, or telephone us at 1-800-315-6664 or 1-206-523-4152.

We no longer sell or otherwise provide licenses for either the Mac or iPad editions of OmniGraphSketcher. If you previously purchased OmniGraphSketcher from and need to download the most recent release, use this link. If you purchased OmniGraphSketcher from the iOS or OS X App Store, it should still be available for download via the Purchases section of the App Store application.