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OmniFocus Subscriptions

You can now purchase an OmniFocus Subscription, which gets you…

  • OmniFocus Pro for iOS
  • OmniFocus Pro for Mac
  • OmniFocus for the Web

…for $9.99/month or for $99.99/year. With your Omni Account you can sync between all three apps.

The new subscription is available as an in-app purchase in OmniFocus for iOS (which is a free download).

We assume that most people will prefer to purchase OmniFocus for iOS and for Mac up front, and that’s still the primary option.

But, for some people — particularly people who haven’t bought OmniFocus before — this new subscription will be their best option. But do remember that it’s an option: it’s up to you.

Also note that — coming soon — you’ll be able to purchase a separate subscription for OmniFocus for the Web. This will be best for people who’ve already bought OmniFocus for Mac or iOS (or both) and who want to add OmniFocus for the Web.

Also: see this support article on how to access OmniFocus for the Web.

New on Inside OmniFocus

Since our last newsletter we’ve published a couple new blog posts on OmniFocus for the Web…

How Security and Encryption Work in OmniFocus for the Web talks about what it says on the tin — it talks about the under-the-hood details of how we keep your data secure on OmniFocus for the Web.

Introduction to OmniFocus for the Web tours the various built-in perspectives available in OmniFocus for the Web.

OmniGraffle 7 Enterprise for Mac

OmniGraffle 7 Enterprise for Mac simplifies deployment for customers who want to take advantage of the App Store’s Volume Purchase Program.

For most customers, we recommend our normal edition — which uses in-app purchases to support free two-week trials, two levels of functionality (Standard and Pro), and upgrade discounts.

The list price and the functionality of OmniGraffle Pro are the same in both apps.

We will be making enterprise editions of our other apps available as well: OmniGraffle 7 Enterprise for Mac is just the first.

If you have any questions about site licenses, volume discounts, or business or organizational purchases, please email

You can read more about the Volume Purchase Program (and related Apple business and IT topics) on Apple’s site at Apple at Work.

Reminder: OmniGraffle Stencil Requests

We mentioned it before, but it bears repeating because we’re serious about it: we’ve set up a new place to request OmniGraffle stencils.

When we know what people are looking for, we know what kinds of things to make! And it might inspire other folks in the community to make them too.

OmniPlan 3.12 for Mac

OmniPlan 3.12 for Mac includes important additions to the Network View: full task names are now displayed, and task data is shown in a tooltip when the cursor is over a variable in a task node.

It also includes numerous enhancements and bug fixes, from improved Dark Mode support and filters to performance and stability fixes. See the release notes for the entire — long! — list.

This is a big one, and we’re very proud of the team’s work on this release. To celebrate, please enjoy this short video! Here’s Project Planning 101: Tasks & Gantt Charts.

The Omni Show: Annette Fuller, Support Unicorn

Annette Fuller joins the show to talk about My Little Pony and Harry Potter — and about writing, storytelling, and helping people. It’s a good one!

Omni Presents

Speaking of Annette: here’s her dog Conan as a puppy. He’s not a barbarian — he’s the best dog.