Release Notes:

OmniFocus 4 for Mac

Release Notes: What's new, updated, or fixed

OmniFocus 4.2.1 for Mac

  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — “In the past” date range rules now include items through the current time today.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Adjusted vertical spacing when configuring a “Has date in range” rule.
  • Omni Automation [Pro] — Improved Omni Automation’s Install Link support for plug-ins hosted on Github.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Addressed a bug that could cause incomplete outline content to display after modifying a custom perspective rule.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Corrected capitalization for “Has date in range” rule summaries.
  • Forecast — Non-functional disclosure triangles are no longer displayed in outline when “Preserve hierarchy” is not enabled.
  • Repeats — Fixed a bug that blocked customizing weekly repetitions in the Inspector on macOS 13.