Release Notes:

OmniPlan for Mac

What's New, Updated, or Fixed in the Latest Releases

This version of OmniPlan 2.3 employs security features in Mac OS which are new to version 10.8 and will not run on earlier releases of Mac OS X.

Syncing OmniPlan 2.3 documents to the iPad requires OmniPlan for iPad version 1.3 or later.

  • Export Error — After quitting and relaunching OmniPlan, HTML Full Reports export actions no longer produce a “File does not exist” error.
  • Local Calendar Subscriptions — Fixed a bug where iCal calendar subscriptions could produce an “unrecognized selector” when updating.
  • Crash marking tasks complete — The right combination of complex resource dependencies could lead to a crash when marking tasks as completed. This has been fixed.
  • Data Loss when Resource Type Changed — Changing a resource group to a staff resource after it has been assigned and resource leveled could corrupt the file and result in data loss. This has been fixed and previously corrupted files now load correctly.
  • Sync Tasks to/from iCal Event — Publishing to iCal Events could get stuck in a loop, infinitely refreshing itself. We no longer refresh in the middle of saves, fixing that issue.
  • Sync Tasks to/from iCal Event — Publishing to iCal Events is now better at identifying any calendar events previously published to represent your tasks and updating them, rather than creating new, duplicate events.
  • Popup Toolbar Buttons — The popup toolbar button (Update, Publish, Assignment, Connect, Critical Path) will once again popup their menus.
  • Change Log Truncation — We now prune resolved change log data more frequently to keep file size more managable.