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OmniOutliner for Mac

What's New, Updated, or Fixed in This Release

Recent Changes

Version 4.5 - Monday, February 29, 2016

OmniOutliner 4.5 is a major update that adds various options for controlling the print output and fixes numerous bugs.

  • Printing — There are now controls for the following options in the Print panel:

    • Printing only the selected rows
    • Filtering by status
    • Expanding to show all descendants
    • Flattening indentation
    • Expanding all notes
    • Printing column titles
    • Printing row handles
    • Printing alternate row colors
    • Printing other background colors
  • Export — The plain text representation of copied rows will now use a tab separated format instead of a fixed width.
  • Section List — New sections can be created in the section list using the Return key.
  • Print — Setting the ‘Start a new page’ option on the level 1 row style will no longer result in only a blank page printing nor cause a blank page to appear at the start.
  • Sorting — Sort options will now place empty rows at the bottom instead of the top.
  • Attachments — Fixed an issue with pasting images when not using the English localization causing images to overwrite each other due to not correctly uniquing their filename.
  • Misc — Content from MS Office applications will now paste correctly when in row selection mode.
  • Theming — Rows should now correctly display text after applying a theme that greatly increases the font size.
  • Printing — Lines of text should no longer be split between pages.
  • Export — CSV export now contain any visible notes.
  • Export — CSV export no longer drop white spaces between styles applied to text spans.
  • Export — CSV export now retains line breaks.
  • Export — Plain Text (with tabs) no longer has a trailing tab on each line.
  • Export — Fixed an issue with HTML exports sometimes showing incorrect font sizes when viewed on an iPhone.
  • Export — The Dynamic HTML export format should now always correctly show sections in the correct location when revealing them.
  • Import — When opening, importing, or pasting text, any leading asterisks, dashes, or bullet characters will be removed. This improves the ability to round-trip content between OmniOutliner and plain text/RTF.
  • Templates — The Russian Compact template no longer has the column selected by default.
  • Templates — Modified the Blank and Compact templates in most languages so that new outlines created from them will open with the first row in edit mode.
  • Resource Browser — Removed the extraneous Stencils option from the restore interface.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when unlocking the Pro features.
  • Misc — The timestamp feature should no longer get stuck with the value it was when first invoked.