OmniFocus for Mac 2.5.3

May 3, 2016

Requires OS X 10.10

This release fixes bugs and readies OmniFocus for a new sync format, coming in version 2.6.

  • Sync — Made several changes to sync which should decrease the likelihood of “Replace Database and Start Syncing?” prompts.
  • Sync — Made a change to help recognize an OmniFocus database modified by a newer version and present the correct error instead of silently failing.
  • Memory Leaks — Fixed several memory leaks that we believe may trigger a crash.

OmniFocus for iOS 2.14.1

May 2, 2016

Requires iOS 9

This release is focused on improving Sync:

  • Sync — Reduced the likelihood of customers receiving a prompt to choose local or server database by detecting when the current device was so out of date that it had been removed from the client pool. In these cases we now just take the server database and merge any local changes to it if necessary.
  • TaskPaper Format — Fixed a problem where projects were being exported with the wrong @autodone setting.
  • Crashes — Fixed three of our most common crashes in OmniFocus 2.14.
  • URL Crash — Fixed a crash when OmniFocus was cold-launched via an /add URL.
  • URL Crash — Fixed a crash when a malformed attachment was added via URL.