OmniFocus for Mac 2.3.1

November 4, 2015

Requires OS X 10.10

OmniFocus 2.3.1 — November 3, 2015

OmniFocus 2.3.1 for Mac fixes bugs.

  • Drag and Drop — Dragging an action to the last position in a project no longer creates a new project (or an action group).
  • Sync — Sync is no longer triggered immediately on new item creation, which resulted in ‘Untitled Item’ rows on other synced devices.
  • Duplicate — Duplicate now commits editing before duplicating items.
  • Crash in Full-Screen — Fixed a crash closing a full-screen window with an edited note.
  • Crash in Settings — Fixed a crash viewing the sync log.
  • Crash in Chinese — Typing “off” with a Chinese Keyboard no longer causes OmniFocus to crash.
  • View Options — Fixed problems with text wrapping and clipping in some localizations.
  • Tab Highlights — These are no longer drawn upside-down.
  • Preferences — Prevented [SHORT] and [LONG] from appearing next to some as yet un-localized strings.

OmniFocus for iOS 2.9

October 23, 2015

Requires iOS 9

OmniFocus 2.9 adds external keyboard shortcuts and fixes bugs. No need to panic about the version number—this app will go to eleven and likely far beyond (anyone remember OmniFocus for iPhone 1.16.3?).

  • Keyboard Shortcuts — When used on iPad with an external keyboard, OmniFocus now supports many convenient keyboard shortcuts! Hold ⌘ to see the shortcuts available from your current location. We chose to start on iPad to simplify things, but please let us know if you’d use these shortcuts on iPhone too.
  • Split-Screen Multitasking — Adjusted some multitasking layouts for iPad Pro.
  • Captured Reminders — Added a hidden preference for whether Reminders Capture should add a note about where to find the original item. You can turn the note off using:

    this URL

    …and back on using:

    this one

  • Reminders Capture — Prevented OmniFocus from creating multiple entries for captured Reminders.

  • Deferred Inbox and Flagged Items — These items are once again hidden in Today and on Apple Watch
  • Home Screen — Fixed a bug where built-in Perpectives sometimes went missing after restoring Pro.
  • Spotlight — Fixed a bug where built-in Perspectives were not indexed in non-English localizations.
  • Quick Actions — Prevented a blank Inbox item from being created when the app had been backgrounded showing Help, Release Notes, or Contact Omni.
  • Apple Watch — Unavailable past due items sometimes weren’t counted as Past Due in the complication and glance; now fixed!
  • Crash on Launch — Fixed a crash trying to jump from Spotlight search to a perspective that wasn’t visible on the OmniFocus home screen. This was only reachable on a cold launch of OmniFocus.
  • Pasting from Notes — Pasting checklists from Notes once again strips [ ] and [x].
  • First Run — We now ignore all URLs other than the unadorned omnifocus:/// and setup URLs during first run.

OmniFocus for Mac 2.3

October 14, 2015

Requires OS X 10.10

OmniFocus 2.3 adds a new layout option for the outline and fixes bugs in OS X El Capitan.

  • "Custom Columns” Layout — A new Layout pane has been added to OmniFocus Preferences. Fluid Layout is the one you’ve been using since OmniFocus 2 shipped. In Custom Columns layout, horizontal space is redistributed automatically between the columns as you resize the window, with columns whose entries are likely to be shorter staying close together. Customers with Pro can choose which layout to use per perspective via the View popover in the toolbar. For more information, check out OmniFocus Help > Preferences > Layout.
  • Title Folding — Use Show Full Item Title > When Selected in the View menu to only show the first line of items’ titles and keep rows vertically compact. Item titles are automatically expanded to show the full title when you select a row.
  • Sync Log — Sync Preferences now includes a sync log (in Show Sync Details).
  • Note Buttons — Both Fluid and Custom Columns layout use a new note button. If an item has a note, the chevron on its note button indicates the action that OmniFocus will take when you click the button. Clicking a note button with a downward pointing chevron expands the note. Clicking a note button with an upward pointing chevron collapses it.
  • Status Circles — The indicator for repeating tasks looks more like small, repeating status circles now (and less like the elipsis button in apps like iTunes and Music).
  • El Capitan — Fixed bugs and visual glitches in OS X El Capitan.
  • Sync Conflict — Fixed a bogus sync conflict resulting in the error message “Unable to synchronize database with server; The local database appears to have been reset and is no longer able to reach transaction identifiers”
  • Attachment Window — Greatly improved performance when deleting a large number of attachments.
  • Documentation — Updated the docs for new features and generally improved them.
  • Smaller Fixes and Improvements — A great number of bugs have been fixed as part of implementing the new layout options.

OmniFocus for iOS 2.8.1

October 12, 2015

Requires iOS 9

OmniFocus 2.8.1 fixes bugs and adds to OmniFocus’ Spotlight search index.

  • Spotlight — OmniFocus now indexes Contexts, Folders, and Perspectives (both built-in and custom) so that you can search for them using spotlight on your iOS device. We also added Today to the index.
  • Spotlight Icons — We now give each type of item a different icon in Spotlight results.
  • New Inbox Item Button — Fixed a problem where this button would be hidden after foregrounding the app.
  • Quick Actions — Prevented items deleted via Sync from appearing in the 3D Touch Quick Actions menu, and fixed several bugs related to opening Quick Actions.
  • Pasting Plain Text — In addition to detecting items pasted from Notes, we now also trim -, *, or • ("bullet” characters) and leading whitespace when pasting into lists.
  • Deferred Flagged Items — These items are now handled correctly on Apple Watch.
  • Past Due — Fixed a bug where Past Due would appear empty on Apple Watch.
  • Quick Action Icons — Updated the images used for 3D Touch Quick Actions to better match those from Apple.
  • Smaller Fixes and Improvements — Fixed some rare bugs too complicated to explain here, including crashes.