OmniGraffle 7

for Mac

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Stencils: Add Objects Via Drag and Drop New in 7.6

Add new objects to stencils you’ve created and downloaded, or even those that are included in OmniGraffle. It all works with Drag and Drop on any object. Just hold the Option key (like you’re duplicating an object) and drag the shape to your Stencils Inspector. It’s instantly available.

Stencils: Location Preference New in 7.6

Some workflows require different sidebar configurations, and the Stencil location matters. Now OmniGraffle lets you set a preference for your Stencils—located either on the left, with the Sidebar, or on the right, with the Inspectors.

Stencils: View Options New in 7.6

The default Stencil view in 7.6 changed: objects are viewed in a grid. You can toggle between grid, list, and canvas, and the background color can be switched between the Canvas color, white, and black. Non-printing layers are also hidden by default.

Automation with JavaScript or AppleScript ProNew in 7.4

Use the familiar language of JavaScript to automate nearly the entirety of OmniGraffle. Build Plug-Ins to fill in objects with lorem ipsum or images, drawing new content based on interactions, and more!

It’s coming in OmniGraffle 3 for iOS, too, for cross-platform Plug-Ins!

Canvas Size ModesNew in 7.4

Three canvas modes that cover each and every document you make:

  • Fixed: exactly the dimensions you choose.
  • Flexible: decide which way you’d like the canvas to grow. New objects expand the canvas—just enough—in those directions.
  • Infinite Canvas: never worry about width or height again. The canvas grows in any direction.

Artboard Presentation
ProNew in 7.3

For mockup demonstrations, full-screen unveilings, or meetings, use Presentation Mode to cycle through your documents’ Canvases and Artboards. Zoom in (just like when editing the Canvas) or add Actions to objects for more control.

Touch Bar Support

Touch Bar controls make common actions quicker by bringing the controls closer to you. Want to add an object, change a color, or rotate? The Touch Bar is there with exactly the controls you need.

Convert Text to Shapes Pro

The power to edit character shapes without firing up the font editor. Convert any text to Bézier-handled objects.

Artboards & Artboard Layers Pro

Work faster than ever with artboards. They’re great for organizing and setting up advanced, exportable elements, and uniquely alter interactions with elements above them.

Convert Line to Shape Pro

You’ve always needed it, but never knew how much. Turn a line’s stroke into a shape with easily editable Bézier points.

Point Editor Tool

Immediate access to each and every point on each and every shape. For Pro users, any adjustment will automatically convert it to a Bézier shape.

Basic SVG Import

Yes, finally! It’s been a long time coming, but we couldn’t wait any longer to build in SVG import.

The Unified Sidebar

Layers share space with objects, groups, and canvases. Plus, quick access to a whole lot of relevant actions, double-click to rename anything, and expandable groups.

The New Export Panel

It’s incredibly easy to go from multi-canvas documents to perfectly named and sorted assets—in multiple resolutions—in just a few steps. Batch export. Expand to fill a set size. Preview exports.

Keyboard Shortcut Sets

Make OmniGraffle yours — customize every menu bar command and tool, or choose from industry standard configurations you prefer.

Text on a Circle

Add text to follow the stroke of any shape. Use Text Flow to position your text anywhere on the outer edge of shapes.

And even more to try right now.

Improved Inspectors. Quickly measure distances between shapes. Better everything.

Download OmniGraffle for Mac
includes a free 14 day trial