The Omni Group Newsletter

iOS 13 Ships This Week

At The Omni Group, we’re not just developers quietly toiling away on code — we all use and love our iPhones and iPads, just like you, and we’re all excited for the release of iOS 13. It’s a big one!

And so we’ve been working hard this summer on getting our apps ready for iOS 13. There are two parts to this: 1) making sure our apps behave well on iOS 13, and 2) adding support for new features in iOS 13.

The good news is that we’ve done most of the first part — you can go get the latest updates to OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, and OmniPlan on the App Store and you’ll have iOS 13 compatibility.

An OmniFocus update is coming soon — and, further down in this email, we have info about how you can sign up to help test.

To keep up with the status of our apps, please see our new Omni apps and iOS 13 status page.

New Features

There are three main features that our apps are adopting:

  • Native Dark Mode: when you switch the system to Dark Mode, our apps will also appear in Dark Mode.
  • Multiple windows: on iPads you can open more than one window per app now, which means you could, for instance, work with two different projects in OmniPlan at a time.
  • Standard document browser: by switching to Apple’s standard document browser, our document-based apps give you more flexibility with where you store your documents and how they sync. (This is for OmniPlan, OmniOutliner, and OmniGraffle.)

We’re adopting other features too, such as context menus, where appropriate.

For more details, read our September 2019 roadmap update.


Our apps will ship soon with support for these features — and, in fact (yet more good news!) all of our apps are available via TestFlight.

If you’d like to help test, please do! See our Test page for links to sign up for TestFlight builds.

We’ll ship these updates as soon as possible, of course, but not before they’re ready. And that’s where you come in — you can help us find any bugs sooner rather than later.

Thank you!

The Omni Show

Since our last newsletter we’ve published a couple episodes of The Omni Show.

Anne Johnson, Support Human joins the show to talk about the Potatotron, The Big Lebotski, OmniWarble, and about doing phone support. Anne is a singer with the Puget Soundworks chorus — and so of course we have to end the episode with a song!

Reid Callan, OmniFocus Engineer talks about life with Scout and Keiko, playing basketball, and his work this summer helping get OmniFocus ready for iOS 13.

Omni Presents

New pictures of Omni’s fur friends appear pretty much every Friday on our microblog!

Here’s Fergus the Cat, who lives with Jim Rowland, Software Test Pilot. Fergus is a Very Good Kitty — and, apparently, a stripy long boi. :)