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OmniFocus 3 for iOS Beta

The public beta test for OmniFocus 3 for iOS is going very well: we have over a thousand testers now, and we’re doing fresh builds and continuing to add more testers when possible.

Testers are finding bugs — which is expected, because it’s a beta — and we’re fixing ’em as fast as we can. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

While there’s still plenty to do, we’re on track, and we can’t wait to get this finished and out in the world!

Special Episode of The Omni Show

In episode 11 of The Omni Show we talk about a big new feature in OmniFocus 3: tags.

Tags replace contexts, and can do everything contexts do, plus more. You can apply multiple tags to projects and tasks, where with contexts you could apply just one. Tags will be a very powerful addition to your planning and workflow.

For a quick introduction, watch this video and say hello to tags!

Inside OmniFocus 3

As part of our work on OmniFocus 3, we’re rebooting the Inside OmniFocus blog — it’s now all about OmniFocus 3. (If you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the feed.)

Soon we will also start publishing new stories by OmniFocus 3 customers about how they use the app to manage their work and play. These stories were so valuable for OmniFocus 2 users, we decided we had to publish a new set for OmniFocus 3!

OmniGraffle and Diagramming

OmniGraffle 7.8 for Mac — coming soon! — is focused on enhancing its diagramming features. This includes orthogonal line routing improvements, automatic layout improvements, and better visual indications for magnets and connections.

There will be a public test, and we’d love to have your feedback. Watch the Omni Blog — we’ll post there when it’s ready. (The blog also has an RSS feed.)

OmniPlan 3.9 for iOS

The new version of OmniPlan for iOS has an important change: you can view recently edited documents in one place — regardless of whether they’re saved locally or synced via OmniPresence, iCloud, or other syncing system.

But that’s not nearly all, no — the team’s been busy! Read the release notes for the full scoop.

(Note: we worked really hard to come up with a good OmniPlan 3.9 from Outer Space joke, but didn’t quite figure it out. At least we tried!)


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