Testers Wanted! OmniPlan and OmniOutliner with iOS 13 Features Now in TestFlight

by Brent Simmons on September 5, 2019

OmniPlan and OmniOutliner with new iOS 13 features are now available via TestFlight! We’d love to have your help testing them — you can sign up for OmniOutliner or sign up for OmniPlan (or both!). These builds require iOS 13.

Both apps now use Apple’s standard document browser, replacing our older home-grown document browser.

We wrote about this in our late-July blog post Adopting Apple’s Standard iOS Document Browser:

In 2019, we think it’s time to retire our custom document browser in favor of using Apple’s built-in document browser—and with our iOS 13 updates this fall we’ll be doing just that. Instead of seeing our custom file browser, you’ll be presented with the standard iOS document browser—just like in Apple’s own iWork apps. Using Apple’s browser, you’ll be able to store and sync your documents using Apple’s built-in iCloud Drive, or third-party commercial options like Box—or even in cloud- or self-hosted collaborative git repositories using Working Copy.

There are a number of other iOS 13 features now supported:

  • Multiple windows (multitasking): you can now work simultaneously on projects (OmniPlan) or outlines (OmniOutliner) in multiple spaces on iPadOS.
  • Dark Mode: now used when the system’s appearance is set to dark
  • Context Menus: you can perform common actions quickly, via 3D Touch or a touch-and-hold gesture (OmniPlan only)

Here‘s a “Show All Windows” screenshot showing window groupings, Dark Mode, and the new document browser.

Screenshot showing several window groupings, running in Dark Mode.

Having support for these important features in testing gets us a long way toward delivering on our WWDC 2019 summer plans, and we very much appreciate your help by signing up for TestFlight builds.

But we should remind you that these apps are test builds running in iOS 13 — which is also a test build — and you may run into bugs nobody could anticipate. So please do use your judgment when deciding to install unfinished software. Thanks!

Also note: you can sign up to help test OmniFocus and OmniGraffle for iOS, but we don’t have test builds ready just yet.

New on Inside OmniFocus: on Startup and Shutdown Routines

by Brent Simmons on August 23, 2019

In Managing Startup and Shutdown Routines in OmniFocus, Justin DiRose writes about getting into the flow intentionally — and, just as importantly, getting out of the flow at the end of the work day.

Justin writes:

Over the last few years I’ve used these routines, I have noticed I feel better about my day when I consistently apply them. Ultimately, I get more intentional, focused work done — and I am more present with my family when I’m not working.

That’s almost a perfect statement of what OmniFocus is for — accomplishing more every day and living a better life when not working.


Under the Hood with OmniFocus for the Web

by Brent Simmons on August 21, 2019

We just published a new article on Inside OmniFocus — OmniFocus for the Web: Under the Hood — which lists the various pieces that make up the web app.

The first thing, which might be surprising, is that it shares code — Objective-C and Swift code — that also appears in the Mac and iOS editions of OmniFocus. It also uses a number of components that were written specifically for the web.

Share and enjoy!

New Inside OmniFocus Article on Using Due Dates

by Brent Simmons on August 15, 2019

In this new article — To get stuff done with OmniFocus, take it easy on the due dates — Peter Akkies talks about using due dates not for intentions but for consequences.

Don’t give everything a due date, in other words. Even if you intend to get it done on such-and-such a day. Even if you’re quite sure you’re going to get it done, because you really mean to get it done that day.

Instead, use due dates for when the consequences matter — for when you’d lose a bid, alienate a partner, miss out on a life-changing deal.

For things you merely intend to get done, or when the consequences aren’t so dire, use other methods such as tags (especially the Forecast tag, if you have the Pro edition).

Read all about it!